Sep 11, 2012

Skywest / Virgin ATR-72: 600 VH-FVN arrives on delivery ex: France (all stops)

Skywest / Virgin Australia's latest delivery ATR-72:600 series aircraft VH-FVN msn 1039 arrived into Perth Intl Airport today at 20.43hrs (WST) landing RWY21 as flight 'SXI 1261' ferried by Southern Cross Intl , having had departed ex: Halim Airport (WIHH) Jakarta, Indonesia earlier at 13.24hrs (LT) with a flight time of 6hrs.19mins on the last leg of her delivery flight to Australia, routing ex: Toulouse on Saturday 8th September and via: HBE-AAN-NAG-PEN-HLP to Perth.  

This aircraft will remain in Perth for several days so mods can be carried out on the aircraft before then departing for Brisbane, Queensland. Hexcode: 7C1C51 for all the SBS chasers!  

With thanks to Greg Meechan (Skywest Airlines, Perth) for supplying some of the information outlined above.

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