Oct 31, 2012

B777-212 (ER) 9V-SVJ 'SQ225/224'

Singapore Airlines B777-212 (ER) 9V-SVJ man 32335 operated today's 'SQ225/224' services from / to Singapore, arrived 05.45hrs and departed at 07.46hrs. Hexcode: 76CECA 

Oct 30, 2012

New Qatar B77W A7-BAK (1st visit to Perth)

Qatar Airways B777-3DZ(ER) A7-BAK msn 36097 arrived delayed at 19.07hrs landing RWY21, ex: Doha as flight 'QR900', and departed at 22.53hrs returning to Doha as flight 'QR901'. Hexcode: 06A078 (1st visit to Perth)

In October we saw 4 x new Qatar Airways aircraft visit Perth: A7-BAJ 9/10; A7-BAM 11/10; A7-BAB 23/10; A7-BAK 30/10. In addition this month the airline also operated its 50th service to Perth on 25th October operated by A7-BBB.

A319-115 (CJ) VH-VHD 'SND1'

Skytraders Pty Ltd Airbus A319-115 (CJ) VH-VHD msn 1999 arrived 11.19hrs landing RWY21 to ITB as flght 'Snowdrop 1 / SND1. Hexcode: 7C6B4F

Virgin Australia's takeover of Perth's Skywest A/L

Australia's second largest airline Virgin Australia announced today a A$102 million take over offer for Western Australia's regional airline Skywest Airlines, and also taken a 60% stake holding in budjet airline Tiger Airways (Australia) for an estimated A$35 million.

In a seperate further announcement today, Virgin Australia also confirmed to media outlets that Singapore Airlines had also bought a 10% stack in the Australian airline at an estimated cost of A$105 million.

These announcements today, come in the wake of the Qantas / Emirates Global partnership agreements announced last month. 

BD-700-1A10 XRS N421SZ ( tech stop visit only)

GEX Leasing Corporation Bombardier BD-700-1A10 XRS N421SZ msn 9239 ex: C-GCGY, N700DU arrived into Perth at 01.28hrs earlier today (refuel stop only)  and then departed at 02.18hrs . Hexcode: A500FE (1st visit)

Oct 29, 2012

New Jetstar Asia.com A320 9V-JSO (1st visit)

Jetstar Asia.com A320-232 9V-JSO msn 5305 operated tonight's 'JSA111/112' services from Singapore (WSSS) to Perth and return, arrived 23.06hrs and departed at 00.26hrs. Hexcode: 76AA6F (1st visit) this aircraft delivered 6th October 2012

Air Services Australia Flight Inspecion flights

Air Services Australia Beech KingAir 350 VH-FIY msn FL-779 departed 12.24hrs and returning to Perth landing back at 15.53hrs after hours of flight calibration work over Perth. Operating as flight 'ADA03' and flying under the callsign of 'Auscal 3'. Hexcode: 7C1A88

Singapore Airlines B772 'SQ215/216' today

Singapore Airlines B777-212 (ER) 9V-SRN msn 32318 operated today's early morning 'SQ215/216' services from / to Singapore arrived at 00.35hrs, and departed at 02.10hrs returning to WSSS, replacing the regular A333 aircraft on this service. Hexcode: 76CE4E

Virgin Australia's new callsign 'Velocity' now active

Virgin Australia groups new aircraft callsign Velocity commenced from 00.00hrs today, replacing all previous callsigns used by the airline and its subsidiaries.

Oct 28, 2012

New Qantas B738 VH-XZB (1st visit) QF767/1092

Qantas Airway's newest B737-838 (W) VH-XZB msn 39360 named 'Mudgee' arrived 23.32hrs ex: Brisbane (YBBN) as flight 'QF767' and departed at 07.47hrs 29/10 to Newman as flight 'QF1092'. Hexcode: 7C77F5 (New aircraft / 1st visit to Perth)

Emirates B77W A6-EGO '1000th B777'

Emirates B777-31H (ER) A6-EGO msn 35598 operated today's 'EK420/421' services from Dubai (OMDB) to Perth, arrived 17.52hrs landing RWY21. This aircraft features '1000th B777' decals on rear both fuselage sides, and is making her fourth appearance into Perth today. The return service 'EK421' departed Perth at 22.20hrs to Dubai. Hexcode: 896210

Another new Jetstar A320 makes 1st visit West!

Jetstar.com (Australia) latest Airbus A320-232 VH-VFJ msn 5311 delivered 12th October 2012, made her debut appearance into Perth this afternoon arriving at 14.49hrs having just completed operating flight 'JST970' ex: Melbourne Tullamarine (YMML) Hexcode: 7C6B0D (1st visit) this post to be further updated!

New SQ B772 service 'SQ213/214' started today

Singapore Airlines B777-212 (ER) 9V-SRM msn 32320 arrived 12.44hrs as flight 'SQ213' and departed at 15.44hrs as flight 'SQ226' to Singapore.

Singapore Airlines B777-212 (ER) 9V-SQI msn 28530 arrived 14.51hrs as flight 'SQ223' and departed at 17.41hrs returning to Singapore as flight 'SQ214'.
New operating scheduled effective: 28th October 2012 to 30th March 2013, with all flights operated by Boeing 772 aircraft.

BD-700 Global 5000 N755RA Arr and Dep (1st visit)

Asia Aviation Company Pte Ltd Bombardier BD-700-1A10 XRS 'Global 5000' N755RA msn 9468 arrived 11.20hrs landing RWY03 to Hawker Pacific, and was noted using its registration as callsign. 

Update: Departed 17.10hrs 28/10 returning to Singapore Seletar (WSSL) Hexcode: AA2E14 (1st visit to Perth)

Jetstar A321-231 VH-VWY 'JST984/985' today

Photos: Mark Lynam (copyright 2012)

Jetstar.com A321-231 VH-VWY msn 1408 (as seen here above) arriving at 08.27hrs ex: Sydney landing 'RWY03' as flight 'JST984' and departed at 10.32hrs returning to Sydney as flight 'JST985' Hexcode: 7C6D80

Gandle Investments GLEX VH-TGG In then Out!

Gandle Investments Bombardier BD-700-1A10 VH-TGG msn 9368 arrived 08.59hrs ex: Melbourne Essend Airport (YMEN) and departed at 11.04hrs to Gold Coast (YBCG). Hexcode: 7C610E

Oct 27, 2012

Jordan Intl Air Cargo IL-76MF JY-JID '361' visit #2

Jordan International Air Cargo IL-76MF JY-JID (361) msn 203423808 arrived into Perth Intl Airport landing RWY21 at 17.45hrs today as flight 'RJZ361', having departed ex: Melbourne Tullamarine Airport (YMML) Victoria at 17.00hrs (AEST) off 'RWY16' for the 3hrs.45mins flight across the continent earlier.

Just love this shot!

Photos: Greg Wood (copyright 2012)

Upon landing on RWY21 at Perth, the aircraft vacated the main runway onto taxiway 'Alpha' then into RWY24R then left turn into taxiway 'Whiskey' for shutdown, refueling ect...

The aircraft departed at 19.50hrs returning to Banderainke Intl Airport (VCBI) Colombo, Sri Lanka as same, and was last noted on INO-HF 13306 / 17961 at 20.15hrs (WST) climbing thru FL300 for FL340.

Hexcode: 076C94

Here's a few more photos for your enjoyment taken by Mark Lynam.

Photos: Mark Lynam  copyright 2012

Hopefully one day we may get to see her again 'Down Under'.

Many thanks to all those worldwide who took the opportunity to view this blog, it almost went into meltdown securing a record number views in just over 48 hours, and continues to do so today so thankyou all for visiting.

Some of today's afternoon arrivals prior to IL76.

Air New Zealand B777-219 (ER) ZK-OKE msn 32712 seen here above arriving
ex: Auckland (NZAA) as flight 'NZ175'

Qatar Airways B777-3DZ (ER) A7-BAO msn 36011 seen here above arriving
ex: Doha as flight 'QR900'

Emirates B777-36N (ER) A6-EBY msn 33864 seen here arriving ex: Dubai
as flight 'EK420'

Prized scalp Jordan Intl Air Cargo Ilyushin IL-76MF JY-JID (361)
seen here arriving at 17.45hrs ex: Melbourne as flight 'RJZ361'

Photos: 1, 2, 4 Mark Lynam,  Photo: 3 Greg Wood
(copyright 2012)

ASA Beech KingAir 350 VH-FIZ 'Auscal 3'

Pearl Aviation Australia operated Air Services Australia flight inspection Beech 350 Kingair VH-FIY msn FL-779 arrived 11.22hrs landing RWY03 ex: Brisbane (YBBN) via Broken Hill (YBHI) and Ceduna (YCDU) as flight 'ADA3 / Auscal 3' Hexcode: 7C1A88

Oct 26, 2012

Lammermore Beach (1st visit to Perth)

Virgin Australia B737-8FE (W) VH-YIT msn 38717 named 'Lammermore Beach' arrived 18.08hrs ex: Ngurah Rai Intl Airport (WADD) Bali Indonesia as flight 'VBH4135' and departed at 19.48hrs returning to Denpasar Bali as flight 'VBH4138'.

First Flight: 13th September 2012, Delivered: 1st October 2012, (1st visit to Perth today)

Hexcode: 7C7AB3

New Jetstar Asia.com A320 visits Perth today

Jetstar Asia.com  A320-232 9V-JSP msn 5323 operated today's Singapore via Jakarta to Perth 'JST115' service arrived at 01.47hrs and departed at 03.08hrs returning to Singapore via Jakarta as flight 'JST114'. Hexcode: 76AA70 (1st visit to Perth) delivered on  09.10.12

Oct 25, 2012

Air Mauritius third service from April 2013

Air Mauritius will commence a new third weekly flight from Mauritius to Perth, Western Australia commencing from April 2013. The flights will operate using Airbus A330-202series aircraft 3B-NBL and 3B-NBM in two class configuration - 24 business and 251 economy seats.

Photo: Mark Lynam (copyright 2012)

Air mauritius will also effective April 2013 change there operating flight numbers for services into and out of Australia, gone will be 'MK940/941' and in comes 'MK440/441'


MK440    MRU   Depart: 22.10hrs (LT)  Days: 2,4.6   Arrive: 09.45hrs (WST)+1  Days: 3,5,7

MK441    PER   Depart: 13.05hrs (WST) Days: 3,5,7  Arrive: 17.40hrs (LT) same day

Today's Qatar service the airlines 50th to Perth

Photo: Mark Lynam
(copyright 2012)

Congratulations to Qatar Airways on operating their 50th service into Perth this afternoon, today's significant 'QR900' service was operated by the airline's B777-2DZ (LR) A7-BBB msn 36013 arriving at 16.36hrs landing RWY 21, and departed at 22.50hrs returning to Doha as flight 'QR901'. Hexcode: 06A068 and we look forward to the next 50 flights and beyond!

Australian Air Tours F-50 VH-FKZ (scenic charter)

Australian Air Tours (Alliance Airlines) Fokker 50 VH-FKZ msn 20286 arrived 14.27hrs ex: Adelaide (YPAD) and departed at 08.22hrs 26/10 to Kalgoorlie (YPKG), Coober Pedy (YCBP) as flight 'Unity 4482' then to Lake Eyre, Birdsville finally then returning back to Adelaide. Hexcode: 7C1AD1

Jordan Intl Cargo Ilyushin IL-76MF JY-JID '361' Perth's most exotic visitor for 2012

Photos: Greg Wood 1,2,3, 5   Mark Lynam 4

Jordan International Air Cargo IL-76MF JY-JID '361' msn 203423808 arrived 08.53hrs ex: Bandarainke Intl Airport (VCBI/CMB) Colombo, Sri Lanka as flight 'RJZ361' landing RWY03 full length, then made a right hand turn into taxiway 'Whiskey' for a full stop.

The exotic visitor then remained on that taxiway for refueling and other checks before then repositioning herself for a RWY21 departure, finally rotating off RWY21 at 13.10hrs bound for Melbourne's Tullamarine Airport (YMML) , once again operating as flight 'RJZ361' arrived  at 19.24hrs (AEST).

While operated by JIAC, the parent company is in fact the Royal Jordanian Air Force. The callsign / flight number used today is in fact an RJAF callsign (RJZ). Previous images noted on the internet show the registration JY-JID on the rear fuselage next to the national Jordanian flag. The images taken in Perth today clearly show the side registration has been painted out and replaced with a military serial number 361, the civilian registration is also clearly visible under the aircraft's port wing.

Interestingly the aircraft's hexcode its flying under 076C94, is infact not its correct assigned code, and made life a little more interesting trying to find out what the correct code for this aircraft actually was, thankfully after some sleuthing I can now confirm that its correct code is 742924 for all the SBS users in Australia and around the world who follow this blog.

This was the catch of the year!

Oct 24, 2012

B747-412F (SCD) 9V-SFM 'SQC7126/7125'

Singapore Airlines Cargo B747-412F (SCD) 9V-SFM msn 32898 arrived into Perth at 18.18hrs ex: Sydney, and Singapore as flight 'SQC7126' contracted carrying a cargo  of livestock (sheep).

Today's flight/s began at 04.38hrs (LT) departing ex: Singapore for Sydney arriving at 14.34hrs (AEST); the flight from Sydney to Perth departed at 16.54hrs (AEST) arriving into Perth at 18.18hrs as mentioned above.

Updated: 25/10: 03.35hrs

The aircraft  depart Perth for Singapore (WSSS) at 22.56hrs (WST) 24/10 as flight 'SQC7125' and arrived into Singapore at 03.35hrs 25/10, just as I was starting work today!

Hexcode: 76CCCD.

VIH S-61N C-GHTN arrives ex: YFTL

Vancouver Island Helicopters (VIH) Sikorsky S-61N C-GHTN msn 61755 arrived 14.49hrs to Helicopters Australia Pty Ltd after a 12mins flight ex: Port of Fremantle (YFTL) after having arrived from o/seas onboard container ship. Hexcode: C05920  Many thanks to Barney R for the heads up on her arrival into Perth today!

B747-438 VH-OJD 'QF581/582' SYD-PER-SYD

Photo: Mark Lynam  (copyright 2012)

Qantas Airways B747-438 VH-OJD msn 24481 named 'City of Brisbane' (as seen here above) landing RWY03 at 11.52hrs, having just completed operating flight 'QF581' arriving ex:  Kingsford Smith Airport (YSSY) Sydney and departed at 14.04hrs returning to Sydney as flight 'QF582'. Hexcode: 7C4827

A330-203 VH-EBG 'QF6123' (YMML-YPPH)

Photo: Mark Lynam (copyright 2012)

Qantas Airways A330-203 VH-EBG msn 867 (as seen here above) arrived 10.54hrs landing RWY03, having just completed repositioning  flight 'QFA6123' ex: Melbourne (YMML) then operated Qantas flight 'QF71' to Singapore (WSSS) departing at 15.55hrs, and then operated the returning 'QF72' service back to Perth from Singapore, arriving early hours of the 25/10. Hexcode 7C146A 

Netjets Europe G550 CS-DKD departs to VHHH

Netjets Europe Gulfstream G550 CS-DKD msn 5081 departed at 10.30hrs to Chep Lap Kok Airport (VHHH) Hong Kong,  as flight 'NJE488N'. Hexcode: 491164

Maxem Aviation CL-600-2A12 Busselton (YBLN)

Photo: Peter Watson (copright 2012)

Maxem Aviation Bombardier CL-600-2A12 VH-MXK msn 3003 (1982) seen here today resting on the ramp between flights at Busselton Regional Airport (YBLN) in the states South West. Hexcode: 7C4006