Jun 30, 2013

New Qatar Airways B77W to Perth today!

Qatar Airways B777-3DZ (ER) A7-BAX msn 41780 operated today's 'QR900/901' services from / to Doha. Hexcode: 06A13A (1st visit to Perth)

Jun 29, 2013

New Philippines A320 (1st visit to Perth)

Philippine Airlines A320-214 RP-C8613 msn 3579 operated today's 'PR219/220' services from / to Manila via Darwin, arrived 07.43hrs and departed at 09.02hrs. (1st visit to Perth)

Jun 28, 2013

New Garuda B738 PK-GFV (1st visit)

Garuda Indonesia B737-8U3 (W) PK-GFV msn 38885 operated today's GA726/729 services from / to Bali arrived 16.45hrs and departed at 17.25hrs (1st visit to Perth) Hexcode: 8A03C7

US Navy C-130T 165314 YPEA

United States Navy Lockheed C-130T 165314 arrived 14.46hrs RAAF Pearce (YPEA) ex: Darwin (YPDN) and departed at 16.32hrs returning as same. Hexcode: AE03EB

Jun 27, 2013

Air Asia's latest A330 9M-XXJ (1st visit)

Air Asia X A330-343E 9M-XXJ msn 1423 operated today's XAX236/237 services from / to Kuala Lumpur. Hexcode: 7502CC (New aircraft, 1st visit to Perth) delivered 11th June 2013.

Jun 22, 2013

New Qatar B77W (1st visit to Perth) A7-BAY

Qatar Airways B777-3DZ (ER) A7-BAY msn 41778 operated today's 'QR900/901' services from / to Doha, arrived 17.30hrs and departed at 22.25hrs returning to Doha. (1st visit to Perth) Hexcode: 06A13B

Jetstar.com's Sharklet A320 VH-VFN visits PER

Jetstar.com A320-232 (SL) VH-VFN msn 5566 arrived 16.13hrs as flight 'JQ968' and departed at 17.05hrs as flight 'JQ975', this aircraft wearing Jetstar's 'celebrating 100 aircraft & over 100 million passenger' decal. Hexcode: 7C6B11 (1st visit to Perth)

Jun 21, 2013

Lucky Duck C-525 Citation CJ2 N525MA (1st visit)

Lucky Duck Enterprises Cessna 525 Citation CJ2 N525MA msn 525A-0012 arrived 21.44hrs & departed at 22.25hrs. Hexcode: A69C95 (1st visit to Perth)

Jun 20, 2013

Lynden Air Cargo C-130 P2-LAD (1st visit)

Lynden Air Cargo Lockheed 382-44-30 P2-LAD msn 4698 arrived 20.08hrs landing RWY21 ex: Cairns (YBCS) and Nadzab Airport (AYNZ) Papua New Guinea as flight 'LYB2018, and departed at 11.04hrs Saturday 22nd June, returning to Cairns (YBCS) as same. Hexcode: 898080 (1st visit to Perth)

Dassault Falcon Jet Corp F2TH N2000A

Dassault Falcon Jet Corporation Falcon 2000 N2000A msn 235 arrived 09.39hrs ex: Essendon Airport (YMEN) Melbourne, then departed for a demonstration flight at 11.09hrs returning back into Perth Airport landing RWY21 at 12.21hrs. N2000A departed Perth at 13.22hrs to Coolangatta Airport, Queensland. Hexcode: A1945C (1st visit to Perth)

HS125/700B RP-C5998 :- MedivacFlight

Lionair Inc HS125/700B RP-C5998 msn 257166 arrived 04.27hrs ex: Denpasar Bali (WADD) and departed at 06.59hrs as  Medivac flight 'Ross5998' Hexcode: 758271

Jun 19, 2013

First B747-87UF (SCD) to Perth today!

Atlas Air B747-87UF (SCD) N854GT msn 37566 arrived 17.38hrs ex: Chatrapati Shivaji Airport (VABB) India, as flight 5Y-3015 & departed at 21.18hrs to Chep Lap Kok Intl Airport (VHHH) Hong Kong as flight 5Y-3016. (1st visit & new type to Perth)

New A320-214 visits Perth today!

Philippine Airlines A320-214 RP-C8619 msn 5315 arrived 08.22hrs ex: Manila (RPCC) via Darwin (YPDN) as flight PR219 & departed at 09.27hrs returning as flight PR220 (1st visit to Perth) Hexcode: 75823D

Skippers 1st Fokker 100 PH-LXG / VH-XKN arrives

Skippers Aviation first Fokker 100 regional jet PH-LXG msn 11420 arrived 07.12hrs on completion of her delivery flight 'SXI-1328' ex: M.R Stefanika Intl Airport (LZIB) Slovakia then via: Trabzon Airport (LTCD) Turkey, Al Ain Intl Airport (OMAL) United Arab Emirates, Penang Intl Airport (WMKP) Malaysia, Halim Airport (WIHH) Jakarta Indonesia to Perth, landing RWY21. The aircraft was noted wearing VH-XKN registration at Perth Airport on Friday 28th June 2013. Hexcode: 7C75E5 (New aircraft / 1st visit to Perth)

Jun 18, 2013

Garuda Indonesia new B738 to Perth

Garuda Indonesia B737-8U3 (W) PK-GMU msn 38040 operated today's GA728/727 services from / to Denpasar Bali (WADD) Hexcode: 8A03C6 (1st visit to Perth)

Jun 17, 2013

N850BF arrives YPJT ex: YBRM

Socata TBM-800 N850BF msn 658 arrived 12.38hrs ex: Broome Airport (YBRM) Hexcode: ABA777 (1st visit to Jandakot)

Jun 15, 2013

A320-214 RP-C8620 (1st visit to Perth)

Philippine Airlines A320-214 RP-C8620 c/n 5371 operated today's 'PR219/220' services from Manila (RPLL) via Darwin (YPDN) to Perth and return, arrived at 07.26hrs and departed at 08.58hrs. Hexcode: 75823E (1st visit to Perth)

Jun 14, 2013

A320-214 RP-C8616 (1st visit to Perth)

Philippine Airlines A320-214 RP-C8616 msn 5081 arrived 07.47hrs ex: Manila (RPLL) via Darwin (YPDN) as flight 'PR219' and departed at 09.00hrs returning to Manila via Darwin as flight 'PR220'. (1st visit to Perth) Hexcode: 75823B

Jun 13, 2013

G-550 N662CP

Conoco Phillips Gulfstream G-550 N662CP msn 5107 arrived 10.43hrs ex: Darwin (YPDN) landing RWY03 and departed at 09.39hrs Sunday 16/06 to Singapore Seletar Airport (WSSL/XSP). Hexcode: A8BBE7

New ZK reg'd B733F (1st visit to Perth)

Airwork Flight Operations (Toll Freight Express) B737-3B7 ZK-FXT msn 23862 arrived 03.56hrs ex: Melbourne (YMML) as flight 'TFR12' Hexcode: C81E19 (1st visit to Perth)

Jun 12, 2013

New Garuda B738 (1st visit to Perth)

Garuda Indonesia Airways B737-8U3 (W) PK-GFX msn 39928 arrived 13.48hrs ex: Jakarta and Bali as flight GA724 and departed at 15.06hrs returning to Jakarta via Bali as fligh GA725. Hexcode: 8A03C9 (1st visit to Australia)

A319-132 VH-VCJ 'SND2'

Skytraders Pty Ltd A319-132CJ VH-VCJ msn 1880 arrived 10.38hrs ex: Darwin (YPDN) as flight 'SND2' and departed at 11.50hrs to Christmas Island (YPXM) as same.

Jun 11, 2013

Qantas B737-838 (W) VH-XZG (1st visit)

Qantas Airways B737-838 (W) VH-XZG msn 39371 arrived 19.03hrs ex: Adelaide (YPAD) as flight QF595 (1st visit to Perth) and departed at 07.38hrs 13/06as flight QF900 to Karratha (YPKA) then returned to Perth as flight QF901 arriving at 12.01hrs.

The aircraft then went on to operate Qantas flight/s QF1088 to Newman departing at14.51hrs and retuned to Perth at 18.46hrs as flight QF1089. Hexcode: 7C77FA

Jun 10, 2013

Malaysia Airlines B737-8H6 (W) 9M-MXA

Photo: Perth Airport Spotters Blog
copyright: 2013
Malaysia Airlines B737-8H6 (W) 9M-MXA msn 40128 (as seen here above) parked on ITB 61A at Perth Intl Airport. Delayed due to early morning fog which cancelled and delayed many airlines flights into / out of Perth Airport today.
Flight MH121D departed to depart to Kota Kinabalu at 00.45hrs (WST) 11/06         Hexcode: 750201

B737-8U3 (W) PK-GMY GA728/727 (1st visit)

Garuda Indonesia B737-8U3 (W) PK-GMY c/n 38884 operated today's GA728/727 services from Denpasar Bali (WADD) and return, arrived 01.12hrs and departed at 07.22hrs (1st visit to Perth) Hexcode: 8A03C4 (First Flight: 23.04.13 and delivered 10th May 2013)

Jun 8, 2013

A320-232 9V-JSN 'JSA132 delayed departure'

Jetstar Asia.com A320-232 9V-JSN msn 4914 had a delayed departure today at 14.38hrs returning to Singapore as flight JSA132, after having gone tech upon arrival into Perth, the flight having had arrived at 23.21hrs 07/06 as flight JSA131. Hexcode: 76AA6E 


Skytraders Pty Ltd A319-132 VH-VCJ msn 1880 arrived 14.26hrs ex: Christmas Island (YPXM) as flight 'SND2' landing RWY21 and departed at 15.26hrs to Leonora (YLEO/LNO) as same. Hexcode: 7C6AA1

A320-214 RP-C8618 PR219/220 MNL-DRW-PER v.v

Photo: Mark Lynam
copyright 2013

Philippine Airlines A320-214 RP-C8618 msn 5140 (seen here above) landing RWY03 at Perth Airport today arriving at 09.07hrs as flight 'PR219' ex: Manila (RPLL) via Darwin (YPDN), and departed at 10.23hrs returning to Manila via Darwin as flight 'PR220'. Hexcode: 75823C

Jun 7, 2013

A320-214 RP-C8614 (1st visit to Perth)

Philippine Airlines A320-214 RP-C8614 msn 3652 arrived 07.33hrs ex: Manila via Darwin as flight PR219 landing RWY03, and departed at 08.58hrs returning as flight PR220 to Manila via Darwin. Hexcode: 7580B2 (1st visit to Perth)

Airmed Hawker 800 Medivac Flight

Airmed International Hawker 800 N838JL msn 258270 arrived 02.39hrs ex: Denpasar Bali (WADD) Indonesia, landing RWY03 and departed at 17.06hrs returning to Bali as same. Hexcode: AB76E5

Jun 6, 2013

Embraer ERJ-190:100 ECJ N227GV

Bank of Utah Trustee Embraer ERJ-190:100 ECJ N227GV msn 19000159 arrived 13.50hrs ex: Halim Airport (WIHH) Jakarta Indonesia landing RWY 03. Hexcode: A1FBAC

BD-700-1A10 Global 6000 N88GZ (1st visit to Perth)

Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee BD-700-1A10 Global 6000 N88GZ msn 9473 arrived 06.55hrs ex: Guangzhou (ZGGG) China. Hexcode: AC1C2A (1st visit to Perth)

Jun 5, 2013

A320-214 RP-C8618 (1st visit to Perth)

Philippine Airlines A320-214 RP-C8618 msn 5140 arrived 07.47hrs ex: Manila and Darwin as flight PR219, and departed at 09.03hrs returning as flight PR220. Hexcode: 75823C (1st visit to Perth)

Jun 4, 2013

New Virgin Australia ATR-72:600 arrives on delivery

Virgin Australia's latest ATR-72:600 VH-FVZ msn 1087 arrived 20.58hrs ex: TLS-HBE-AAN-NAG-PEN-HLP-PER as flight 'SXI-1325' after a 3 day delivery fight, landing RWY21. Hexcode: 7C1C5D (New aircraft/ 1st visit to Perth)

Extra Tiger Airways Singapore flight/s today

Tiger Airways A320-214 9V-TAS msn 4493 arrived 16.50hrs ex: Singapore (WSSS) as flight TGW2714 and departed at 17.51hrs returning to Singapore as flight TGW2715.

New Thai Airways A333 visits Perth

Thai Airways International A330-343E HS-TBG msn 1408 arrived 15.40hrs ex: Bangkok as flight TG481 and departed at 17.04hrs returning to Bangkok as flight TG482 . Hexcode: 885047 (1st visit to Perth)

Learjet 36 VH-JCX

Jet City Pty Ltd Learjet 36 VH-JCX msn 36-057 arrived 11.15hrs ex: Adelaide (YPAD) and departed at 12.25hrs returning as same.

Jun 3, 2013

Phillippine Airlines Perth services started today!

Photos: Mark Lynam
copyrighted images 2013
Perth Intl Airport, welcomes Philippine Airlines as the latest carrier to commence services to Western Australia today, with the arrival into Perth of flight 'PR219' from Manila via Darwin.

Todays inaugural flight operated by Airbus A320-214 RP-C8612 msn 3553 ex: F-WWIZ delivered to the airline on 11.07.2008, and operates in a two class configuration C12 / Y144, and can be seen 'here above' arriving into Perth today for a RWY03 arrival.

Todays flight departed Manila at 22.56hrs (LT) Sunday 02/06 flying to Darwin and arrived at 04.25hrs (CST) Monday 3rd June, after a flight time of 3hrs.59mins. The aircraft departed Darwin at 05.45hrs (CST) arriving into Perth at 07.52hrs (WST) landing RWY03, after a flight time of 3hrs.37mins.

The outbound return flight PR220 departed Perth at 09.13hrs (WST) and after a 3hrs.24min flight to Darwin arrived 14.07hrs (CST). Flight PR220 departed Darwin at 16.12hrs (CST) continuing on her last leg of the journey back to Manila, arriving at 18.29hrs (PHT) after a flight time of 3hrs.47mins.

Philippine Airlines will operate a 4 x weekly rotation between Manila to Perth via Darwin, operating on Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat.

Hexcode: 75809F (New airline / 1st visit to Perth) 

British Lions Rugby Team arrives in Australia

Qantas Airways A330-203 VH-EBG msn 887 arrived 06.34hrs ex: Hong Kong (VHHH) as flight QF68 with the British & Irish Rugby team in Australia to play a series of matches against Australia's 'Qantas Wallabies'. The team is set to play Perth's Western Force team on Wednesday 5th June in a practice match at Patersons Stadium. The Qantas A330 departed at 09.14hrs to Sydney (YSSY) as flight QF576.

Jun 2, 2013

B737-33A VH-NLK 'RON916/900'

Our Airline (Air Nauru) B737-33A VH-NLK msn 23635 arrived 18.39hrs ex: RAAF Curtin (YCIN) as flight 'RON916' and departed at 13.50hrs 3/06 to Port Hedland (YPPD) and Christmas Island (YPXM) as flight 'RON900' Hexcode: 7C4366


Jet City Pty Ltd Gates Learjet 35 VH-LJJ msn 35-324 arrived 16.07hrs ex: Christmas Island (YPXM) landing RWY21. Hexcode: 7C38FD