Jan 31, 2012

Kevin Federline arrives in Perth on Crown's G-V

Britney Spears ex: husband Kevin Federline jetted into town this afternoon onboard Crown Casino's G-V VH-CCC c/n 581, arriving RWY03 ex: Sydney at 13.53hrs. Hexcode: 7C0A6A

Federline in Perth to promote channel 9's new weight loss programme called 'Excess Baggage'.

SQ's SQ225/224 services ended 30th January

Singapore Airlines B777-200 morning 'SQ225/224' services operating from / to Singapore ended yesterday Monday 30th January 2012. Yesterday's services were operated by B777-212 (ER) 9V-SRO msn 32321 arrived 06.09hrs & departed at 07.58hrs.

In summary Singapore Airlines B777/212 & 312 visits to Perth 'SQ225/224' & 'SQ223/226' in January by aircraft.

9V-SQH x 1, SQI x1, SQJ x 2, SQK x4, SQL x 7, SQM x 7, SQN x 8,

9V-SRM x 4, SRN x 2, SRO x 8, SRP x 4, SRQ x 9

9V-SVI x 1, SVL x1

9V-SYE x1, SYL x1

Update: Iam investigating the stats on the ongoings of this SQ225/224 service & will update again shortly.

Jan 30, 2012

Isle of Man registered CL-600-2B16 M-AAES

TAG Aviation (Asia) CL-600-2B16 (CL-605) M-AAES msn 5810 arrived 15,13hrs landing RWY03 ex: Halim Airport (WIHH/HLM) Jakarta Indonesia as flight 'TBJ022'. Hexcode:43E8DC

MH's last Kota Kinabalu flight departed today

Malaysia Airlines operated thier last Kota Kinabalu to Perth & return services today, the last service was operated y B737-8H6 (W) 9M-MXA msn 40128 which arrived at 23.30hrs 29/01, & departed at 00.50hrs today. Hexcode: 750201

Over the journey which began back on 15th January 2011, the summary of visits by aircraft are:

9M-MXA-34 visits, 9M-MXB-34 visits, 9M-MXC- 25 visits, 9M-MXD- 32 visits, 9M-MXE- 4 visits, 9M-MLF- 1 visit, 9M-MLG-7 visits.

Kota Kinabalu is a 5hr.35min flight from Perth Airport, covering a distance of 2,615 miles or 4,209km.

Jan 29, 2012

Runway flight calibration flights again today.

Air Services Australia Beech King Air 350 VH-FIX msn FL-90 departed at 13.05hrs today undertaking another series of runway flight calibrating runs, these concluded at 15.40hrs with 'Auscal 2' returning back to Perth Airport. Hexcode: 7C1A87

Air New Zealand NZ177/178 extra flight to NZ

Air New Zealand B767-319 (ER) ZK-NCI msn 26913 operated another extra flight today from / to Auckland, flight 'NZ177' arrived into Perth at 08.46hrs landing RWY21, & departed at 10.27hrs for the return flight 'NZ178' back to Auckland. Hexcode: C80FAA

Two Bizjet departures today!

Revesco Aviation Pty Ltd CL-600-1A11 VH-ZSU msn 1078 departed at 08.29hrs to Christmas Island (YPXM) & returned to Perth later same day at 16.13hrs. Hexcode: 7C812C

TAG Aviation (Asia) CL-600-2B16 M-AAES msn 5810 departed at 09.52hrs to Singapore Seletar Airport (WSSL) as flight 'TBJ022'. For those who follow this blog you will recall this aircraft arrived into Perth on 20/01 ex: Halim Airport (WIHH) Jakarta, Indonesia. Hexcode: 43E8DC

TAG Aviation (Asia) G-550 N818HK

TAG Aviation (Asia) Gulfstream G-V:SP (G550) N818HK msn 5109 arrived into Perth early hours today at 02.11hrs. This aircraft last previously visited on 30.12.11. Hexcode: AB27CD

Jan 28, 2012

BD-700-1A11 Global 5000 N900TR

Avwest BD-700-1A11 Global 5000 N900TR msn 9226 arrived 21.09hrs ex: A. B. Won Pat Intl Airport, Guam (PGUM/GUM) USA. Hexcode: AC70E5

Was hoping for something a little more exotic....but oh well.

B737-3B7F ZK-TLD Island hopping freighter flight

Toll Air Freight B737-3B7F ZK-TLD msn 23706 departed Perth at 12.25hrs Friday 27th Jan, as flight 'TFX013' operating a "Island hopper" freighter service to Christmas & Cocos Islands via Learmonth on the way up. Hexcode: C81B2E

The return flight 'TFX015' arrived back into Perth Airport tonight, landing RWY21 at 18.31hrs.

A330-343X B-HLQ CX170D delayed departure to HKG

Cathay Pacific Airways A330-343X B-HLQ msn 420 arrived into Perth ex: Hong Kong (VHHH) at 22.47hrs 27/01 on completion of flight 'CX171', the outbound return flight back to Hong Kong however failed to depart on time.

B-HLQ departed Perth at 13.04hrs bound for Hong Kong as flight flight 'CX170D', the reason for the delay was unknown. Hexcode: 780191

Jan 27, 2012

Flight Calibrating at RAAF Pearce (YPEA) today

Air Services Australia Beech King Air 350 VH-FIX msn FL-90 departed at 10.06hrs to conduct a series of runway calibration flights at nearby RAAF base Pearce (YPEA), the series of sorties concluding with the aircraft returning to Perth Airport landing RWY03 at 11.38hrs, operating as flight 'Auscal 002'. Hexcode: 7C1A87

Antonov Airlines AN-124 UR-82009 departed

Antonov Airlines An-124:100 Ruslan UR-82009 msn 19530501007 departed Perth at 10.55hrs off RWY03 as flight 'ADB274F', after having arriving from Colombo, Sri Lanka on 24th January with a consignment of cargo for the mining industry. Hexcode: 50801D

Danish F-2000EX OY-MHA arrives today

Air Alsie Dassault Falcon 2000EX (FA7X) OY-MHA msn 156 arrived 03.34hrs earlier today & departed at 22.53hrs 30/01 to unknown destination. Hexcode: 45B501 no further details avail.

A319-115CJ VQ-BKK (in & out today)

TAG Aviation (Asia) A319-115 (CJ) VQ-BKK msn 4443 arrived 02.15hrs ex: Guangzhou (ZGGG) & departed at 03.58hrs. Second visit to Perth this week by this aircraft! Hexcode: 4249D1

Jan 26, 2012

Flight Calibration Beech King Air 350 arrives

Air Services Australia flight calibration Beech King Air 350 VH-FIX msn FL-90 arrived 14.20hrs landing RWY03 ex: Forrest (YFRT) as flight 'ADA002' & using the c/sign: Auscal 2. Hexcode: 7C1A87

Qantas lump 'OJD' returns back again today!

Qantas Airways B747-438 (ER) VH-OJD msn 24481 departed Sydney earlier today at 10.32hrs (EST) operating today's 'QF581/582' Sydney to Perth services, arrived at 11.25hrs & departed 13.59hrs for the return flight back to Sydney. Hexcode: 7C4827

B777-312 SQ225/224 today 'Star Alliance' c/s

Singapore Airlines B777-312 9V-SYE msn 28531 operated todays 'SQ225/224' Singapore to Perth & return services wearing 'Star Alliance' c/s, arrived at 05.56hrs landing RWY03 & departed at 07.52hrs returning to Singapore off same runway. Hexcode: 76CF25.

Jan 25, 2012

CL-600-2B16 CL-605 N68888

Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee CL-600-2B16 (CL-605) N68888 nsn 5774 arrived 18.36hrs landing RWY03 & departed at 13.10hrs 28/01. Hexcode: A92480 (Note): This aircraft's last previous being on 28th May 2011.

B763 VH-OGQ ops today's QF581/582 no 744...

Qantas Airways B767-338 (ER) VH-OGQ msn 28154 operated today's 'QF581/582' Sydney to Perth & return services, operating in lieu of B747-400 equipment arrived 11.42hrs landing RWY03 & departed slightly late at 14.55hrs for the return to Sydney. Hexcode: 7C47C8

One World Cathay Pacific A340 today B-HXG

Proudly wearing her 'One World' partner decals is Cathay Pacific's A340-313 B-HXG msn 208 which operated this morning's 'CX137/136' services from Hong Kong to Perth & return, arrived at 06.16hrs & departed at 08.17hrs (as seen here above) Hexcode: 780174 (FP)

QFA72/71 this morning (re-timed services from / to Singapore)

Qantas Airways A330-303 VH-QPG msn 603 arrived 02.39hrs ex: Singapore (WSSS) as flight 'QF72' & departed at 04.24hrs returning to Singapore (WSSS) as flight 'QF71'. Hexcode: 7C5322

Jan 24, 2012

Off Topic - The West.com.au Bushfire Threat in South West Western Australia

A raging out of control fire is threatning homes & property in the states South West near Gracetown, with properties as far away as Manjimup also being put on alert today. AEGWA contributor Duncan Watkinson's image can be seen here at: http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/

His on location photographs used by the west.com.au as this developing story unfolds.

An-124:100 UR-82009 'ADB2982'

Making its third ever appearance into Perth Airport today was Antonov Design Bureau An-124:100 'Ruslan' UR-82009 msn 19530501007 which arrived at 11.28hrs landing on 'RWY03' as flight 'ADB2982' ex: Bandarainaike Intl Airport (VCBI/CMB) Colombo, Sri Lanka.

These brilliant landing pictures coincidently the first of of An-124:100 seen here above landing on RWY03 taken from the newly opened observation viewing area. Hexcode: 50801D

A319-115 (CJ) VQ-BKK (1st visit to Perth)

TAG Aviation (Asia) Airbus A319-115 (CJ) VQ-BKK msn 1485 arrived 07.15hrs ex: Hong Kong (VHHH) as flight 'TBJ019' landing RWY21 & departed at 15.59hrs 25/01 off RWY03. Hexcode: 4249D1 (1st visit to Perth)

This aircraft previously operated by Armee de l Air (French Air Force) as F-RBFA

Jan 23, 2012

Professional Jet Pty Ltd C-650 VH-DHN

Professional Jet Pty Ltd Cessna 650 Citation VH-DHN msn 650-0711 arrived 17.26hrs ex: Whyalla (YWHA) South Australia landing RWY21. Hexcode: 7C1039


The Gandle Group of Companies BD-700-1A10 Global Express VH-TGG msn 9143 arrived 15.15hrs ex: Sydney (YSSY) landing RWY21. Hexcode: 7C610E

Hawker 800XP N380GP

Aircraft Guaranty Corp Trustee Hawker 800XP N360GP msn 258591 arrived 13.56hrs landing RWY21 ex: Halim Airport (WIHH/HLP) Jakarta Indonesia. Hexcode: A45BEE

3 Tiger Airways A320s at Perth today

Flight #1: Tiger Airways A320-232 VH-VNK msn 3986 arrived 07.47hrs as flight 'TGW182' & departed at 09.24hrs as flight 'TGW183'. Hexcode: 7C6C2E

Flight #2: Tiger Airways A320-232 VH-VNF msn 3332 departed at 10.55hrs as flight 'TGW9183' this service delayed from Sunday 22nd January. Hexcode: 7C6C29

Flight #3: Tiger Airways A320-232 VH-VNB msn 2906 arrived 14.45hrs as flight 'TGW184' & departed at 16.36hrs as flight 'TGW185'. Hexcode: 7C6C25

All flights operated from (Melbourne YMML) to (Perth YPPH) & return.

Jan 21, 2012

New Qantas B738-838 1st visit today!

Qantas Airways B737-838 (W) VH-VZW msn 39359 arrived into Perth at 18.07hrs ex: Adelaide (YPAD) as flight 'QF595', operating her first visit to Perth today. This aircraft after o/nighting at Perth departed at 13.03hrs 22/01 as flight 'QF592' returning to Adelaide. Hexcode: 7C6DEA


Crown Casino Gulfstream V VH-CRQ msn 603 arrived into Perth at 06.26hrs ex: Chep Lap Kok (VHHH) Hong Kong, landing RWY 03 & departed at 11.12hrs 23/01 to YMML. Hexcode: 7C0C94

Jan 20, 2012

CSN 319/320 today's flight details

China Southern Airlines A330-343E B-6502 msn 958 seen here above arriving at 06.21hrs from Beijing via Guangzhou as flight 'CSN319', the aircraft departed late at 11.05hrs returning back to China as flight 'CSN320'. Hexcode: 7804AA

Network Aviation (QF) new F-100 delivery - 20/1/12

Qantas subsidiary Network Aviation's 'new' Fokker 100 PH-ZFV (msn 11506, to become VH-NHQ) arrived at 1253hrs (LT) ex: Halim Airport (WIHH), Jakarta, Indonesia as flight 'SXI1201' - "Southern Cross 1201", after a three day delivery flight! routing via: WOE-SZF-AAN-NAG-PEN-HLP-PER.

You saw it here first!

CL-600-2B16 (CL-605) M-AAES

TAG Aviation (Asia) CL-600-2B16 (CL-605) M-AAES msn 5810 ex: G-CGJA, C-FYUP arrived 22.15hrs ex: Halim Airport (WIHH/HLP) Jakarta, Indonesia as flight 'TBJ022'. Hexcode: 43E8DC a regular visitor to Perth!

Jan 19, 2012

New Emirates B777-31H (ER) EK420/421

Emirates B777-31H (ER) A6-EGL msn 41072 operated today's evening 'EK420/421' services from / to Dubai, arrived at 17.34hrs & departed at 22.36hrs (Emirates latest B773, 1st visit to Perth) Hexcode: 89620D

Jan 18, 2012

VH-FJP, E50P, CSWAFC - delivery 18/1/12

Today saw the delivery of Embraer Phenom 100, VH-FJP, for China Southern West Australian Flying College to be based at Jandakot Airport, W.A.

The new a/c arrived ex PHE and DPS at 1456hrs LT touching down on Rwy 12 at Jandakot to a large gathering of CSWAFC staff and students.

This aircraft will be used extensively throughout W.A. and across Australia to train new Airline Cadets before they return to China to take up positions with China Southern Airlines.

This exclusive first picture is of her arriving onto the Airflite apron shortly after touchdown.

Jan 16, 2012

CL-601-3A N939CC

DCI Consultants (San Francisco, USA) CL-601-3A N939CC msn 5124 arrived 19.53hrs landing RWY21 ex: Utapao Intl Airport (VTBU/UTP) Thailand, as flight 'TWY939'. Hexcode: AD074D

SAA A340-642 ZS-SND SA280/281 today

South African Airways A340-642 ZS-SND msn 531 seen here above arriving into Perth today at 12.58hrs operating today's 'SA280/281' services from Johannesburg, South Africa. Hexcode: 00B0EE Photos: Mark Lynam

Update: Last A346 visits to Perth: ZS-SNA 12.10.11; ZS-SNB 15.10.11; ZS-SNC 02.11.11;

ZS-SND 16.01.12; ZS-SNE 25.09.11; ZS-SNF 10.04.11; ZS-SNG 16.10.11; ZS-SNH 24.04.11;

ZS-SNI 02.10.11

Jan 15, 2012

China Southern A330-343E B-6500 today

China Southern Airlines A330-343E B-6500 msn 954 arrived 07.12hrs ex: Beijing & Guanghou as flight 'CSN319' & departed at 10.09hrs returning as 'CSN320'. Hexcode: 7804A8

Air NZ 767-319s ZK-NCG & NCK today

Flight #2: Air New Zealand B767-319 (ER) ZK-NCK msn 26971 operated today's 'NZ175/176' Auckland to Perth services, arrived 16.13hrs & departed 17.52hrs. (As seen above) Hexcode: C81238

Flight #1: Air New Zealand B767-319 (ER) ZK-NCG msn 26912 operated today's 'NZ177/178' Auckland to Perth services, arrived 08.56hrs & departed at 10.41hrs. Hexcode: C80EA9

B747-48E VH-OEB QF581/582 today

Qantas Airways B747-48E VH-OEB msn 25778 arrived at 11.39hrs landing RWY21 having just completed operating flight 'QF581' ex: Sydney & departed at 13.49hrs as 'QF582' flight back to the east coast. Hexcode: 7C4771