Sep 17, 2012

Air Asia X's overnight flight 'XAX236D/237D' delayed arrival & departure today!

Air Asia X A330-343X 9M-XXC c/n 1048 'Midnight Xcapade' is operating today's delayed Air Asia X flight's 'XAX236/237' from to Kuala Lumpur to Perth and return.

The outbound flight 'XAX236D' from Kuala Lumpur to Perth departed at 05.21hrs (LT) and arrived into Perth at 10.18hrs, after  flight time of 4hrs.58mins landing RWY03.

(see photos below of 9M-XXC arriving into Perth today taken by Mark Lynam)

The returning flight 'XAX237D'  from Perth to Kuala Lumpur departed at 12.23hrs.

 Hexcode: 7501E7

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