Aug 30, 2014

B737-838 VH-XZM 'Coondawarra' (1st visit to Perth)

Qantas Airways B737-838 (W) VH-XZM msn 44574 named 'Coondawarra' after wine region of South Australia, arrived 17.24hrs ex: Melbourne Tullamarine Airport (YMML) as flight QF777 & departed at 07.29hrs 01/09 to Kalgoorlie-Boulder Airport (YPKG) as flight QF1060. Hexcode: 7C7800 (New aircraft, delivered 04/08 & 1st visit to Perth today)

Malaya Borneo Veterans Day Commemorative Day RAAF PC-9A Flypast Saturday 30th August

File Photo: Mark Lynam
copyright 2014

Four aircraft from No.2 Flying Training School based at RAAF Pearce (YPEA) will today conduct a flypast over the Kings Park War Memorial from 12 noon, in support of the Malaya-Borneo Veterans Day commemorative service. The four PC9/A aircraft will fly up the Swan River from Pearce, over South Perth at approximately 325m (subject to air traffic control) then descend to overfly the War Memorial at Kings Park from the South-East.

Today's flypast honours Australian Defence Force personnel and allied services, who fought in the Malayan Emergency conflict & later the Indonesian confrontation.

The commemorative service conducted by the Malaya Borneo Veterans Western Australia Inc. also acknowledges the independence of the Malaysian nation on 31st August 1957.

Qatar Airways delayed QR900 flight Friday 29th August 2014

Today's scheduled Qatar Airways flight 'QR900' operated by B777-3DZ (ER) A7-BAW msn 41741 operating from Hamad Intl Airport (OTAA) Qatar to Perth Intl Airport (YPPH) diverted into Bandarainke Intl Airport (VCBI) Colombo Sri Lanka en-route with what was believed to be an issue with one of the aircraft's wings.

Replacement aircraft B777-3DZ (ER) A7-BAU msn 41739 was dispatched from Doha and arrived into Colombo (VCBI) as flight 'QR3260', before then continuing onto Perth operating as flight QR900, arrived at 04.04hrs Saturday 30th August landing RWY21.

The outbound return flight QR901 departed Perth Airport off RWY21 at 07.13hrs with an expected flight time of 10hrs.24min flight to Doha.

Aug 28, 2014

A319-115 (LR) VH-VHD 'SND1'

Skytraders Pty Ltd A319-115 (LR) VH-VHD msn 1999 arrived 14.14hrs ex: RAAF Curtin (YCIN) and departed at 15.08hrs to RAAF Darwin (YPDN) as flight 'SND1'. Hexcode: 7C6B4F

CL-600-2B16 CL-604 VH-VSZ

Execujet Australia Pty Ltd Canadair CL-600-2B16 (CL-604) VH-VSZ msn 5411 departed 09.37hrs to Wellington Intl Airport (NZWN) New Zealand. Hexcode: 7C6CF1

Aug 27, 2014

Gulfstream G-550 N662CP

Conoco Phillips Gulfstream G-550 N662CP msn 5107 ex: N937GA arrived 11.28hrs landing RWY03 ex: Halim Perdanakusma Intl Airport (WIHH) Jakarta, Indonesia, and departed at 12.31hrs 28/08 returning back to Halim Perdanakusma Intl Airport (WIHH) Jakarta, Indonesia. Hexcode: A8BBE7

Aug 26, 2014


Skytraders Pty Ltd Airbus A319-132 (LR) VH-VCJ msn 1880 arrived 16.13hrs ex: Darwin (YPDN) as flight 'SND2' & departed at 17.06hrs to Melbourne (YMML) as same. Hexcode: 7C6AA1

Fokker 100 VH-FKJ 'Unity 604' Perth to Bali

Photo: Mark Lynam
copyright 2014

Alliance Airlines Fokker 100 VH-FKJ msn 11372 departed 08.00hrs to Ngurah Rai Intl Airport (WADD) Denpasar Bali, Indonesia as flight 'UTY604' arrived 11.27hrs (LT) after a flight time of 3hrs.26mins. Hexcode: 7C1AC1

Aug 24, 2014

B777-3DZ (ER) A7-BAZ QR900/901 (1st visit to Perth)

Qatar Airways B777-3DZ (ER) A7-BAZ msn 41781 operated today's 'QR900/901' services from Hamad Intl Airport (OTHH) Qatar to Perth & return, arrived 17.48hrs landing RWY21 & departed at 23.43hrs returning to Doha. Hexcode: 06A13C

Aug 23, 2014

Return of the 'Phoenix' Air Asia X's A330-343X 9M-XXT (visit No.2)

A330-343X 9M-XXT 
'Xcintilating PhoeniX'
D7236/ D7237

All Photos: Mark Lynam
copyright 2014

Making a second return visit to Perth today from Kuala Lumpur was Air Asia X's latest Airbus A330-343X 9M-XXT msn 1549 named 'Xcintilating PhoeniX', arrived at 05.25hrs as flight D7236 landing RWY03 & departed at 06.54hrs returning to Kuala Lumpur (WMKK) Malaysia as flight D7237. Hexcode: 7503AA

Aug 22, 2014

B777-3DZ (ER) A7-BAU QR900/901 (1st visit to Perth)

Qatar Airways B777-3DZ (ER) A7-BAU msn 41739 operated today's 'QR900/901' services into Perth today, arrived at 17.45hrs & departed at 23.49hrs to Hamad Intl Airport (OTHH) Doha. Hexcode: 06A137 (1st visit to Perth)

Aug 21, 2014

Air Asia X A330-343E 9M-XXT D7236/237 named 'Xcintillating PhoeniX' (1st visit to Perth)

First Perth Photos

Landing RWY03 at 05.27hrs

Parked on ITB bay 52 Perth Airport

Pushback ITB bay 52 

Photo 1: Marcus Graff
Photos 2-7: Mark Lynam
(all images copyright 2014)

Air Asia X's latest Airbus A330-343E 9M-XXT msn 1549 named 'Xcintilating PhoeniX' operated today's overnight 'D7236/237' services from Kuala Lumpur (WMKK) to Perth Intl Airport (YPPH) and return, arrived 05.27hrs landing RWY03 to ITB bay 52 and departed at 07.07hrs returning to Malaysia. Hexcode: 7503AA (1st visit to Perth) 

Aug 20, 2014

Wirtgen Group C525 Citation Jet CJ3 D-CWIR

Wirtgen Group (Germany) Cessna 525B Citation Jet CJ3 D-CWIR msn 525B-0288 arrived 16.17hrs ex: Adelaide Airport (YPAD) landing RWY03 & departed at 08.20hrs Saturday 23rd August to Male (VRMM) via Cocos Island (YPCC) & Port Hedland (YPPD). Hexcode: 3CFAF9

Pionair Australia Pty Ltd CV-580 VH-PDW (In & Out) from / to Ayres Rock, Northern Territory

Photo: Mark Lynam
copyright 2014

Pionair Australia Pty Ltd Convair CV-580 VH-PDW msn 086 'Skyforce' arrived 12.52hrs ex: Ayres Rock (YAYE) Northern Territory, landing RWY03 and departed at 15.09hrs returning to Ayres Rock. Hexcode: 7C4C72

Aug 19, 2014

Emirates B777-31H (ER) A6-ENQ EK420/421 (1st visit to Perth)

Photos: Mark Lynam
copyright 2014

Emirates B777-31H (ER) A6-ENQ msn 41363 operated today's 'EK420/421' services from / to Dubai, arrived 17.07hrs landing RWY21 after a flight time of 9hrs.47mins. This aircraft still wearing the Pele signature with 'FIFA 2014 World Cup' markings, which are believed to being removed by week's end, so a very special visitor to Perth indeed! A6-ENQ departed Perth for the return journey back to Dubai at 22.29hrs. Hexcode: 896313(1st visit to Perth, first flight: 30th April 2014)

Palmer Aviation BD-700-1A10 Global Express M-ATAR

Palmer Aviation BD-700-1A10 Global Express M-ATAR msn 9060 arrived 15.43hrs ex: Coolangatta Airport (YBCS) Gold Coast Queensland landing RWY21, and departed at 20.00hrs returning as same.
Hexcode: 43E917

Nippon Cargo Airlines B747-4KZ (F) JA03KZ NCA6171 Narita - Perth - Hong Kong

Photo: Marcus Graff
copyright 2014

Photos: Mark Lynam
copyright 2014

Nippon Cargo Airlines B747-4KZ (F) JA03KZ msn 34018 named 'NCA Phoenix' departed Narita Intl Airport (RJAA/NRT) Japan at 21.02hrs 17/08 for Perth Airport as flight NCA6171 arrived 05.29hrs (as seen here above) landing RWY21 after a flight time of 9hrs.25mins to ITB Bay60A. Hexcode: 840CFF (1st visit to Perth by Nippon Cargo Airlines)  

Updated: Wednesday 20th August 2014: Nippon Cargo Airlines B747-4KZ (F) JA03KZ departed Perth Airport at 04.11hrs (WST)+8 to Chek Lap Kok Intl Airport (VHHH) Hong Kong, China as flight 'NCA654'.

Gulfstream G-550 N5092

Chevron (USA) Gulfstream G-550 N5092 msn 5386 arrived 04.20hrs ex: Ninoy Aquino Intl Airport (RPLL) Manila, Philippines landing RWY21 & departed at 08.14hrs 20/08 to Barrow Island (YBWX) & Sydney 'Kingsford Smith' Airport. Hexcode: A65DFD

Aug 18, 2014

LJ60 N168KS

Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee Learjet 60 N168KS msn 60-395 arrived 12.23hrs ex: Ngurah Rai Intl Airport (WADD) Denpasar Bali Indonesia, landing RWY03. Hexcode: A11058

Aug 17, 2014

Emirates B777-31H (ER) A6-ENS EK422/423 (1st visit to Perth) today

Emirates B777-31H (ER) A6-ENS msn 41365 operated today's 'EK422/423' services from / to Dubai, arrived at 12.06hrs landing RWY03, and departed at 15.08hrs.  Hexcode: 896315 (New aircraft / 1st visit to Perth, first flight 02.07.14) 

Korean Air Cargo B747-4B5 (ERF) HL7438 (1st visit to Perth) RKSI-YPPH-VHHH

Photo: Mike Barlow
copyright 2014

Photos: 2-5 Mark Lynam
copyright 2014

Korean Air Cargo B747-4B5 (ERF) HL7438 msn 33515 departed 08.40hrs (KST) ex: Seoul Incheon Airport (RKSI) to Perth Intl Airport (YPPH) operating as flight 'KE9582' with stage equipment for Lady Gaga's upcoming Perth show 'Artrave the artpop Ball' 2014 World Tour on Wednesday 20th August 2014

The aircraft arrived into Perth at 16.39hrs (LT) landing RWY03 after a flight time of 9hrs.10mins & to ITB Bay 56 & departed at 20.25hrs off RWY03 to Chek Lap Kok Intl Airport (VHHH) Hong Kong,China as same. Hexcode: 71BC38 (1st visit to Perth)