Jul 31, 2014

Emirates B77W 'FIFA World Cup Pele logojet A6-EGE ops EK424/425 today!

Emirates B777-31H (ER) A6-EGE msn 35597 wearing the distinctive  FIFA World Cup 2014 Pele autographed logojet c/s arrived 00.57hrs from Dubai (OMDM) as flight EK424 landing RWY21 after a flight time of 9hrs.57mins & departed at 06.05hrs returning to Dubai. Hexcode: 89617D (1st visit to Perth, wearing these distinctive colours, the aircraft's last prior visit to Perth was on 27th February 2014)

Sadly Perth Intl Airport's Public viewing observation deck in T1 is closed while terminal upgrades are being done, getting a photo of this gem was lost! until next time.

Jul 30, 2014


Execujet Australia Pty Ltd Bombardier BD-700-1A10XRS VH-IQR msn 9230 arrived 10.46hrs ex: Kakumbi Intl Airport (FLKK) Zambia, landing RWY21 after a flight time of 11hrs.37mins. Hexcode: 7C2AD1

Dubai Air Wing B747-412 DUB8 'OTT' OMDB-NZAA

Dubai Air Wing  B747-412F (SCD) A6-GGP msn 28032  over flew Perth CBD earlier today between 01.10hrs - 01.25hrs (WST)+8 en-route from Dubai (OMDW) to Auckland (NZAA) New Zealand as flight 'DUB8' Hexcode: 896272

Jul 29, 2014

A330-243 A6-EYU EY486/487 (1st visit to Perth)

Photo: Mark Lynam
copyright 2014

Etihad Airways A330-243 A6-EYU msn 1521 operated today's 'EY486/487' services from Abu Dhabi (OMAA) to Perth, arrived 14.00hrs landing RWY21 after a flight time of 10hrs.42mins & departed at 16.21hrs returning to Abu Dhabi. Hexcode: 896399


Air Alsie Dassault Falcon 7X (FA7X) OY-TSS msn 098 arrived 03.20hrs ex: Subang Airport (WMSA) Malaysia, landing RWY21 & departed at 12.34hrs 03/08 returning to Subang as flight MMD3210. Hexcode: 45D273


Jul 28, 2014

A330-243 A6-EYG EY486/487 (1st visit to Perth)

Etihad Airways A330-243 A6-EYG msn 724 operated today's 'EY486/487' services from / to Abu Dhabi, arrived 15.05hrs & departed delayed at 17.23hrs returning to the Middle East. Hexcode: 89613C (1st visit to Perth)

B777-31H (ER) A6-ENM EK422/423 (1st visit)

Emirates B777-31H (ER) A6-ENM msn 41359 operated today's 'EK422/423' services from / to Dubai, arrived 12.26hrs landing RWY21 & departed at 15.44hrs. Hexcode: 89630F (1st visit to Perth, delivered to Emirates on 24.01.2014)

A340-211 A7-HHK QAF4 'OTT' Perth enroute Doha-YMML

Qatar Amiri Flight Airbus A340-211 A7-HHK msn 026 noted over flying Perth CBD at FL390 between 10.20hrs to 10.40hrs (WST)+8 today, en-route from Doha to Melbourne as flight 'QAF4'.
Hexcode: 06A001

Jul 26, 2014

Air New Zealand's B 787-900 Dreamliner flights to Perth (Latest Flight info)

Air New Zealand has brought forward its date for operating there new Boeing 787-900 'Dreamliner' services from Auckland to Perth operating on its NZ175/176 services.

The first flight into Perth now is expected to arrive / depart on Friday 12th September 2014, although still is very much subject to change.

Schedule of daily NZ175/176 flight details as listed below:

NZ175/176 12th to 19th SEP14 operated by B789 all days. Note: Longer ground time on Saturday. ETD set at 2115hrs.

NZ175/176 20th to 27th SEP14 ops by B789 all days inclusive.

NZ175/176 28th to 14th OCT14 ops by B789 all days inclusive.
ETA: 1700hrs, ETD 1900hrs.

NZ175/176 15OCT14 - Scheduled to be first 'real' NZ175/176 service.

NZ 175 / 176 28th SEP to 25OCT 1234567  AKLAKL1700 1900 AKLAKL
NZ 175 / 176 12th SEP to 19SEP 1234507  AKLAKL1810 2015 AKLAKL
NZ 175 / 176 20th SEP to 27SEP 1234567 AKLAKL1810 2015 AKLAKL
NZ 175 /176 13th SEP to 13SEP 0000060  AKLAKL1810 2115 AKLAKL

Disclaimer: Information was correct at time of posting, but is always subject to change.

Jul 25, 2014

Garuda Indonesia B737-8U3 (W) PK-GMH 'Skyteam c/s' GA728D/727D

Photo: Mark Lynam
copyright 2014

Garuda Indonesia Airways B737-8U3 (W) PK-GMH msn 30142 operated today's delayed GA728D/727D services from / to Ngurah Rai Intl Airport (WADD) Denpasar Bali, Indonesia, arrived at 14.11hrs landing RWY03 (as seen here above) and departed at 14.11hrs returning to the holiday island. This aircraft proudly wears the 'Skyteam c/s'. Hexcode: 8A020D

Etihad Airways A330-243 A6-EYP EY486/487 (1st visit to Perth)


Photo: Mark Lynam
copyright 2014

Etihad Airways Airbus A330-243 A6-EYP msn 854 seen here above arriving into Perth Intl Airport at 13.57hrs today from Abu Dhabi (OMAA) as flight EY486, and departed at 16.24hrs for the long haul flight back to the Middle East. Hexcode: 8961A5 (1st visit to Perth)

Jul 23, 2014

A330-243 A6-EYF EY486/487 (1st visit to Perth)

Etihad Airways A330-243 A6-EYF msn 717 operated today's 'EY486/487' services from / to Abu Dhabi (OMAA) arrived 14.03hrs into Perth Airport (YPPH) landing RWY03, after a flight time of 10hrs.58mins & departed at 16.04hrs returning to Abu Dhabi landing at 22.34hrs (LT) after a flight time of 10hrs.29mins. Hexcode: 89613B (1st visit to Perth)  

Jul 22, 2014

EtihadAirways A330-243 A4-EYH EY86/487 (1st visit to WA)

 A330-243 A6-EYH
(1st visit to Perth)
Arriving RWY21 ex: Abu Dhabi
as flight EY486
Rotating off RWY21 to Abu Dhabi
as flight EY487
Photos: Mark Lynam
copyright 2014
Etihad Airways Airbus A330-243 A6-EYH msn 729 seen here in the above photos arriving & departing into Perth Airport from Abu Dhabi today. Flight EY486 arrived at 13.56hrs landing RWY21 & departed at 16.18hrs. Hexcode: 89613D

Jul 21, 2014

Canadian Utilities FA7X C-GCUL arrived ex: Dubai Intl Airport (OMDB)

Canadian Utilities Dassault Falcon 7X C-GCUL msn 057 arrived 21.01hrs ex: Dubai Intl Airport (OMDB) landing RWY03, and departed at 12.36hs 24/07 to Sydney 'Kingsford Smith' Airport. Hexcode: C04C04

Jul 18, 2014

Etihad Airways A330-243 A6-EYT (1st visit to Perth) EY486/487

A330-243 A6-EYT

Flight EY468 Landing RWY03

Flight EY487 departing to Abu Dhabi
Photos: Mark Lynam
copyright 2014
Etihad Airways A330-243 A6-EYT msn 1486 seen here above arriving into Perth Airport landing RWY03 ex: Abu Dhabi as flight 'EY486' at 14.11hrs, and departing at 16.44hrs returning to the Middle East as flight 'EY487'. Hexcode: 896385 (1st visit to Perth)

Jul 17, 2014

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 9M-MRD shot down by Surface to Air Missile

All Photos: Mark Lynam
Perth International Airport West Australia
all are copyright 2014
It is with sad news to report that Malaysia Airlines B777-2H6 (ER) 9M-MRD msn 28411 was shot down by a Buk missile system whilst overflying Ukraine at FL330 operating flight MH17 from Amsterdam's Schipol Airport (EHAM) to Kuala Lumpur Intl Airport (WMKK). The missiles fired are thought to be either SA-11s or SA-17s.

The aircraft reported to be carrying 298 persons on board, including 17 crew members,36 of which were Australian citizens & 8 residents onboard this ill-fated flight. Pro-russian terrorists are being blamed for this International terrorist incident, mistaking the aircraft as a military An-26 cargo aircraft allegedly to be carrying weapons .

Malaysia Airlines B777-2H6 (ER) 9M-MRD was a regular visitor to Perth, Western Australia operating the airline's MH125/124, MH126/127 services between Kuala Lumpur & Kuching to Perth up until 14th February 2012, when on this day the aircraft operated the airlines last B777 service into Perth before changing types to the Airbus A333.

Malaysia Airlines B777-2H6 (ER) 9M-MRD msn 28411 first flew on 17th July 1997, was delivered to Malaysia Airlines on 29th July 1997, and crashed over Ukraine exactly 17 years to the day of its first flight on Wednesday 17th July 2014.

9M-MRD flew a total of 75322 flying hours, flying 11434 cycles over her 17 years of service, before today's tragic incident. The B777-2H6 (ER) had all communication systems functioning normally before its destruction over the Ukraine.

May they all rest in peace , and thank you for such wonderful memories.

Pionair Australia Pty Ltd CV-580 VH-PDW In & Out



Photos: Mark Lynam
copyright 2014

Pionair Australia Pty Ltd Convair CV-580 VH-PDW msn 086 seen here arriving into Perth Airport landing RWY03 ex: Queensland via Ayres Rock at 15.16hrs, and departed Friday 18th July at 06.04hrs to Cairns via Broome & Darwin. Hexcode: 7C4C72

First Etihad Airways A330-243 arrives into Perth Airport today.

A330-243 A6-EYI
(1st A330 to visit Perth)

Flight EY486 Landing RWY03

Flight EY487 Departing to Abu Dhabi
Photos: Mark Lynam
copyright 2014
Etihad Airways first Airbus A330-243 to visit Perth Airport, Western Australia arrived at 14.30hrs landing RWY03 as flight 'EY486' after a flight time of 11hrs.15mins, today's flight was operated by A6-EYI msn 730, and departed Perth for Abu Dhabi as flight 'EY487' at 16.44hrs off RWY03, arrived at 23.02hrs (LT) after a return flight time of 10hrs.17mins. Hexcode: 89613E (1st visit to Perth)

Jul 16, 2014

Premair ERJ Linage 190-1000 N227GV

Premair Embraer ERJ Lineage 1000 N227GV msn 19000159 arrived 14.24hrs ex: Ngurah Rai Intl Airport (WADD) Denpasar Bali, Indonesia landing RWY21 and is scheduled to depart at 10.25hrs 21/07 to Denpasar Bali (WADD) Indonesia as same. Hexcode: A1FBAC

Etihad Airways inaugural visit to Perth today.

Photo: Mark Lynam
copyright 2014

United Arab Emirates Etihad Airways commenced services between Abu Dhabi (OMAA) & Perth today Wednesday 16th July 2014, with the arrival of the airline's inaugural service.

Flight 'EY486' departed Abu Dhabi (OMAA) at 22.56hrs (LT) 15/07 from T3 gate 59 and arrived into Perth Airport at 13.41hrs (LT) 16/07 landing RWY21 after a flight time of 10hrs.45mins, receiving a water cannon welcome prior to taxying into ITB 51.

Today's inaugural EY486/487 services was operated by one the airline's Airbus A340-642HGW aircraft A6-EHH msn 680, however Etihad's new 'EY486/487' new daily services to Perth will see the carrier utilize there A330-243 equipment on the route with the occasional ad hock A340-600 deployed on a as required basis.

The outbound return flight to Abu Dhabi 'EY487' departed Perth at 16.44hrs off RWY21, with a scheduled flight time of 10.16mins & ETA of 23.01hrs (LT)

This post to be further updated.

Jul 15, 2014


Shell Oil Company Dassault Falcon 7X VQ-BSP msn 83 arrived 08.49hrs ex: Don Mueang Airport (VTBD) Bangkok, Thailand as flight 'SHE961' and departed at 09.18hrs 16/07 to Canberra (YSCB) as same. Hexcode: 424955

Jul 11, 2014

Skytrans Dash-8:100 VH-QQL returns to YBBN as flight 'SKP9773'

Skytrans Dash-8:100 VH-QQL msn 388 departed at 05.52hrs returning to Brisbane (YBBN) via Forrest (YFRT) & Adelaide (YPAD) as flight SKP9773 after a short term operations in Perth operating 18 Fly in / Fly out return flights. Hexcode: 7C534B (This was this aircraft's 1st visit to Perth)

Jul 10, 2014

Qantas A380-842 VH-OQD QF9 Medical Diversion

Qantas Airways A380-842 VH-OQD msn 026 named 'Fergus McMaster' operating Qantas flight QF9 ex: Melbourne (YMML) to Dubai (OMDB) diverted into Perth Airport today arriving 21.19hrs, after a business class travelling passenger suffered symptoms of blood clotting. The aircraft was diverted to Perth as a precautionary measure, the passenger off loaded to seek further medical attention & departed at 23.26hrs continuing onto Dubai. Hexcode: 7C4923 (1st visit to Perth)

B777-3DZ (ER) A7-BAW (1st visit to Perth) QR900/901

Qatar Airways B777-3DZ (ER) A7-BAW msn 41741 operated her debut service into Perth Airport today, operating the airline's 'QR900/901' services from / to Doha, arrived 18.09hrs & departed at 23.42hrs. Hexcode: 06A139 (1st visit to Perth)

Air Asia X Indonesia upgrades to A330s to expand services ex: Indonesia into Australia from 2015

Full story:

Jul 9, 2014

JASDF B747-47C's 20-1101 & 20-1102 visit Perth as Japanese PM Shinzo Abe visits the Pilbra & Perth


Photo: Mark Lynam
copyright 2014

Japan Air Self Defence Force (JASDF) Boeing 747-47C aircraft 20-1101 msn 24730 arrived 14.11hrs ex: RAAF Fairburn Airport (YSCB) Canberra, as flight 'LAB001' & c/sign:'JF01' landing  RWY21 & departed Perth at 09.07hrs 10/07 to Port Moresby (AYPA) Papua New Guinea as same. Hexcode: 87C000

Photo: Mark Lynam
copyright 2014

Japan Air Self Defence Force (JASDF) Boeing 747-47C aircraft 20-1102 msn 24731 arrived 14.38hrs ex: RAAF Fairburn Airport (YSCB) Canberra, as flight LAB002 & c/sign:'JF02' landing  RWY21& departed Perth at 09.39hrs 10/07 to Port Moresby (AYPA) Papua New Guinea as same.  . Hexcode: 87C001 (1st visit to Perth)

The two B747-47C aircraft are operated by the Special Airlift Group, 701st Squadron of the Japan Air Self Defence Force, with both aircraft based & maintained at Chitose Air Force Base (RJCJ) Hokkaido Japan.

 Both aircraft operates with a standard crew complement of 17 to 19 personnel, consisting of two to four pilots, three communications operators and twelve flight attendants.

Today's visits by these aircraft sees 20-1101 re-visiting Perth for just only the second time, and 20-1102 visiting Perth making her debut visit to WA today!

Last updated: 14.30hrs 10/07 (additional information supplied)


BD-700-1A10 Global Express N888ZP

Kirra Aircraft Leasing Trust No1 Bombardier BD-700-1A10 Global Express N888ZP msn 9104 formerly N889CP arrived 01.35hrs ex: Sydney (YSSY) Hexcode: AC3DDA

Jul 6, 2014

Gulfstream G-V N5616 (WIHH-YPPH-YPAD)


Photo: Troy Hartmann
copyright 2014
Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee Gulfstream G-V N5616 msn 616 seen here landing RWY21 into Perth Airport at 12.15hrs today, arriving thru heavy rain showers ex: Halim Airport (WIHH) Jakarta Indonesia & departed at 06.55hrs 8/07 to Adelaide (YPAD) South Australia. Hexcode: A72DCB

B777-31H (ER) A6-ENR EK420/421 (1st visit to Australia today)

Photo: Troy Hartmann
copyright 2014
Emirates B777-31H (ER) A6-ENR msn 41364 is operated today's EK420/421 services from /to Dubai, arrived 17.13hrs landing RWY21 & departed at 22.24hrs returning to UAE. Hexcode: 896314 her (New aircraft / 1st visit to Perth & Australia, delivered to Emirates on 11.06.14). Troy Hartmann's image shows A6-ENR on final approach to Rwy 21 landing just after sunset in poor conditions! Great effort Troy