Sep 20, 2012

B747-438 VH-OJM (JNB-SYD via PER ) QF64

Photo: Mark Lynam
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Qantas Airways B747-438 VH-OJM msn 25245 diverted to Perth today landing at 11.30hrs (WST) en-route from Johannesburg (FAJS) to Sydney (YSSY) operating as flight 'QF64'.

 The diversion to Perth was a last minute decision made by the flight crew after there was an issue with the rear cargo holding area of the aircraft, in relation to heating of the compartment where animals had been placed for transportation. 

Then once on the ground, the aircraft suffered another 'technical issue' which thankfully was sorted as the pilots crew time was also becoming another issue if the aircraft didnt depart soon.

The 747s diversion into Perth was classified as being an "unscheduled technical stop"

Seen here above is the flight tracking of Qantas flight 'QF64' into Perth Airport today.

The B747-400 was re-scheduled to depart to Sydney at 12.55hrs (WST), however this never eventuated, and VH-OJM departed at 13.34hrs (WST) off RWY21 bound for Sydney with a flight time of 3hrs.06mins, arriving at 18.44hrs (EST) landing RWY34L into the Harbour City. 

 Hexcode: 7C4830  Updated: 23.55hrs 20/09 

With thanks to: the many valued contributors we have, who provided information wherever possible to help better understand the reasoning behind today's diversion to Perth.

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