May 31, 2013

Tiger's newest A320 9V-TRI (1st visit to Perth)

Tiger Airways A320-232 9V-TRI msn 5596 arrived 20.47hrs ex: Singapore (WSSS)as flight TGW2716, and departed at 22.32hrs returning as flight TGW2717. (New aircraft / 1st visit) Hexcode: 76D249

May 30, 2013

'Medic 45' Learjet 45 VH-PFS (WADD-YPPH-WADD)

Pacific Flight Services Learjet 45 VH-PFS msn 45-168 arrived 01.39hrs ex: Bali (WADD) as flight 'Medic 45' landing RWY21, and departed at 12.52hrs returning as same.

May 29, 2013

BD-700-1A10 N36LG (In & Out)

Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee BD-700-1A10 N36LG msn 9225 arrived 17.55hrs ex: Sydney (YSSY) and departed at 18.40hrs to Mauritius (FIMP)

May 28, 2013

New XR Fokker 100 visits Perth (1st visit)

Alliance Airlines Fokker 100 VH-XWT msn 11338 arrived 20.34hrs ex: The Granites (YTGT) as flight 'UTY385' and departed at 05.27hrs 30/05 to Mt Keith minesite (YMNE) as flight 'UTY790' Hexcode: 7C779B (1st visit to Perth)

May 25, 2013

Qantas B737-838 VH-XZF (1st visit to Perth)

Qantas Airways B737-838 (W) VH-XZF msn 39370 named 'Cygnet' arrived into Perth at 18.50hrs ex: Melbourne (YMML) as flight 'QF773' landing RWY21. Hexcode: 7C77F9 (1st visit to Perth)  First flight on 2nd May 2013 and was delivered on 10th May 2013 !

A330-202 VH-EBS (1st visit to WA)

Former now Qantas Airways A330-202 VH-EBS msn 1258 arrived 16.08hrs ex: Sydney (YSSY) as flight QF577 (1st visit to Perth, WA) Hexcode: 7C1476

MasKargo B747-4H6F 9M-MPS MH6207

MasKargo B747-4H6F (SCD) 9M-MPS c/n 29902 arrived 01.25hrs ex: Kuala Lumpur (WMKK) as flight 'MH6207' and departed at 04.33hrs to Sydney (YSSY) as same. Hexcode: 750080

May 24, 2013

Qantas B737-838 VH-VXG 'Bring it on' QF908/909

Photo: Mark Lynam
copyright 2013

Qantas Airways B737-838 (W) VH-VXG msn 30901 Qantas Wallabies 2013 Lions Tour 'Bring it On' logo seen here above landing Perth Airport's RWY03 at 11.11hrs on completion of Qantas flight QF909 ex: Karratha (YPKA) today. Hexcode: 7C6D92

May 21, 2013

Royal Air Force C17A ZZ173 (1s visit) Ascot 6660/6661 / RRR6660/6661

Photo: Richard Suidak
copyright 2013

Royal Air Force (RAF) C-17A Globemaster III ZZ173 msn P-77 / UK3 99 Sqn Brize Norton AFB, Oxfordshire, England arrived 20.52hrs ex: Diego Garcia (FJDG) as flight 'RRR6660' / callsign 'Ascot 6660' to ITB bay 56. Hexcode: 43C173 (1st visit to Perth, only the 3rd RAF C17 to have visited Perth to date)

Departed Perth at 09.51hrs 23/05 off RWY06 to Woomera (YPWR) South Australia, as flight 'RRR6660 / callsign 'Ascot 6660', and arrived back into Perth Airport (YPPH) landing RWY21 at 17.27hrs (see photo above) after her sortie as flight RRR6661 / callsign 'Ascot 6661'.

Photos: Perth Airport Spotters Blog
copyright 2013

C17 was scheduled to depart Perth for Diego Garcia (FJDG) on Friday 24th May at 08.30hrs (approx.) however this never eventuated having gone tech. The aircraft now re-scheduled to depart to the British Indian Ocean Territory Monday 27th May. 

Parts supplied and delivered courtesy RAAF C-17A A41-206 which arrived into YPEA at 16.41hrs 26/05 as 'Stallion 22' ex: RAAF Richmond (YSRI). 

 ZZ173 departed Perth Airport  for Diego Garcia (FJDG) at 08.49hs Monday 27/05 as flight 'RRR6661' callsign 'Ascot 6661' with a flight time of 7hrs.30mins.


May 19, 2013

US Navy C-130T 165379 (YPEA) CNV7042

United States Navy 'Reserve Fleet Logistics' Lockheed C-130T Hercules 165379 msn 382-5430 (VR-64) 'Condors' McGuire AFB, arrived 16.25hrs RAAF Pearce (YPEA) ex: Townsville (YBTL) after a 8hrs + flight across the continent as flight 'CNV7042'.

Departed 08.45hrs Monday 20th May to Darwin (YPDN) as same. Hexcode: AE03F1

A319-115 CJ VH-VHD 'SND1' Again!

Skytraders Pty Ltd A319-115 (CJ) VH-VHD c/n 1999 arrived 10.57hrs ex: Christmas Island (YPXM) as flight 'SND1' and departed at 12.22hrs returning as same. Hexcode: 7C6B4F 

A330-223 B-6531 (1st visit to Perth) today

China Southern Airlines A330-223 B-6531 msn 1233 arrived 05.38hrs landing RWY21 ex: Beijing via Guangzhou as flight 'CSN319' and departed at 08.40hrs returning to China as flight 'CSN320' Hexcode:780747 (1st visit to Perth)

May 18, 2013

A319-115 (CJ) VH-VHD 'SND1'

Skytraders Pty Ltd A319-115 (CJ) VH-VHD msn 1999 arrived 11.10hrs ex: Christmas Island (YPXM) as flight 'SND1' and departed at 12.29hrs returning as same. Hexcode: 7C6B4F

B747-412F (SCD) 9V-SFO 'SQC7296'

Photos: Mark Lynam
copyright 2013

Singapore Airlines Cargo B747-412F (SCD) 9V-SFO msn 32900 seen here above arriving at 07.21hrs ex: Singapore (WSSS) as flight 'SQC7296' and departed to Sydney (YSSY) at 10.39hrs as same. The flight bringing into Perth a consignment of mining equipment. Hexcode: 76CCCF

May 17, 2013

US Navy P3 Orion 163003 departs to Japan

Photo:Richard Siudak
copyright 2013

United States Navy (USN) Lockheed P3C Orion 1630003 departed RAAF Pearce (YPEA) today returning to back to Kadena AFB (RODN) Japan, via Darwin and Andersen AFB Guam USA.

The P3 arrived into Pearce on 5th May, conducting several sorties also with an RAAF AP-3C Orion also operating from the base.

The P3 is attached to VP-45 'Pelicans' operating from Kadena AFB Okinawa Japan.

New China Southern A330 to Perth!

China Southern Airlines A330-243 B-6526 msn 1220 operated today's 'CSN319/320' services from Beijing via Guangzhou to Perth and return, arrived 05.51hrs landing RWY03, and departed at 08.38hrs returning to China. Hexcode: 78070D (1st visit to Perth)

May 16, 2013

Virgin's A320 VH-FNP departs to WSSL then returns

File Photo: Mark Lynam
copyright 2013

Virgin Australia's second A320-231 VH-FNP msn 0429 (still wearing Skywest colours) departed at 21.09hrs to Singapore Seletar Airport (WSSL) as flight 'OZW9001' , and returned to Perth at 23.29hrs 19/05 as same. Hexcode: 7C1B33

B737-33A VH-NLK 'RON900/901'

Air Nauru B737-33A VH-NLK msn 23635 arrived 12.45hrs ex: Melbourne (YMML) as flight 'RON900' and departed at 14.04hrs to Adelaide (YPAD) as flight 'RON901' Hexcode: 7C4366

May 15, 2013

Air Mauritius A330-202 MK440

Photo: Mark Lynam
copyright 2013

Air Mauritius A330-202 3B-NBL msn 1057 arrived 09.11hrs landing RWY 03, and was damaged whilst parkied on the ground on her parking bay, sustaining damage to her starboard side cargo door courtesy of QF ground handling!

It became AOG at 14.00hrs with the 176 outbound passengers transferred to South African Airways flight 'SA281' Airbus A340-642 ZS-SNA which departed at 00.51hrs 16/05.

3B-NBL departed Perth at 13.04hrs 16/05 to Mauritius empty as flight 'MK3441' Hexcode: 06002A

May 13, 2013

Metro Jet (Hong Kong) G-550 VP-CVT

Metro Jet (Hong Kong) Gulfstream G-550 VP-CVT msn 5102 arrived 11.45hrs landing RWY03 ex: Karratha (YPKA), Port Hedland (YPPD) and Beijing (ZBAA) China and departed at 09.59hrs 14/05 to Hong Kong (VHHH). Hexcode: 4001CA

A320-232 9V-JST (1st visit to Perth)

Jetstar A320-232 9V-JST msn 5482 operated today's 'JSA115/114' services from / to Jakarta, arrived 01.30hrs landing RWY21 and departed at 02.40hrs. Hexcode: 76AA74 (1st visit to Perth)

May 12, 2013

B737-8H6 (W) 9M-MXM (1st visit to Perth)

Malaysia Airlines B737-8H6 (W) 9M-MXM msn 40140 operated today's 'MH121/120' services from / to Kota Kinabalu (WBKK) Malaysia, arrived 23.26hrs landing RWY21 and departed at 00.53hrs Monday 13th May. Hexcode: 75020D (1st visit to Perth)

Atlas Air B747-47UF (SCD) N418MC

Atlas Air B747-47UF (SCD) N418MC msn 32840 arrived 07.41hrs ex: Honolulu Intl Airport (PHNL) as flight 'GTI5419' landing RWY21, and departed at 11.08hrs to Sydney 'Kingsford Smith' Airport (YSSY) as same. Hexcode: A4F2EE

May 11, 2013

ERJ-190:100 ECJ N227GV

Bank of Utah Embraer ERJ-190:100 ECJ N227GV msn 19000159 arrived 11.20hrs ex: Halim Airport (WIHH) Jakarta, Indonesia and departed at 07.15hrs 14/05 returning as same. Hexcode: A1FBAC to inaugurate new route ex: Perth

Photo: Mark Lynam
copyrighted image (2013)

Australia's announced this week  the successful application of new  4x weekly service linking  Perth and Lombok an island in West Nusa Tenggara province, Indonesia.

The new flights depart ex: Perth at 10.25hrs Tue, Thu, Fri, Sun as flight 'JQ112' and return to Perth as flight 'JQ111' arriving at 18.45hrs, commencing from 02 July.

Services to be operated by Airbus A320 aircraft & you saw it here first!

May 9, 2013

Perth Airport today 9th May 2013

Air Asia X A330-343E 9M-XXF 'XAX232/233'

Emirates B777-21H (LR) A6-EWG  'EK422/423'

Singapore Airlines A330-343E 9V-STU  'SQ213/226'

Photos: Mark Lynam
copyright 2013

Today's wintery conditions across Perth saw RWY24 used for arrivals and departures, photographed today were Air Asia X A330-343E 9M-XXF arriving ex: Kuala Lumpur operating flight's XAX232/233.

Emirates B777-21H (LR) A6-EWG departing Perth for Dubai as flight 'EK423' rotating off RWY 24.

Singapore Airlines A330-343E 9V-STU seen here departing off RWY21 for Singapore, the only airline departing from off the North / South RWY21.

May 7, 2013

Our 1st ramp pics of Virgin Australia 'Regional Airlines' A320-232 VH-YUD

Photos: copyrighted to
Perth Airport Spotters Blog 2013

Virgin Australia 'Regional' Airlines first wide body aircraft Airbus A320-232 VH-YUD msn 1922 ex: G-MEDH named 'Port Beach' arrived into Perth Airport at 05.30hrs Tuesday 7th May, landing RWY21 after having undergone re-branding into Virgin Australia c/s undertaken at Singapore's Seletar Airport. Hexcode: 7C7C53

The aircraft is seen here parked on the apron after Virgin Group of companies founder Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Australia CEO John Borghetti's visit to Perth for the unveiling of the new regional airline and its aircraft.

 Picture #2 :Shows all three aircraft parked up together for the first time, A320 VH-YUD (front), Fokker 50 VH-FNA (middle), Fokker 100 VH-FSQ (rear).

May 6, 2013

Virgin's A330-243 VH-XFG's 1st revenue flight

Photos: Mark Lynam
copyrighted images 2013

Virgin Australia A330-243 VH-XFG msn 1407 named 'Terrigal Beach' seen here above arriving into Perth Airport (YPPH) at 11.18hrs having just completed her first revenue flight 'VOZ679' ex: Melbourne after a flight time of 3hrs.39mins. The return flight back to Melbourne 'VOZ688' departed at 13.38hrs. Hexcode: 7C752A A320-232 (SL) VH-VFN (1st visit)

Photos: Mark Lynam
copyright images 2013 A320-232 (SL) VH-VFN msn 5566 "as seen here above" arriving into Perth Airport RWY21 ex: Sydney as flight 'JST972' at 09.23hrs, and dearted at 11.39hrs returning to Sydney (YSSY) as flight 'JST969' Hexcode: 7C6B11 (1st visit to Perth)

May 5, 2013

Ilyushin IL-76-90VD RA-76503 (1st visit)

Volga Dnepr Airlines Ilyushin IL-76-90-VD RA-76503 msn 2093422748 arrived 17.44hrs ex: Karratha (YPKA) as flight 'VDA4753' landing RWY21 to ITB 60A. Hexcode: 152AD7 (1st visit to Perth)

Note: The aircraft's flight route, saw the IL-76 depart from Khabarovsky Novy Airport (UHHH) on Sat 4/05 flying into Antonio B Won Pat Intl Airport (PGUM) Guam USA, before then continuing onto Cairns Airport (YBCS) Queensland, then over nighting before today's flights from Cairns to Karratha as 'VDA4752' and into Perth "as per above".

Update: Monday, May 6th 2013: RA-76503 departed Perth at 10.39hrs as flight 'VDA4753' to Hulhule Island, North Male Atoll (VRMM) Maldives, with a flight time of 8hrs.44mins.

US Navy P-3C Orion 163003 arrives (YPEA)

Photos: Richard Siudak
coprighted images 2013

United States Navy (USN) Lockheed P-3C Orion Update III 163003 msn 5810 'VP-45' Sqn 'Pelicans' "seen here above" arriving into RAAF Base Pearce (YPEA) today as flight 'Navy VVPE101' ex: Kadena AFB (RODN) Okinawa, Japan and via Darwin  Intl Airport (YPDN)

May 4, 2013

New ERJ-170-100LR (1st visit to Perth today)

Air North Embraer ERJ-170-100LR VH-ANT msn 17000357 arrived 11.52hrs as flight 'ANO340' ex: Kununurra (YPKU) and departed at 13.47hrs returning to Kununurra (YPKU) as flight 'ANO341'. Hexcode: 7C01E7 (New aircraft / 1st visit to Perth, First Flight: 15/02, Delivered 22/04)

May 3, 2013

Skywest trading name officially gone as from 07.00am

Skywest Airlines (WA) officially changed as of 09.00hrs (EST) / 07.00hrs (WST) today Friday 3rd May 2013 to Virgin Australia Regional Airlines, a fully owned subsidiary of Virgin Australia
All external branding will to become Virgin Australia.