Dec 31, 2012

B747-47UF (SCD) N412MC 'GTI5421/5422'

Atlas Air B747-47UF (SCD) N412MC msn 30559 arrived 09.16hrs ex: Honolulu Intl Airport (PHNL) Hawaii USA, as flight 'GTI5421' c/sign: 'Giant 5421' landing RWY03 to ITB bay 56. Departed at 22.30hrs 31/12 to Chep Lap Kok Airport (VHHH) Hong Kong as flight 'GTI5422'. No Happy New Year for these guys! The B744 landed at 06.06hrs 1/01 Hexcode: A4DCA4

International Flights into Perth Monday 31.12.12

Perth International Airport Flights for December 31st 2012

Singapore Airlines: SQ215/216 9V-SRN,SQ225/224 9V-SQN, SQ213/226 9V-STB, SQ223/214 9V-SRN
Air Asia X: D7236/237 9M-XXH, D7232/233 9M-XXF
Air Asia Indonesia: AWQ8410/11 PK-AXG, AWQ8412/13 PK-AXG, AWQ8416/17 PK-AXH
Garuda Indonesia Airways: GA728/727 PK-GFJ, GA724/725 PK-GFF
Thai Airways International: TG483/484 HS-TER
Qatar Airways: QR900/901 A7-BAE
Emirates: UAE424/425 A6-EWH, UAE420/421 A6-EGM
South African Airways: SAA280/281 ZS-SNA (A340-642)
Malaysia Airlines: MH127/126 9M-MTB, MH125/124 9M-MTA
Cathay Pacific Airways: CX171/170 B-LAC
Virgin Australia: VOZ4158/4161 VH-YIT JST115/114 9V-JSK, JST107/116/111 VH-VQV
Jetstar 3K111/112 9V-J??
Qantas Airways: QF78 VH-QPE, QF72 VH-EBI, QF68 VH-QPJ, QF67 VH-QPD,QF77 VH-QPJ,
Air New Zealand: NZ175/176 ZK-OKB

Atlas Air: GTI5421/5422 N412MC arrived 09.16hrs landing RWY03 ex: PHNL, departed 22.30hrs to VHHH
Crown Casino: G-V VH-CRQ departed 09.50hrsto YMML

Perth Airport Spotters Blog!

Dec 30, 2012

B737-8H6 (W) 9M-MXJ MAS121/120 (1st visit)

Malaysia Airlines B737-8H6 (W) 9M-MXJ msn 40137 operated tonights 'MH121/120' Kota Kinabalu (WMKK) to Perth and return services, arrived 23.26hrs and departed at 00.56hrs 31/12. Hexcode: 75020A (1st visit to Perth)

International Flights into Perth - Sunday 30.12.12

Qantas Airways: QF78 VH-QPE, QF72 VH-EBI, QF77 VH-QPE, QF71 VH-EBI
Air Asia X: D7236/237 9M-XXD, D7232/233 9M-XXH
Air Asia Indonesia: AWQ8410 PK-AXF, AWQ8412/13 PK-AXF, AWQ8416/8417 PK-AX?
Cathay Pacific Airways: CX136/137 B-LAN, CX171/170 B-LAH
China Southern Airlines: CSN319/320 B-6500
Virgin Australia: VOZ4158/4161 VH-YIO, VOZ4148 VH-YIS, VOZ4149 VH-YIT
Garuda Indonesia Airways: GA728/727 PK-GMV, GA724/725 PK-GFG
Air Mauritius: MK940/941 3B-NBM
South African Airways: SAA280/281 ZS-SXF
Singapore Airlines: SQ215/216 9V-SYG, SQ225/224 9V-SQJ, SQ213/226 9V-STC, SQ223/214 9V-SQM
Qatar Airways: QR900/901 A7-BAN
Emirates: EK424/425 A6-EWE, EK422/423 A6-EGM, EK420/421 A6-EGV
Malaysia Airlines: MH125/124 9M-MTC, MH121/120 9M-MXJ (1st visit to Perth)
Air New Zealand: NZ175/176 ZK-OKC JQ110/109 VH-VQV JST116/113 VH-VQW
Jetstar 3K111/112 9V-JSI
Thai Airways: TG481/482 HS-TEP
Tiger Airways: TGW2716/2717 9V-TAU

Skytraders Pty Ltd: A319-115 (CJ) VH-VHD departed 09.35hrs to YPPD as 'ASY968'


B777-312 9V-SYG SQ215/216 SIN-PER-SIN

Singapore Airlines B777-312 9V-SYG msn 28528 operated today's 'SQ215/216' services from / to Singapore (WSSS) arrived at 00.43hrs landing RWY21, and departed at 02.19hrs returning to Singapore. Hexcode: 76CF27

Dec 29, 2012


Skytraders Pty Ltd A319-115(CJ) VH-VHD msn 1999 arrived 21.42hrs ex: Darwin (YPDN) as flight 'SND1' c/sign: "Snowdrop1" landing RWY21 and departed 09.35hrs  30/12 to Port Hedland (YPPD) as flight 'ASY968'. Hexcode: 7C6B4F

A330-223 (F) 9M-MUA MAS6435/6436

Photo: Richard Siudak
copyright 2012
Making a rare appearance into Perth today for only the second time this year was Malaysia Airlines Cargo (MasKargo) A330-223F 9M-MUA msn 1136, which departed ex: Kuala Lumpur (WMKK) earlier today as flight 'MAS6435' at 07.45hrs (LT) for the 5hrs.15mins flight to Perth, arriving into Perth landing RWY21 at  12.54hrs (WST) and departed at 16.22hrs  returning to Kuala Lumpur (WMKK) as flight 'MAS6436'. Hexcode: 750263

International Flights into Perth - Saturday 29th Dec

Air Asia X: XAX236/237 9M-XXH
Air Asia Indonesia: AWQ8410/11 PK-AXI, AWQ8412/13 PK-AXI, AWQ8416/17 PK-AWG
Garuda Indonesia: GA728/727 PK-GFE, GA724/725 PK-GFM (retro c/s)
Qatar Airways: QR900/901 A7-BAB
Virgin Australia: VOZ4148/4149 VH-YIS
Virgin Australia: VOZ4141/4158 VH-YIM
Emirates: EK424/425 A6-EWJ, EK422/423 A6-EGZ, EK420/421 A6-EGX
Singapore Airlines: SQ215/216 9V-SQI, SQ225/224 9V-SQM, SQ213/226 9V-STP, SQ223/214 9V-SQI JQ107/110 VH-VQV, JQ109 VH-V??
South African Airways: SAA280/281 ZS-SXG
Thai Airways: TG483/484 HS-TEP
Malaysia Airlines: MH127/126 9M-MTA, MH6435/6436 9M-MUA, MH125/124 9M-MTG
Air New Zealand: NZ175/176 ZK-OKF
Tiger Airways: TGW2716/2717 9V-TAX
Qantas Airways: QF78/77 VH-QPE, QF71 VH-EBI
Cathay Pacific: CX171/170 B-LAH
Jetstar 3K111/112 9V-JS?
Crown Casino: GLF5 VH-CRQ msn 603 arrived ex: Bangkok (VTBD) Thailand
This is  a constant work in progress, so please check back again later for updates!
  Perth Airport Spotters Blog

Dec 28, 2012

International Flights into Perth - Friday 28.12.12

Over this Holiday Season, Perth Airport Spotters Blog will continue to provide a daily report of Intl aircraft movements into / out of  Perth Airport. Mainly for the benefit of those on holidays, interstate, or around the world. Happy Holidays!  These daily reports will end 31st December in digest format!

Air Asia X: XAX236/237 9M-XXE
Emirates: EK424/425 A6-EWD, EK420/421 A6-EBK
Qatar Airways: QR900/901 A7-BAE
Air Asia Indonesia: AWQ8410/11 PK-AXF, AWQ8412/13 PK-AXF, AWQ8416/17 PK-AXG
Singapore Airlines: SQ215/216 9V-SRN, SQ225/224 9V-SQI, SQ213/226 9V-STH, SQ223/214 9V-SRN
Garuda Indonesia: GA728/727 PK-GFS, GA724/725 PK-GFG
South African Airways: SAA280/281 ZS-SXD
China Southern Airlines: CSN319/320 B-6500
Cathay Pacific Airways: CX136/137 B-LAD, CX171/170 B-LAO
Thai Airways: TG483/484 HS-TEO
Malaysia Airlines: MH127/126 9M-MTH, MH125/124 9M-MTI
Air New Zealand: NZ175/176 ZK-OKC
Jetstar 3K111/112 9V-JSK


Dec 27, 2012

A330-343E B-LAX (1st visit) CX170/171

Cathay Pacific A330-343E B-LAX msn 1366 ex: F-WWKO operated tonight's 'CX171/170' services from Hong Kong to Perth and return, arrived at 22.24hrs and departed at 00.15hrs 28/12  returning to Hong Kong. Hexcode: 780A4A Delivered: 07.12.12 (1st visit to Perth)

International Flights into Perth Thursday 27.12.12

Thursday, 27th December 2012
Emirates: EK424/425 A6-EWI, EK422/423 A6-EGQ, EK420/421 A6-EGG
Qatar Airways: QR900/901 A7-BBI
Singapore Airlines: SQ215/216 9V-SRM, SQ225/224 9V-SQJ, SQ213/226 9V-STC, SQ223/214 9V-SRM
Cathay Pacific Airways: CX171/170 B-LAX
Thai Airways: TG483/484 HS-TER
Air Asia X: XAX236/237 9M-XXA, XAX232/233 9M-XXH
Air Asia Indonesia: AWQ8410/11 PK-AXG, AWQ8412/13 PK-AXG, AWQ8416/17 PK-AXI
South African Airways: SAA280/281 ZS-SXH
Garuda Indonesia: GA728/727 PK-GFA, GA724/725 PK-GFQ
Malaysia Airlines: MH125/124 9M-MTJ
Air New Zealand: NZ175/176 ZK-OKE
Skywest Airlines: F-100 VH-FNY (WSSL via YPPD to YPPH returning after maintaince) arrived 18.04hrs
Skywest Airlines: A320-231 VH-FNP msn 429 ops 'OZW401' YPPH-YPXM-YPCC
Tiger Airways: TGW2714/2715 9V-TAX (supplementry flight), TGW2716/2717 9V-TA?

Crown Casino: GLF5 VH-CRQ msn 603 arrived 07.40hrs ex: Hong Kong (VHHH)
Fortescue Metals Group: BD-700-1A10 VH-FMG msn 9015 departed 08.52hrs to Busselton (YBLN)

Dec 26, 2012

International Flights into Perth - Boxing Day

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas yesterday enjoying with family & friends. Meantime airlines & aircraft continue to operate flights into & out of Perth, so here's today's International aircraft movements. Enjoy your Holidays!

Air Asia X: XAX236/237 9M-XXG, XAX232/233 9M-XXF
Air Asia Indonesia: AWQ8410/11 PK-AXI, AWQ8412/13 PK-AXI, AWQ8416/17 PK-AXF
China Southern Airlines: CSN319/320 B-6111
Cathay Pacific Airways: CX137/136 B-LAP, CX171/170 B-LAJ
Air Mauritius: MK940/941 3B-NBL
Garuda Indonesia: GA728/727 PK-GFD, GA724/725 PK-GFN
Qatar Airways: QR900/901 A7-BAN
Emirates: EK424/425 A6-EWE, EK422/423 A6-EGU, EK420/421 A6-EGR
South African Airways: SAA280/281 ZS-SXF
Tiger Airways: TGW2714/2715 9V-TRD (extra supplementry flight), TGW2716/2717 9V-TAZ
Malaysia Airlines:MH125/124 9M-MTD
Thai Airways: TG481/482 HS-TEQ
Air New Zealand: NZ175/176 ZK-OKE
Singapore Airlines: SQ215/216 9V-SRG, SQ225/224 9V-SQJ, SQ213/226 9V-STH, SQ223/214 9V-SRN

Skywest Airlines: Fokker 100 VH-FSQ msn 11450 departed 07.15hrs to Singapore Seletar (WSSL) for scheduled maintaince stopping via Port Hedland (YPPD) en-route, under the command of Greg Meechan.

Dec 25, 2012

International Flights into Perth on Christmas Day

Here are some of the more significant aircraft movements into / out of  Perth Airport this Christmas Day 25th December 2012. Enjoy your Holidays!

Emirates: EK424/425 A6-EWA, EK422/423 A6-EGX, EK420/421 A6-EGZ
Qatar Airways: QR900/901 A7-BAI
Singapore Airlines: SQ215/216 9V-SQI, SQ225/224 9V-SRQ, SQ213/226 9V-STG, SQ223/214 9V-SQI
South African Airways: SAA280/281 ZS-SXG
Air Asia X: XAX236/237 9M-XXE
Air Asia Indonesia: AWQ8410/11 PK-AXH, AWQ8412/13 PK-AXH, AWQ8416/17 PK-AXG
Garuda Indonesia: GA728/727 PK-GMN, GA274/725 PK-GMI
Thai Airways: TG481/482 HS-TEU
Malaysia Airlines: MH125/124 9M-MTG
Air New Zealand: NZ175/176 ZK-OKF
Cathay Pacific Airways: CX171/170: B-LAC

Dec 24, 2012

Christmas Eve 'Cargo Flight' c/s: SANTA 1

Father Christmas waving goodbye to Mrs Claus & his Helpers at the North Pole
Here's Santa leaving the North Pole on his around the world flight tonight!
Santa's special flight details (above) for Air Traffic Controllers around the world to follow his travels, making sure that all the presents get delivered
Father Christmas's Flying Sleigh Details
Merry Christmas

Qantas Cargo Atlas Air operated B747-47UF


Qantas Cargo operated Atlas Air B747-47UF (SCD) N409MC msn 30558 departed ex: Sydney 'Kingsford Smith' Airport (YSSY) at 12.23hrs (AEST) for Perth as flight 'QFA7581' callsign: 'Qantas 7581' and arrived 14.04hrs landing RWY21 after a flight time of 4hrs.37mins taxiied to ITB 56.

The 747F departed to Suvarnabhumi Intl Airport (VTBS) Bangkok, Thailand as same at 16.33hrs (WST). Hexcode: A4CF26

Aviation talkback on Radio station 882 6PR today.

West Australian Newspapers / 7 Media Group Aviation writer Mr Geoffey Thomas (pictured) was a special guest to announcer Paul Entwistle this afternoon on talkback radio station 882 6PR between 12.15pm and 12.45pm today, taking calls and answering questions from listeners. GT is also the patron of the Aircraft Enthusiasts Group of WA (AEGWA).    Happy Holidays Geoffrey!

Seasons Greetings 2012 / 2013 from us to you!

Perth International Airport's Christmas Tree
Photo: Mark Lynam
copyright 2012
The Aircraft Enthusiasts Group of Western Australia (AEGWA) would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the Perth Airport Spotters Blog followers for your continued support over this past year. We thankyou for taking an interest in our airport, and wish you all and your families a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013.

The team at Perth Airport Spotters Blog!

Dec 23, 2012

B737-8H6 (W) 9M-MXH MH121/120

Malaysia Airlines B737-8H6 (W) 9M-MXH msn 40135 arrived 23.22hrs ex: Kota Kinabalu (WBKK) as flight 'MH121' and departed at 00.48hrs 24/12 returning as flight 'MH120'. Hexcode: 750208 This was the same aircraft operating as per last weeks re-introduction of the once weekly service to Perth.

Dec 22, 2012

Skywest (WA) flight simulator finds its new home.

Photos: Greg Meecham
Head of Flight Operations
Skywest Airlines (WA)
copyright 2012
Skywest Airlines Head of Flight Operations, Mr Greg Meecham has successfully found a new home for its ageing Hawker Pilot Trainer. Donating it to The Royal Australian Air Force Association Bullcreek's Aviation Heritage Museum.
Mr Meecham publically expressed earlier this month expressions of interests by parties interested in precuring the simulator, via aviation forums, and social media.
We here at AEGWA are pleased to see the training simulator going to place where it will continue to provide interest to the many visitors to the museum into the future.

Dec 21, 2012

B77W UAE3426/3427 'Extra Capacity' Flight

Emirates B777-31H (ER) A6-EBT msn 32730 operated an extra service to Perth today, flight 'EK3426' arrived 18.17hrs, landing Rwy21 and departed at 20.47hrs returning to Dubai. Hexcode: 8960DB

Rosenbauer Panther Mk.8 Airport Rescue & Fire

Pic: Claire Vouyant
(copyright 2012)
Air Services Australia Rosenbauer Panther Mk.8 Airport Rescue & Fire Tender seen here today parked outside Perth Airport's Fire Station.

This vehicle was being inspected today by the Department of Transport seeking information pertaining to its imminent licencing enabling it to driven on West Australian public roads.

In the photo above you can see weighing scales placed under the vehicles tyres to get a nett weight on the tender.

A lot of these tenders throughout Australia are used on Airports only, and not licenced to be driven on public roads. This particular vehicle when licenced will be able to travel to other airports within the state when & if required.

Pic: Claire Vouyant
(copyright 2012)

Former Ansett Australia Bae-146:200 VH-JJT msn E-2098 (1988) seen here parked just behind the Perth Airport Fire Station.

The 'return' of the Jumbo! QF581/582' today!

Qantas Airways B747-438 VH-OJD msn 24481 departed Sydney at 10.34hrs (AEST) today for Perth, operating the airline's 'QF581/582' services from the Harbour City to the West and return, arrived at 11.50hrs landing RWY21 & departed at 14.06hrs. Hexcode: 7C4827

Dec 20, 2012

Helitak 681 re-positions to Busselton for Summer fire fighting duties

Photos: Peter Watson
copyright 2012

Vancouver Island Helicopters Sikorsky S-61N C-FQNG msn 61032 coded '681' departed Perth Airport (YPPH) at 09.06hrs today to its new operating base located at Busselton Regional Airport (YBLN) arriving at 10.04hrs, after a flight time of .58mins. 

Updated: 24th December 2012

Dec 17, 2012

SAA A340-642 ZS-SNG 'Red Dragon' SA280/281

Photos: Mark Lynam
copyright 2012
South African Airways A340-642 ZS-SNG msn 557 (seen here above) arriving into Perth at 12.35hrs on final approach to RWY21, on completion of flight SA280 from Johannesburg (FAJS) South Africa.
This aircraft wears a Red Chinese Dragon on both sides of the forward fuselage with Bejing 2012, to signify the airlines commencement  of non-stop services between South Africa and China, which commenced earlier this year.
Photos: Duncan Watkinson
copyright 2012
This is only the aircraft's second visit to Perth this year, the last prior visit was back on 6th June 2012, when on that occasion if was photographed by Duncan Watkinson (as seen above). Hexcode: 00B0F1

Dec 16, 2012

B737-8H6 (W) 9M-MXH MH121/120 (1st visit)

Malaysia Airlines B737-8H6 (W) 9M-MXH msn 40135 operated today's 'MH121/120' flights from / to Kota Kinabalu to Perth and return.
Today's flights arrived at 23.15hrs landing RWY21 and departed at 00.54hrs 17/12. Hexcode: 750208 (1st visit to Perth) 12x Malaysia  B738s have visited thus far, 15 to go!

Swiss Falcon 7X HB-JOB IN & OUT (1st visit)

CAT Aviation AG Dassault Falcon 7X HB-JOB msn 80 arrived 12.49hrs ex: Lanseria Airport (FALA) South Africa, as flight 'CAZ901' landing RWY21. After a refuel tech stop departed at 14.15hrs to Sydney 'Kingsford Smith' Airport (YSSY) noted arriving ino the harbour city at 20.21hrs (AEST) as same. Hexcode: 4B1931 (1st visit to Perth)

Dec 15, 2012

Network Aviation F-100 VH-NQE departs to Singapore for repairs after heavy landing in outback WA

Network Aviation Fokker 100 VH-NQE msn 11457 which departed Perth Airport back on 19th October, departed off RWY 21 to Nifty Aerodrome (YCNF) operating a Fly In / Fly Out service, was involved in a heavy landing incident at the aerodrome upon arriving. With suspected damage to the aircraft after inspection the aircraft remained there until today.

Saturday 15th December 2012: VH-NQE departed Nifty Aerdrome (YCNF) at 10.45hrs (WST) for a short 0.38min flight to Port Hedland (YPPD) opertating as flight 'SXI-1287'.

After re-fueling, customs and immigration checks etc.. the aircraft departed at 12.50hrs to Singapore Seletar Airport (WSSL) as flight 'SXI-1287' again, with a flight time of 4hrs.11mins the aircraft arrived at 17.01hrs (LT). Hexcode: 7C4414

New IATA code for Virgin Australia from 13 JAN

Virgin Australia formerly known as Virgin Blue will after 12 years of flying under the IATA flight code  used by the airline as 'DJ' will change on 13th January 2013, to become ‘VA’ – “Now your Flying”.

Earlier this year from 29th October, the airline also consolidated its networks of operation by using one common aircraft callsign  'Velocity' in favour of the numerous other callsigns used: Virgin, Bluebird, Bluey, Vee Oz.

The airline's ICAO code 'VOZ' remains unchanged

Dec 14, 2012

Emirates Extra capacity flight to Middle East

Emirates B777-31N (ER) A6-EBZ msn 33713 arrived 18.36hrs landing RWY21 ex: Dubai (OMDB) as flight 'UAE3426' and departed at 20.45hrs returning to Dubai as flight 'UAE3427' with a flight time of 10hrs.13mins to be expected.  Hexcode: 8960E1

B747-412F (SCD) 9V-SFD 'Mega Ark'

Singapore Airlines Cargo B747-412F (SCD) 9V-SFD msn 26553 arrived 11.00hrs ex: Singapore Changi Airport (WSSS) as flight 'SQC7220' and departed to Sydney at 13.57hrs as same. Hexcode: 76CCC4