Sep 14, 2012

RJ-100 VH-NJH arrives ex: Adelaide (SA)

Cobham RJ-100 VH-NJH msn E-3301 test flew Adelaide - Adelaide yesterday 13th September, departing at 13.15hrs (CST) and returned at 15.16hrs (CST) prior to departing on its flight to Perth today.

Today's arrival into Perth landed at 14.22hrs and was noted to wearing its former National Jet blue coloured tail, with all others VH-NJI, NJQ, NJY being painted white.

VH-NJH will be operating flights into and out of Perth temporarily for at least a few weeks at most , at which time the aircraft will then re-position its self back to Adelaide.

New aircraft to Perth and 1st visit    Hexcode: 7C431B for the SBS chasers!

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