Sep 8, 2012

New Qatar B77W A7-BAA (1st visit to WA)

Photo: Mark Lynam
copyrighted images 2012

Qatar Airways B777-3DZ (ER) A7-BAA msn 36009 operated todays 'QR900/901' from Doha to Perth and return, departing earlier today at 01.56hrs (LT) the aircraft touched down in Perth at 17.25hrs (WST) after a flight time of 10hrs.27minutes with 185 inbound pax.

The outbound return flight 'QR901' was delayed departing Perth back to Doha due to a hydraulic line bracket bracking upon landing landing into Perth on RWY21. This flight carrying out 279 pax back to Qatar, slowly the numbers for this airline continue to grow.

The aircraft was tugged onto ITB bay 60 with bags loaded as engineers attempted to fix the problem. The aircraft was re-scheduled to depart for a 02.30hrs 9/10 (Sunday morning departure) and finally departed to Doha at 03.34hrs 9/09 back to Doha, with a flight time of approx 7hrs.55mins. Hexcode: 06A052 (1st visit to Perth)

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