Dec 31, 2011

A330-343E 9M-XXF XAX233/233

Air Asia X A330-343X 9M-XXF msn 1126 operated today's 'XAX232/233' services from Kuala Lumpur to Perth & return, arriving at 15.22hrs landing RWY21 & departed at 17.31hrs as seen here on pushback from Perth International Terminal ITB.

This aircraft has visited 3x times previously on the 1st, 18th, 25th & now the 31st this month wearing the new advertsing "Now Everyone Can Fly to Malaysia" & also featuring on the aircraft's tail the twin 'Petronas Towers'.

Earlier Photographs of this aircraft in Perth were posted on this blog on 25th December.

Updated new photos of today's visit will be posted soon. Hexcode: 7501F9

End of year SIA B772 suprise! SQ223/226

Singapore Airlines B777-212 (ER) 9V-SVH msn 28532 operated this afternoon's 'SQ223/226' services from & to Singapore, arrived 14.20hrs & departed at 16.05hrs returning to Singapore. Hexcode: 76CEC8

A330-343E 9V-STP SQ229/230 today

Singapore Airlines A330-343E 9V-STP msn 1146 operated the last 'SQ229/230' services for 2011 today, arriving at 13.00hrs & landing on RWY21 & departed at 17.40hrs returning to Singapore. Hexcode: 76CE90

Today's QF581/582 B763 VH-OGM

Qantas downgraded today's 'QF581/582' services from Sydney to Perth from B744 to a B763-338 (ER) VH-OGM msn 25575 which departed Sydney at 10.32hrs (EST) off RWY 16R for the journey to Perth, the B763 arrived at 11.54hrs landing on crossing East/West RWY24 & departed off RWY21 at 13.47hrs for the return flight back to Sydney. Hexcode: 7C47C4

A different SIA T7 SQ225/224 today!

Singapore Airlines B777-212 (ER) 9V-SRO msn 32321 landed early at 05.49hrs ex: Singapore today having just completed operating flight 'SQ225' from Singapore landing RWY21 & departed early at 07.36hrs returning to Singapore as flight 'SQ224'. First time this aircraft has re-visited Perth since the recommencement of B777 flights over this holiday period. Hexcode: 76CE4F

Today's Quote of the Day

Everyone is trying to accomplish something big, not realizing that life is made up of little things.

Dec 30, 2011

B747-47UF (SCD) N418MC 'QFA7550'

Qantas Cargo, Atlas Air operated B747-47UF (SCD) N418MC msn 32840 arrived 22.00hrs ex:Sydney as flight Qantas 'QFA7550' landing on RWY03 to ITB 50. Hexcode: A4F2EE to be further updated!

This flight arrived into Sydney at 17.52hrs (EST) & departed at 20.54hrs (EST) for Perth.

SIA B772 9V-SQM SQ223/226 today

Singapore Airlines B777-212 (ER) 9V-SQM msn 33372 operated this afternoon's Singapore to Perth & return services, arrived at 14.11hrs landing RWY 21 & departed at 16.04hrs. Hexcode: 76CE2D

SAAB 340 ZK-VAB Departs as 'VIN341'

Vincent Aviation SAAB340 ZK-VAB msn 340B-357 departed Perth at 06.08hrs returning to Newman (YNWN) as flight 'VIN341' using the callsign 'Vincent 341'. Hexcode: C81E29

A330-343E B-6098 Back again today!

China Southern Airlines ends the year with A330-343E B-6098 msn 908 operating the airlines last service into & out of Perth for 2011. Flight 'CSN319' arrived 06.21hrs ex: Guangzhou & Beijing landing on RWY 21. The outbound return service 'CSN320' departed at 10.23hrs. Hexcode: 780451

SIA T7 9V-SRQ ops today's SQ225/224

Singapore Airlines B777-212 (ER) 9V-SRQ msn 33371 operated this mornings Singapore to Perth v.v SQ225/224 services, arrived 05.55hrs & departed at 07.52hrs Hexcode: 76CE51

Dec 29, 2011

B777-212 9V-SQK SQ223/226

Singapore Airlines B777-212 (ER) 9V-SQK msn 33368 arrived 14.22hrs ex: Singapore as flight 'SQ223' landing RWY21 & departed 16.09hrs returning to Singapore as flight 'SQ226'. Hexcode: 76CE2B

B737-8FE (W) VH-VUG VOZ2903 to YPXM

Virgin Australia B737-8FE (W) VH-VUG msn 34438 departed at 13.24hrs for Christmas Island (YPXM) as flight 'VOZ2903'. This aircraft returned to Perth on Friday 30th December arriving as flight 'VOZ1837' ex: Port Hedland landing at 06.21hrs. Hexcode: 7C6D26

Schedule update = Thai Airways Perth flights

Thai Airways have re-scheduled their services into Perth from Bangkok & Phuket effective from 1st February to 24th March 2012 to operate as follows:

Effective: 01FEB - 24MAR 'TG481/482' will operate 3 times weekly (1 service dropped) with departures from PER to BKK operating on Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday

Effective: 01JAN - 15FEB 'TG485/486' is to resume as a Bangkok - Phuket - Perth v.v service instead of operating Phuket to Perth v.v

Effective: 16FEB - 24MAR 'TG485/486' Bangkok via Phuket to Perth & return will be temporarily suspended, as a result a new flight will be introduced as follows.

TG483 (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) Dep:23.55hrs Bangkok & Arrive: 07.50 next day.
TG484 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) Dep: 09.10hrs Perth & Arrive 15.05hrs into Bangkok.

GLF5:SP (G-550) N818HK (1st visit to Perth)

TAG Aviation (Asia) Gulfstram G-V:SP (G-550) N818HK msn 5109 ex: VP-BIP arrived into Perth at 22.11hrs today. (1st visit to Perth) Hexcode: AB27CD

B777-212 (ER) 9V-SQB SQ225/224 today

For the first time this holiday season, Singapore Airlines B777-212 (ER) 9V-SQB msn 28508 arrived into Perth from Singapore as flight 'SQ225' landing RWY03 at 06.01hrs & departed at 07.45hrs returning to Singapore as flight 'SQ224'. Hexcode: 76CE22

Dec 28, 2011

Debut visit to Perth of 'Salmon Beach'

Virgin Australia's new B737-8FE (W) VH-YVD msn 40998 'Salmon Beach' named after a South West Australian coastal beach near Windy Harbour. Arrived into Perth this afternoon landing RWY03 after completing flight 'VOZ464' from Brisbane & departed at 15.08hrs to Sydney (YSSY) as flight 'VOZ564'. (New aircraft & 1st visit to Perth) Hexcode: 7C7C77

SIA T7 9V-SQN SQ223/226 today

Singapore A/Lines B777-212 (ER) 9V-SQN msn 33373 operated this afternoon's Singapore to Perth & return services 'SQ223/226', arrived at 14.21hrs landing RWY 03 & departed at 16.15hrs returning to Singapore. These sensational images taken in 38 degrees today heat by Mark Lynam, well done ! Hexcode: 76CE2E

Oh were from Tiger land....TGW184/185

Tiger Airways A320-232 VH-VNC msn 3275 seen here arriving into Perth today at 14.53hrs ex: Melbourne as flight 'TGW184' just seconds fromtouchdown onto RWY03, the aircraft departed at 16.30hrs for the return flight back to Melbourne as 'TGW185'. Hexcode: 7C6C26

B767-319 (W) ZK-NCK 'NZ175/165' today

Air New Zealand B767-319 (ER) ZK-NCK msn 26971 seen here above just seconds from touchdown onto Perth Airport's RWY03 arriving at 16.03hrs ex: Auckland, New Zealand as flight 'NZ175'. The B763 departed Perth returning to Auckland as flight 'NZ176' at 18.16hrs. Hexcode: C81238

B737-81D (W) PK-GFQ 'GA726/729'

Garuda Indonesia B737-81D PK-GFQ msn 39416 seen here just seconds fom touchdown after completing flight 'GA726' from Denpasar Bali at 15.57hrs, the outbound flight 'GA729' departed at 17.19hrs for the return back to Bali. Hexcode: 8A028E

A330-203 VH-EBO 'QF777/778' today!

Qantas Airways A330-203 VH-EBO msn 1169 seen here just prior to touchdown' on Perth Airport's RWY03 at 15.54hrs after operating Qantas flight 'QF777' from Melbourne. The aircraft departed at 17.20hrs returning to Melbourne as flight 'QF776'. Hexcode: 7C1472

A330-343X HS-TES TG481/482 today

Thai Airways A330-343X HS-TES msn 1074 'seen here above' arriving ex: Bangkok, Thailand as flight 'TG481' landing RWY03 at 15.26hrs. The aircraft departed at 17.16hrs for the return flight back to Bangkok as flight 'TG482'. Hexcode: 8805B3

A330-301 9M-XAA 'XAX236/237' today!

Air Asia X A330-301 9M-XAA msn 54 seen here arriving ex: Kuala Lumpur (WMKK) as flight 'XAX236' landing RWY03 at 15.17hrs. Photo taken from Perth Airport Spectator Viewing Area. Hexcode: 750007

B767-338 VH-OGG 'QF777'

Qantas Airways B767-338 (ER) VH-OGG msn 24929 seen here above arriving ex: Melbourne as flight 'QF777' at 13.37hrs. Hexcode: 7C47BE

SAA A340-313X ZS-SXG SA280 Today!

South African Airways A340-313X ZS-SXG msn 378 'seen here above' arriving at 13.25hrs today ex: Johannesburg, South Africa (FAJS) as flight 'SA280' landing RWY03, These sensational images taken by Mark Lynam from Perth Airport's new Spectator Viewing Area in 38 degree heat, if you dont mind!thanks for your extreme efforts today Mark & enjoy.... Hexcode: 00B1F5

B737-86N PK-GFN GA724/725 'Retro c/s'

Garuda Indonesia B737-86N (W) PK-GFN msn 38033 'seen here above' seconds before touchdown landing on RWY03 at Perth, arriving ex: Denpasar Bali (WADD) as flight 'GA724' at 14.09hrs, after a quick turn around the aircraft departed at 15.22hrs returning to Bali as flight 'GA725'. Hexcode: 8A026F

B747-438 VH-OJD returns to 'QF581/582' today

Qantas B747-438 VH-OJD msn 24481 returns today operating the 'QF581/582' services from Sydney to Perth & return, the aircraft departed earlier today off RWY16R at 10.25hrs (EST) bound for Perth, arrived at 11.30hrs (WST) & departed at 13.48hrs returning to Sydney. Hexcode: 7C4827

A340-313X B-HXG CX137/136 today.

Once a week Cathay Pacific Airways operates on its Hong Kong to Perth services an Airbus A340, today's 'CX137/136' services, was operated by A340-313X B-HXG msn 208 which arrived at 06.25hrs landing RWY03, the outbound flight back to Hong Kong departed at 08.10hrs. Hexcode: 780174

A330-343E B-6098 Guangzhou services today

China Southern Airlines A330-343E B-6098 msn 908 operated today's 'CSN319/320' services from & to China, arrived at 06.04hrs landing RWY03 just after Singapore Airlines, & departed at 10.06hrs for the return flight back to Beijing via Guangzhou. Hexcode: 780451

SQ225/224 T7 9V-SQK today's morning flight

Singapore Airlines B777-212 (ER) 9V-SQK msn 33368 worked this morning's 'SQ225/224' from & to Singapore, the aircraft touching down for a '03' arrival at 05.54hrs, with China Southern's A330-343E B-6098 right behind! & departed at 07.46hrs returning to Singapore. Hexcode: 76CE2B

Dec 27, 2011

A340-313X CS-TQM 'ASY070'

Hifly A340-313X CS-TQM msn 117 arrived into Perth at 22.41hrs today ex: Sydney (YSSY) as flight 'ASY070' & departed at 01.17hrs 28/12 to Minhad AFB (OMDM/NHD) UAE, operating an Australian Defence Forces (ADF) charter flight.Hexcode: 49522D

SIA 772 9V-SQL SQ223/226

Singapore Airlines B777-212 (ER) 9V-SQL msn 33370 operated today's 'SQ223/226' services from / to Singapore, arrived 14.25hrs & departed at 16.13hrs returning to Singapore. Hexcode: 76CE2C

A330-343E 9V-STS SQ229/230

Singapore Airlines A330-343E 9V-STS msn 1157 operated today's 'SQ229/230' supplementry service from / to Singapore arrived 13.05hrs landing RWY03. Hexcode: 76CE93 to be further updated.

A330-232 VH-XFB VOZ9063/560

Virgin Australia A330-232 VH-XFB msn 948 departed Sydney (YSSY) at 12.21hrs (EST) for Perth as flight 'VOZ9063' & landed RWY 03 at 13.32hrs & departed at 14.51hrs returning to Sydney as flight 'VOZ560'. Hexcode: 7C7525

B747-438 VH-OJJ QF581/582 Again!

Qantas B747-438 VH-OJJ msn 24974 is operated today's 'QF581/582' domestic services from / to Sydney, the aircraft departed off Sydney's RWY 16R at 10.31hrs (EST) and arrived into Perth at 11.41hrs (WST) landing RWY03 (see photos above) & departed at 13.47hrs returning to Sydney.

These brilliant landing sequence photos of VH-OJJ landing into Perth today were taken from Perth Airport's new viewing area. Photos: Mark Lynam

SQ225/224 T7 9V-SRQ today

This morning's Singapore Airlines flights 'SQ225/224' operating from Singapore to Perth & return was operated by B777-212 (ER) 9V-SRQ msn 33371,arrived at 05.55hrs & departed at 07.59hrs. Hexcode: 76CE51

Dec 26, 2011

SIA's SQ223/226,229/230,223/226 services

Singapore Airlines B777-212 (ER) 9V-SQL msn 33370 operated today's 'SQ223/226' services from / to Singapore, arrived at 06.03hrs & departed at 07.49hrs for the return. Hexcode: 76CE2E

Singapore Airlines A330-343E 9V-STA msn 978 operated today's 'SQ229/230' services from / to Singapore, arrived at 13.07hrs & departed at 17.34hrs. Hexcode: 76CE81

Singapore Airlines B777-212 (ER) 9V-SQN c/n 33373 operated today's 'SQ223/226' services from / to Singapore, arrived at 14.16hrs & departed at 16.09hrs. Hexcode: 76CE2E

B77W A6-EBK 'EK424/425'

Emirates B777-31H (ER) A6-EBK msn 34481 arrived 01.11hrs ex: Dubai as flight 'EK424' with '33' passengers on board (plenty of room on that flight!) & departed at 06.12hrs returning to Dubai this morning as flight 'EK425' with '265' passengers on board. Hexcode: 8960D2

B747-438 VH-OJJ QF581/582

Qantas B747-438 VH-OJJ msn 24974 departed Sydney (YSSY) at 10.45hrs (EST) operating today's QF581/582 services from Sydney to Perth & return. VH-OJJ arrived into Perth at 11.50hrs (WST) landing RWY 21& departed at 13.56hrs returning to Sydney. Hexcode: 7C482D