Mar 30, 2013

Virgin Australia ATR-72:600 VH-FVY departs

Virgin Australia (Skywest Airlines) ATR-72:600 VH-FVY msn 1073 named 'Marcoola Beach' departed Perth Airport for Brisbane via Kalgoorlie at 09.47hrs (WST) today as flight 'VOZ933A'. Hexcode: 7C1C5C

Thai Airways A330-343E HS-TBD TG483 today!

Photo: Mark Lynam
copyright 2013

Thai Airways A330-343E HS-TBD msn 1338 "seen here above" on short finals for RWY03 landing at 07.41hrs today arriving ex: Bangkok as flight 'TG483', and departed at 09.17hrs returning to Bangkok as flight 'TG484'. Hexcode: 885044

New EK B77W A6-ENG (1st visit to Perth)

Emirates B777-31H (ER) A6-ENG msn 35604 operated today's 'EK420/421' services from / to Dubai. This aircraft first flew on 25th January 2013, and delivered to Emirates on 19th February 2013. Today's flight/s into and out of Perth, WA will be the aircraft's first visits. Hexcode: 896309  To be further updated with Arr / Dep times.

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Mar 27, 2013

Fokker 70 VH-QQR 'Unity 385' (1st visit to PER)


Photo: Mark Lynam
copyright 2013

Alliance Airlines Fokker 70 VH-QQR msn 11564 seen here above landing into Perth on RWY03 returning from a flight ex: Kalgoorlie on 28/03.

Alliance Airlines rotated the Fokker 70 on Wednesday 27th March,  with VH-QQR arriving 20.02hrs (WST) ex: "The Granites" minesite in the Northern Territory and via Alice Springs, operating as flight 'Unity 385'. Hexcode: 7C5351

Fokker 70 VH-QQY departed Perth at 08.52hrs 27/03 to "The Granites" minesite (NT) and onto Darwin as flight 'Unity 382'.

Qantas loves Ellen logojet (1st visit)

Qantas Airways B737-838 (W) VH-VZU msn 34178 arrived into Perth ex: Adelaide as flight 'QF587' and departed at 16.09hrs to Canberra as flight 'QF718'. This aircraft noted wearing a 'Qantas loves Ellen' decals on the under forward fuselage. This the aircraft's 1st visit to Perth with the decals applied today. Hexcode: 7C6DE8

Mar 26, 2013

B777-312 (ER) 9V-SWT (1st visit to Perth)

Singapore Airlines B777-312 (ER) 9V-SWT msn 34585 operated today's 'SQ225/224' services from / to Singapore Changi Airport, arrived 06.24hrs landing RWY21 and departed at 08.18hrs returning to Singapore. Hexcode: 76CEF4 (1st visit to Perth)

Mar 24, 2013

B747-4H6F (SCD) 9M-MPS 'MH6208'

Seen here landing RWY21 Perth ex: Sydney

Departing off RWY21 to WMKK
Photos: Mark Lynam copyright images
MasKargo B747-4H6 (F) SCD 9M-MPS msn 29902 arrived 10.47hrs (WST) ex: Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport (YSSY) as flight 'MH6208' and departed at 13.28hrs (WST) to Kuala Lumpur (WMKK) as same. Hexcode: 750080.

Mar 22, 2013

CL-600-2B16 (CL-605) N15VC (1st visit)

Bank of Utah CL-600-2B16 (CL-605) N15VC msn 5816 arrived 16.10hrs ex: Sydney landing RWY21, and departed at 00.00hrs on Midnight Sunday 24th March, to Chep Lap Kok Airport (VHHH) Hong Kong. Hexcode: A0C9B4 (1st visit to Perth)

B737-3Y0 VH-INU HBA-PER-DRW 'RON905/920'

Our Airline B737-3YO VH-INU msn 23684 arrived 14.22hrs ex: Hobart (YMHB) as flight 'RON905' and departed at 16.09hrs to Darwin (YPDN) as flight 'RON920' Hexcode: 7C2A68

Conoco Philips G-550 In & Out

Conoco Philips Gulfstream G-550 N661CP msn 5104 arrived 06.07hrs ex: Beijing Airport (ZBAA/PEK) China landing RWY21 Perth, and departed at 22.03hrs 23/03hrs to Lanseria Airport (FALA/HLA) South Africa. Hexcode: A8B830

Mar 21, 2013

B777-312 (ER) 9V-SWA SQ225/225

Singapore Airlines B777-312 (ER) 9V-SWA msn 34568 operated today's 'SQ225/224' services from / to Singapore, arrived 06.12hrs and departed at 07.50hrs returning to Changi Airport. Not one of the more regular visitors to the West. Hexcode: 76CEE1

Mar 19, 2013

L-35 D-CCCA (1st visit)

Jet Executive Gates Learjet 35 D-AAAC msn 35-160 arrived 02.28hrs landing RWY 21 ex: Halim Airport (WIHH/HLP) Jakarta Indonesia as flight 'JWI-262' operating an an air ambulance service to Perth and departed at 18.06hrs returning as same. Hexcode: 3CC57C (1st visit to Perth)

Mar 16, 2013

Skywest's 2nd A320 now "VH" registered

Perth's regional airline Skywest Airlines second Airbus A320-232 aircraft has now had its registration assigned to become VH-YUD msn 1922, the aircraft a former ex: British Airways aircraft G-MEDH.

A330-343E 9V-STT SQ213/226 (1st visit)

Singapore Airlines A330-343E 9V-STT msn 1382 arrived 12.56hrs landing RWY03 as flight SQ213 and departed at 15.38hrs returning to Singapore as flight SQ226. Hexcode: 76CE94 (1st visit to Perth)

Note: Photo on our Facebook Page

Mar 14, 2013

New Chevron G-550 Perth visitor today!

Chevron (USA) Gulfstream G-550 N5092 msn 5386 arrived 21.30hrs tonight and departed at 14.05hrs 16/03 to Honolulu Intl Airport (PHNL) Hawaii USA. Hexcode: A65DFD (1st visit)

A320-232 9V-TRH TGW2716/2717 (1st visit)

Tiger Airways A320-232 9V-TRH msn 5496 operated tonight's TGW2716/2717 services from / to Singapore, arrived 21.13hrs and departed at 22.17hrs. Hexcode: 76D248 (1st visit to Perth) Delivered on 22nd February 2013.

B777-3DZ (ER) A7-BAS (1st visit to Perth)

Qatar Airways B777-3DZ (ER) A7-BAS msn 41062 operated today's QR900/901 services from / to Qatar, arrived at 17.19hrs and departed at 22.45hrs. Hexcode: 06A0DC (1st visit to Perth)

CL-604 N604AU In & Out

Anza Aviation CL-604 N604AU msn 5434 arrived 07.09hrs ex: Melbourne's Essendon Airport, and departed at 10.58hrs 15/03 to Wangarratta (YWGT) Victoria.

Mar 13, 2013

Skywest A320s now flying into Kalgoorlie

Skywest Airlines has commenced Airbus A320 services between Perth and Kalgoorlie, the inaugural flight departing Perth today at 16.23hrs operating as flight 'XR083' and returning at 19.08hrs as flight 'XR084'.

Offered on selected peak flights, (not daily) the A320s introduction provides 60% plus seating capacity increase, providing "significant benefits to business class and leisure travellers alike.

Skywest Airlines CEO Mr Jason Bitter said today that " We are proud to be able o continue our commitment to the Kalgoorlie - Boulder regions with the addition of larger aircraft to service this route"

B747-47UF (SCD) N497MC QF2152

Atlas Air B747-47UF (SCD) N497MC msn 29258 operating as Qantas Cargo flight 'GTI2152' using the callsign of 'Qantas 2152' arrived into Perth landing RWY03 ex: Chatrapati Shivaji Intl Airport (VABB) India at 09.44hrs after a flight time of 8hrs.34mins, carrying mining equipment.

Departed at 14.59hrs to Chep Lap Kok Airport (VHHH) Hong Kong as flight 'GTI2153' using the callsign again 'Qantas 2153'.

The aircraft's routing was: KORD - EDFH - VABB - YPPH - VHHH

Skywest F-50 VH-FNA 'Hybrid c/s' (1st pics)

Skywest F-50 VH-FNA
Full Side Angle
Photos: Mark Lynam
copyright 2013

Skywest Airlines Fokker 50 VH-FNA msn 20106 departed Perth for Townsville via Alice Springs on Monday 25th February for re-painting. Departing at 06.31hrs and arrived into Townsville at 16.26hrs (EST) same day.

The aircraft returned from Townsville to Perth via Alice Springs on Monday 11th March landing RWY21 at 13.05hrs (WST) to the Skywest Maintaince hangar, where she remained until Wednesday 13th March when she operated her first flight to Onslow as flight XR255 in her new hybrid c/s.

She is beautifully captured in the images above seen arriving back into Perth.

Mar 12, 2013

XXLD PER flights NYEPI Day Indonesia Holiday

NYEPI Day - Is a Hindu holiday and is also represented as a 'Day of Silence' which is commemorated every year, observed from 6am to 6am the following day. Some of the self imposed beliefs are that on this day there shall be no: Fire or light (incl electricity), no working (I like that one), no travelling, self entertainment, partying, and fasting.

As a concequence of some of "the above" two Indonesia airlines serving Perth from Bali and Jakarta, Indonesia  Air Asia and Garuda Indonesia both cancelled flights into and out of Bali for today. Those effected flights were:

12/03: AWQ8410/8411 ; AWQ8512/ 8413 ; AWQ8416/ 8417  13/03: AWQ8410/ 8411

12/03: GIA728/ 727 ; GA724/725  13/03: GIA 728/ 727

Mar 11, 2013

F-100 VH-NHI arrives for Network (1st visit)


Network Aviation Fokker 100 VH-NHI msn 11479 arrived 13.17hrs ex: Halim Airport (WIHH) Jakarta Indonesia as flight 'SXI-1315' on the last leg of her delivery flight from Woensdrecht Airport, Netherlands. Hexcode: 7C42D4 (New aircraft / 1st visit to Perth)

Mar 10, 2013

A330-343E HS-TBA (1st visit)

Thai Airways International A330-343E HS-TBA msn 1263 named 'Amnat Charoen' operated today's TG481/482 services from / to Bangkok, arrived 16.05hrs and departed at 17.40hrs. Hexcode: 885041 (1st visit to Perth / Australia)

Mar 7, 2013

ADF Charter flight A340-313X 'ASY010'

Hifly A340-313X CS-TQM msn 117 arrived 05.07hrs ex: Al Minhad AFB, (OMDM) United Arab Emirates as flight 'ASY010' landing RWY03, and departed at 07.02hrs to Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport (YSSY) as same.

Mar 6, 2013

New A330-343E B-LAZ (1st visit to Perth)

Cathay Pacific Airways A330-343E B-LAZ msn 1387 operated tonight's 'CX171/170' services from / to Hong Kong, arrived 23.00hrs and departed at 00.37hrs 7/03 returning to Hong Kong. Hexcode: 780A4B (1st visit to Perth)

Thai's A330-343E HS-TBE (1st visit to Perth)

Photo: Mark Lynam
copyright image 2013
Thai Airways A330-343E HS-TBE msn 1348 operated today's 'TG481/482' services from Bangkok to Perth arrived at 15.29hrs and departed at 17.03hrs. Hexcode: 885045 (1st visit to Perth)

New JQ A320 operates into PER today!

New A320-232 VH-VFL msn 5489 operated today's 'JST984/985' services from Sydney to Perth and return, arrived at 08.47hrs and was delayed returning back to Sydney finally departing at 15.46hrs. Hexcode: 7C6B0F (1st visit to Perth)

Mar 5, 2013

Marcoola Beach arrives on delivery ex: France

Virgin Australia (Skywest Airlines) ATR-72-212A :600 VH-FVY msn 1073 named 'Marcoola Beach' ex: F- WWEP departed Toulouse (France) on Sunday 3rd March 2013, for a 3 day delivery flight to Western Australia flying via: HBE-AAN-NAG-PEN-HLP , ferried by Southern Cross Intl, and flying under the flight number / callsign of SX1-1131".

The aircraft arrived into Perth landing landing RWY21 at 19.03hrs ex: Halim Airport (WIHH) Jakarta, Indonesia where she will remain until required in Brisbane.

 Hexcode: 7C1C5C

A330-343E HS-TBD (1st visit)

Thai Airways International A330-343E HS-TBD c/n 1338 operated today's 'TG481/482' services from Bangkok to Perth and return, arrived 15.35hrs and departed at 17.14hrs. Hexcode: 885044 (1st visit)

Mar 4, 2013


Cottonwood Aviation Inc (USA) Gulstream G-550 N504AC msn 5392 arrived 13.52hrs ex: Sydney (YSSY) landing RWY21, and departed 14.51hrs 7/03 to Kona (PHKO) Hawaii USA. Hexcode: A648CF

Mar 3, 2013

B737-8H6 (W) 9M-MXF (1st visit to Perth)

Malaysia Airlines B737-8H6 (W) 9M-MXF msn 40133 operated today's MH121/120 services from / to Kota Kinabalu (WMKK) Malaysia. (1st visit to Perth) Hexcode: 750206

B737-838 VH-VXG "Bring it on" 2013 Lions Tour

Photos: 1-4 Mark Lynam
copyright (c) 2013

Qantas Airways B737-838 (W) VH-VXG msn 30901 named 'Port Douglas' seen here above arriving into Perth on conclusion of flights 'QF1074/1073'  to / from Broome on Sunday 3rd March 2013, landing RWY21.

This aircraft arrived into Perth on Saturday 2nd March ex: Adelaide as flight 'QF587', then later in the day operated 'QF916/915' Perth to Karratha and return.

VH-VXG departed Perth at 09.18hrs on 4th March returning to Adelaide as flight 'QF668'.

The "Bring it On" decals were unveiled at Sydney 'Kingsford Smith' Airport on Monday 25th February 2013 in support for the upcoming 2013 Lions tour of Australia.

Another new Thai A333 visits Perth today!

New three class configured Thai Airways A330-343E HS-TBF msn 1374 operated today's afternoon 'TG481/482' services from / to Bangkok Thailand (VTBS) arrived at 15.50hrs landing RWY21 and departed at 1737hrs. Hexcode: 885046 (1st visit to Perth and Australia)


Anglo American Gulfstream G-V ZS-AOL msn 634 arrived 02.01hrs ex: Johannesburg (FAOR) South Africa as flight 'AJZ550' and departed at 02.45hrs to Brisbane (YBBN) Queensland. Hexcode: 008188

Mar 2, 2013

Skybird Aviation USA G-550 N234DB (1st visit )

Skybird Aviation Incorporated, Newport Beach USA Gulfstream G-V:SP (G-550) N234DB msn 5106 arrived 22.42hrs ex: Adelaide (YPAD) South Australia, and departed at 00.05hrs 5/03 to Honolulu (PHNL) Hawaii USA. Hexcode: A217A9 (1st visit to Perth)

Hawker 800XP2 VH-OVE (1st visit to Perth)

Shortstop Jet Charter Hawker 800XP2 VH-OVE msn 258366 arrived 21.55hrs ex: Brisbane (YBBN) and departed at 11.26hrs Sunday 3rd March to Melbourne's Essendon Airport (YMEN) Hexcode: 7C49D8

New China Southern A330 visits Perth

China Southern Airlines A330-343E B-6112 msn 937 is operating tonight's 'CSN319/320' services from Beijing via Guangzhou to Perth and return. Hexcode: 78046D (1st visit to Perth)