Sep 30, 2012

New A320-232 (1st visit today) A320-232 VH-VFI msn 5270 arrived 17.06hrs ex: Adelaide (YPAD) as flight 'JST976' and departed at 18.44hrs to Melbourne Tullamarine (YMML) as flight 'JST961' Hexcode: 7C6B0C (1st visit to Perth today)

ST Aerospace G550 VH-PFL arrives ex: VHHH

ST Aerospace Gufstream G550 VH-PFL msn 5287 arrived 08.33hrs ex: Hong Kong (VHHH) after a flight time of 7hrs.31mins Hexcode: 7C4CAF

Sep 29, 2012

New Emirates B77W debuts in Perth again today!

Emirates B777-31H (ER) A6-EGW msn 35601 operated today's 'EK420/421' services from / to Dubai, arrived 17.05hrs landing RWY21. Hexcode: 896218 first flight 19/07; delivered on 10/08; first visit to Perth today) be further updated!

Tiger Airways A320-232 9V-TRD (SIN-PER-SIN)

Tiger Airways A320-232 9V-TRD msn 4931 operated the airlines last of two supplementry services from Singapore to Perth this month today. Departing from Singapore earlier today at 10.52hrs flight 'TGW2714' landed at 14.52hrs into Perth landing RWY21 under clear blue skies, the outbound return flight 'TGW2715' departed at 16.53hrs, with an expected arrival time into Changi Airport at 22.00hrs (LT). Hexcode: 76D244

Delayed Air Asia X 9M-XXF 'XAX236/237D' today!

Air Asia X A330-343X 9M-XXF msn 1126 (as seen here above) delayed arrival of flight 'XAX236' into Perth Airport on final approach landing  RWY21 at 10.13hrs.

The outbound service 'XAX237D' departed at 11.47hrs off RWY21 for the return journey back to KLIA. Hexcode: 7501F9   

Qatar Airways Flight Summary Sept 2012

Qatar Airways flight summary of visits to Perth for September 2012, this month's visits included two B773 services those being operated by A7-BAN on 1st September, and A7-BAA visiting on 8th September, both of which were first time visitors!

The month's remaining B772 LR 'QR900/901' services were operated by A7-BBB x 3; A7-BBC x1; A7-BBE x 2; A7-BBF x 3; A7-BBH x 1; and lastly A7-BBI x 1.

Sep 28, 2012

Hayes Point B737-8FE (1st visit)

Virgin Australia B737-8FE (W) VH-YIQ msn 38715 named 'Hayes Point' arrived 18.52hrs ex: Ngurah Rai Intl Airport Denpasar Bali (WADD) as flight 'VBH4135' and departed at 20.18hrs returning to Bali. Hexcode: 7C7ABO

Beech King Air 300 VH-FIY (Auscal 3) 1st visit to WA

Air Services Australia (Aero Pearl Pty Ltd) Beech King Air 300 VH-FIY msn: FL-760 arrived 15.53hrs ex: Ceduna (YCDU) as flight 'ADA03 / Auscal 3' and departed at 13.48hrs 1/10 returning as same. Hexcode: 7C1A88 (1st visit to Perth)

VH-FIZ 'Auscal 3' (1st visit to Perth)

Air Services Australia's latest Beech KingAir 350 Flight Inspection Service aircraft VH-FIZ msn FL-779 arrived 15.53hrs ex: Brisbane (YBBN) and Broken Hill (YBHI) 27/09 and via Ceduna (YCDU) into Perth today, arriving as flight 'ADA 03' c/sign: Auscal 3. (1st visit to Perth) Hexcode: 7C1A88

EK420/421 and flight EK3424/3425 today!

Flight #1: Emirates B777-31H (ER) A6-EGT msn 35600 operated today's 'EK420/421' arrived 17.13hrs and departed at 22.42hrs returning to Dubai. Hexcode: 896215                 (1st visit to Perth)

Flight #2: Emirates B777-31H (ER) A6-ECZ msn 38983 opated today's 'EK3424/3425' supplementry flights from / to Dubai, arrived 20.02hrs and departed at 22.35hrs.        Hexcode: 38983

B747-47UF (SCD) N492MC QFA7585

Atlas Air B747-47UF (SCD) N492MC msn 29253 arrived ex: Sydney (YSSY) at 19.56hrs as flight 'QF7585' after a flight time of 4hrs.55mins landing RWY21, and departed at 00.05hrs 28/09 to Bangkok (VTBS) as same. Hexcode: A6189C

Sep 27, 2012

More Singapore Tigers for Perth (Dec-Jan)

Tiger Airways have announced extra flights from Singapore to Perth, to operate from 2nd December to 31st March 2013 inclusive, operated by the airline's Airbus A320 series aircraft under the flight numbers 'TR2714/2715'.

SUN Arr: 14.15hrs   Dep: 14.55hrs
THU Arr: 15.35hrs  Dep: 16.10hrs

    TUE / WED Arr: 16.25hrs  Dep: 17.15hrs

Note: Times as estimates only and are subject to change

With thanks to Luke Chittock Amity Travel World for the details.

Malaysia Airlines Kota Kinabalu flights possible return from Dec to Mar 2013

Malaysia Airlines are reconsidering the recommencement of  flights between Kota Kinabalu to Perth. Flights would operate once weekly  from December 2012 to March 2013 with B737-800 aircraft.

No formal announcement has been made yet. Watch this space! 

Sep 26, 2012

Perth Bizjet 4 Sale $9.95 million +GST

Perth based and operated Bombardier Challenger CL-604 offered up for sale!

Skywest A320-231 VH-FNP returns ex: WSSL

Skywest Airlines Airbus A320-231 VH-FNP msn 0429 arrived 00.41hrs ex: Singapore's Seletar Airport (WSSL) as flight 'OZW9001' landing RWY21. Hexcode: 7C1B33

Sep 25, 2012

Malaysia Airlines delayed departure today

Malaysia Airlines A330-323E 9M-MTA msn 1209 arrived 14.54hrs ex: Kuala Lumpur (WMKK) as flight 'MH125', and departed at 18.25hrs returning to Kuala Lumpur as flight 'MH124'. Hexcode: 750254

Network's F-100 VH-NQE 'Test Flight' today

Qantas Airways subsiduiary Network Aviation's latest Fokker 100 VH-NQE msn 11457 operated a maintaince test flight today, departing at 10.06hrs and returning to Perth at 13.25hrs. Hexcode: 7C4414

Thanks to Barney for the 'Heads Up' and apologies for the late posting!

Sep 24, 2012

New "Brisbane Regional Area Spotters Blog"

Former Perth aircraft enthusiast / photographer Michael Dawson together with Wayne Bass, have started a new "Queensland Regional Area Spotters Blog" a link to this exciting new blog can be found as a link on the right hand side of this blog's page.

Sep 23, 2012

Chevron's Gulfstream G-550 N401HB

Chevron Oil Gulfstream G-V:SP (G-550) N401HB msn 5173 noted arriving into Perth at 21.13hrs (WST) today and departed at 07.53hrs Saturday 28/09 . Hexcode: A4B109

Sep 22, 2012

B777-31HER A6-EGU 'EK420/421' (1st visit)

Emirates B777-31H (ER) A6-EGU msn 41079 operated today's 'EK420/421' services from Dubai to Perth and return. Departing earlier today ex: Dubai at 03.21hrs (LT)  flight 'EK420' arrived into Perth at 17.32hrs (WST) landing RWY21with an elapsed flight time of 10hrs.11mins. Hexcode: 896216 (1st visit to Perth)  Delivered to Emirates on 13.07.12

The outbound flight 'EK421' departed at 22.39hrs (WST) for Dubai, the return flight time :- 10hrs.33mins, with an approx landing time of 05.12hrs (LT)


Extra Tiger A320 SIN-PER-SIN 'TGW2714/2715'

Tiger Airways A320-232 9V-TAY msn 4874 operated an extra service from Singapore to Perth and return today, with another extra flight also scheduled for Sat 29th September.

Today's flight 'TGW2714' departed ex: Singapore Changi Airport (WSSS) earlier today at 11.01hrs (LT) with a flight time of 4hrs.57mins to Perth, arriving at 16.03hrs landing RWY21.

The outbound flight 'TGW2715' departed at 17.05hrs off RWY21 bound for Singapore, with a return flight time of 5hrs.07mins and ETA of 21.11hrs (LT) .

Hexcode: 76D039         

Air Asia X s Kuala Lumpur flight delay details

Air Asia X 9M-XXE msn 1075 operated today's delayed 'D7236D/237' service from Kuala Lumpur (WMKK) to Perth, arrived 10.29hrs landing RWY21 after a flight time of 5hrs.6mins.

The outbound return flight to Kuala Lumpur (WMKK) departed at 12.04hrs as flight 'XAX237D'.  Hexcode: 7501E9

Air Australia Holidays Bae-146 departs to YBLN

Australian Air Holidays chartered Air National Bae-146:200 ZK-ECO msn E-2130 departed at 09.29hrs to Busselton Regional Airport (YBLN) arriving at 10.03hrs. Hexcode: C81C96 (These flights previously operated with Dash-8 aircraft)

Sep 21, 2012

Our Airline B737-3YO VH-INU 'RON921' DRW-PER-PHE-XCH

Arriving into Perth today at 13.26hrs (WST) on a wet, blustery winters like afternoon was Our Airline B737-3YO VH-INU msn 23668 operating flight 'RON921' ex: Darwin (YPDN) landing RWY03, after a 3hrs.44min flight.

The aircraft's next departures were to Port Hedland (YPPD) at 14.42hrs then continuing onto Christmas Island (YPXM) arriving at 1843hrs after a flight time of 2hrs.29mins.         
Hexcode: 7C2A68 

Airwork's B737-476 ZK-JTQ returns to NZ

Photo: Mark Lynam
copyright 2012

Airwork Boeing 737-476 ZK-JTQ msn 24442 departed Perth at 10.12hrs returning to Auckland (NZAA) New Zealand via Brisbane (YBBN) as flight 'QQ7377' upon completion of its operating contract to Fly in / Fly out mining workers from Perth to Karratha and return.

Departed Perth at 10.12hrs (WST) Arrived into Brisbane at 15.53hrs (EST) flight time 3hrs.56.
Departed Brisbane at 17.35hrs (EST) Arrived into Auckland at 22.35hrs (NZT) flight time of 2hrs.57mins.

The aircraft arrived into Perth back on Monday 13th February 2012, arriving ex: Brisbane (YBBN), Adelaide (YPAD) and Kalgoorlie (YPKG) as flight 'AWK001'. Hexcode: C8196A

Its repacement...

Photo: Duncan Watkinson
copyright 2012

Airwork Boeing 737-377 ZK-SLA msn 23653 ex: VH-CZA arrived into Perth (as seen here above) back on Thursday 6th September to take over operating flights on the route from ZK-JTQ. This aircraft has operated 7 return services from Perth to Karratha to date, operating as flight 'AWK737'. (No flight operated on Friday 21.09.12)  Hexcode: C8174E

Sep 20, 2012

EMB-190-100 ECJ N227GV arrives ex: Halim

Bank of Utah Embraer 190-100 (ECJ) N227GV msn 19000159 arrived 23.26hrs ex: Halim Perdanakusuma Intl Airport (WIHH) Jakarta Indonesia, having had departed earlier at 18.55hrs (LT) for the 3hrs.32min flight to Perth, landing RWY21. Hexcode: A1FBAC

B747-438 VH-OJM (JNB-SYD via PER ) QF64

Photo: Mark Lynam
copyrighted image

Qantas Airways B747-438 VH-OJM msn 25245 diverted to Perth today landing at 11.30hrs (WST) en-route from Johannesburg (FAJS) to Sydney (YSSY) operating as flight 'QF64'.

 The diversion to Perth was a last minute decision made by the flight crew after there was an issue with the rear cargo holding area of the aircraft, in relation to heating of the compartment where animals had been placed for transportation. 

Then once on the ground, the aircraft suffered another 'technical issue' which thankfully was sorted as the pilots crew time was also becoming another issue if the aircraft didnt depart soon.

The 747s diversion into Perth was classified as being an "unscheduled technical stop"

Seen here above is the flight tracking of Qantas flight 'QF64' into Perth Airport today.

The B747-400 was re-scheduled to depart to Sydney at 12.55hrs (WST), however this never eventuated, and VH-OJM departed at 13.34hrs (WST) off RWY21 bound for Sydney with a flight time of 3hrs.06mins, arriving at 18.44hrs (EST) landing RWY34L into the Harbour City. 

 Hexcode: 7C4830  Updated: 23.55hrs 20/09 

With thanks to: the many valued contributors we have, who provided information wherever possible to help better understand the reasoning behind today's diversion to Perth.

Bae-146:200 ZK-ECO 'VIN810'

Air National Bae-146:200 ZK-ECO msn: E-2130 arrived ex: Sydney (YSSY) and via Broken Hill (YBHI) and Kalgoorlie (YPKG) as flight 'VIN810' landing at 11.11hrs. Hexcode: C81C96

Sep 19, 2012

B767-338 VH-OGN 'QF589/6133' BNE-PER-MEL

Qantas Airways B767-338 (ER) VH-OGN c/n 25576 arrived 12.12hrs ex: Brisbane (YBBN) as flight 'QF589' and departed at 13.13hrs to Melbourne (YMML) as re-positioning flight 'QF6133'. Hexcode: 7C47C5

Jetstar Asia 'JQ115/114' Delayed Arr / Dep today!

Photo: Mark Lynam
copyright Image

Jetstar A320-232 9V-JSG msn 2457 operated today's delayed Jakarta - Perth 'JQ115/114' and return services. Originally scheduled to arrived at 01.50hrs earlier this morning, this service actually arrived into Perth landing RWY21 at 14.50hrs.

 The outbound return service 'JQ114' back to Jakarta departed at 16.07hrs (as seen above)  Hexcode: 76AA67

A332 replaces B744 'QF581/582' today

Qantas Airways A330-203 VH-EBP msn 1174 operated today's 'QF581/582' Sydney to Perth  domestic services in lieu of the regular B747-438. Hexcode: 7C1473

Sep 17, 2012

IASC Approves QF/SAA Codehare to end 2014

Qantas, South African Airways pact receives draft approval to end of 2014

Photos: Mark Lynam copyright 2012

The International Air Services Commission is proposing to allocate Qantas seven services per week on the South Africa route for the next five years - but will only permit South African Airways to code share on the flights until 31 December 2014.
A draft determination to be issued today will state that the Commission is concerned that the "duopoly environment" on the South Africa route greatly limits the intensity of competition, due to the basis on which each carrier charges the other for its block of seats, the weak competitive constraint imposed by third country carriers, and the knowledge by both Qantas and SAA that if they discount fares too aggressively it might destabilise the arrangement.

"In an environment in which the carriers are able to routinely achieve high load factors, there is little pressure on either carrier to offer fares materially below the monopoly price," the document states.

Over the next two years, the IASC says that without the codeshare each airline is likely to operate their respective routes as a "monopoly provider of a direct service," but in the period beyond 2014 the Commission considers that there is "a greater prospect of two carriers offering parallel direct services".

QF had sought approval for the code share until 31 Mar 2016, but "on the basis of the public and confidential information available to it, the Commission is not satisfied that the code share would be of benefit to the public beyond 2014," the document states.

Air Asia X's overnight flight 'XAX236D/237D' delayed arrival & departure today!

Air Asia X A330-343X 9M-XXC c/n 1048 'Midnight Xcapade' is operating today's delayed Air Asia X flight's 'XAX236/237' from to Kuala Lumpur to Perth and return.

The outbound flight 'XAX236D' from Kuala Lumpur to Perth departed at 05.21hrs (LT) and arrived into Perth at 10.18hrs, after  flight time of 4hrs.58mins landing RWY03.

(see photos below of 9M-XXC arriving into Perth today taken by Mark Lynam)

The returning flight 'XAX237D'  from Perth to Kuala Lumpur departed at 12.23hrs.

 Hexcode: 7501E7

Sep 16, 2012

A320-232 VH-VFH 'JST988/988' (1st visit) A320-232 VH-VFH msn 5211 operated the airlines Sydney to Perth services tonight, its visit visit to Perth since being delivered to the airline on 19th July 2012.

Tonight's flights 'JST988' arrived ex: Sydney landing at 23.21hrs (WST) and departed at 00.26hrs 17/09 as flight 'JST989' for the return flight back to Sydney.

Hexcode: 7C6B0B (1st visit to Perth) 

Falcon 7X VQ-BSO returns to Perth

Shell Aviation Dassault Falcon 7X VQ-BSO msn 64 arrived 15.25hrs landing RWY21 and departed at 08.25hrs 18th September. Hexcode: 424954 A321-231 VH-VWU today

Photos: Mark Lynam
        copyrighted 2012 A321-231 VH-VWU msn 3948 operated today's 'JST986/987' services from Sydney to Perth and return,  landing 'RWY03' at Perth at 10.03hrs, as seen here above and departed at 11.02hrs returning to Sydney. Hexcode: 7C6D7C

Air Mauritius A330-202 3B-NBM 'MK940/941' today

Landing sequence photos by:
Mark Lynam (copyright 2012)

Air Mauritius A330-202 3B-NBM msn 883 operated today's 'MK940/941' services from / to Mauritius, and as "seen here above" landing on Perth Airport's RWY03 at 09.21hrs (WST) after the completion of flight 'MK940'.The outbound return flight 'MK941' departed at 13.11hrs back to Mauritius.  Hexcode: 060025