Dec 21, 2012

Rosenbauer Panther Mk.8 Airport Rescue & Fire

Pic: Claire Vouyant
(copyright 2012)
Air Services Australia Rosenbauer Panther Mk.8 Airport Rescue & Fire Tender seen here today parked outside Perth Airport's Fire Station.

This vehicle was being inspected today by the Department of Transport seeking information pertaining to its imminent licencing enabling it to driven on West Australian public roads.

In the photo above you can see weighing scales placed under the vehicles tyres to get a nett weight on the tender.

A lot of these tenders throughout Australia are used on Airports only, and not licenced to be driven on public roads. This particular vehicle when licenced will be able to travel to other airports within the state when & if required.

Pic: Claire Vouyant
(copyright 2012)

Former Ansett Australia Bae-146:200 VH-JJT msn E-2098 (1988) seen here parked just behind the Perth Airport Fire Station.

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