Dec 28, 2012

International Flights into Perth - Friday 28.12.12

Over this Holiday Season, Perth Airport Spotters Blog will continue to provide a daily report of Intl aircraft movements into / out of  Perth Airport. Mainly for the benefit of those on holidays, interstate, or around the world. Happy Holidays!  These daily reports will end 31st December in digest format!

Air Asia X: XAX236/237 9M-XXE
Emirates: EK424/425 A6-EWD, EK420/421 A6-EBK
Qatar Airways: QR900/901 A7-BAE
Air Asia Indonesia: AWQ8410/11 PK-AXF, AWQ8412/13 PK-AXF, AWQ8416/17 PK-AXG
Singapore Airlines: SQ215/216 9V-SRN, SQ225/224 9V-SQI, SQ213/226 9V-STH, SQ223/214 9V-SRN
Garuda Indonesia: GA728/727 PK-GFS, GA724/725 PK-GFG
South African Airways: SAA280/281 ZS-SXD
China Southern Airlines: CSN319/320 B-6500
Cathay Pacific Airways: CX136/137 B-LAD, CX171/170 B-LAO
Thai Airways: TG483/484 HS-TEO
Malaysia Airlines: MH127/126 9M-MTH, MH125/124 9M-MTI
Air New Zealand: NZ175/176 ZK-OKC
Jetstar 3K111/112 9V-JSK


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  1. This has been helpful. Please continue to post the information daily :)