Dec 26, 2012

International Flights into Perth - Boxing Day

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas yesterday enjoying with family & friends. Meantime airlines & aircraft continue to operate flights into & out of Perth, so here's today's International aircraft movements. Enjoy your Holidays!

Air Asia X: XAX236/237 9M-XXG, XAX232/233 9M-XXF
Air Asia Indonesia: AWQ8410/11 PK-AXI, AWQ8412/13 PK-AXI, AWQ8416/17 PK-AXF
China Southern Airlines: CSN319/320 B-6111
Cathay Pacific Airways: CX137/136 B-LAP, CX171/170 B-LAJ
Air Mauritius: MK940/941 3B-NBL
Garuda Indonesia: GA728/727 PK-GFD, GA724/725 PK-GFN
Qatar Airways: QR900/901 A7-BAN
Emirates: EK424/425 A6-EWE, EK422/423 A6-EGU, EK420/421 A6-EGR
South African Airways: SAA280/281 ZS-SXF
Tiger Airways: TGW2714/2715 9V-TRD (extra supplementry flight), TGW2716/2717 9V-TAZ
Malaysia Airlines:MH125/124 9M-MTD
Thai Airways: TG481/482 HS-TEQ
Air New Zealand: NZ175/176 ZK-OKE
Singapore Airlines: SQ215/216 9V-SRG, SQ225/224 9V-SQJ, SQ213/226 9V-STH, SQ223/214 9V-SRN

Skywest Airlines: Fokker 100 VH-FSQ msn 11450 departed 07.15hrs to Singapore Seletar (WSSL) for scheduled maintaince stopping via Port Hedland (YPPD) en-route, under the command of Greg Meechan.

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