Nov 1, 2012

Royal Brunei's new corporate colours unveiled

Royal Brunei Airlines has unveiled a new livery and logo which will be rolled out across its fleet, uniforms and website over the next year.

The new livery retains the yellow colour scheme currently in use, but has been simplified, with only the aircraft’s tailfin and fuselage logo now painted. The carrier has also dropped the ‘A’ from its ‘RBA’ abbreviation, with ‘RB’ now appearing on the tailfin.

The airline unveiled the new livery and logo on one of its Airbus A320 aircraft, and will rollout the new design across its fleet over the next year, with the rebranding scheduled to be completed in time for the delivery of Royal Brunei’s first Dreamliner in September 2013.

Speaking at the unveiling the carrier’s deputy chairman Dermot Mannion said:
“Over the next year, we will be redefining the Royal Brunei Airlines’ flying experience, starting with our classic styled new livery and logo. This redefinition is not merely an ad campaign, but rather a long term commitment to our passengers to create a family-like, peaceful and tranquil atmosphere with high class customer service.”

Report by: Mark Caswell

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