Nov 9, 2012

Sir Elton John's arrives in Perth as 'opening act' for new Perth Arena and Telethon

G5 Executive Gulfstream G-550 HB-JEV msn 5040 arrived 17.05hrs ex: Bateen (OMAD) Abu Dhabi, with singer  Elton John accompanied with his band members in Perth for a series of concerts at Perth's new Arena.

Elton being the opening act for the new venue, and also will  appear via videolink for this weekend's annual TVW7 Perth Telethon fundraiser.

The Gulstream landed in Perth after a flight time of 11hrs.16mins as flight 'EXH243' from the Middle East & departed Perth afer his final show at the Arena on Monday night 12th November at 23.18hrs, never sticks around after a show, thats Elton!  Hexcode: 4B1841

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