Nov 1, 2012

3 x Singapore A/Lines T7s together today at Perth

Singapore Airline's morning departure 'SQ224' from Perth to Singapore was delayed due to the aircraft experiencing a failed actuator solenoid upon arrival into Perth earlier at 06.03hrs, this flight operated by B777-212 (ER) 9V-SQN msn 33373 and departed at 01.46hrs 2/11 returning to Singapore.

The replacement part arrived on this afternoon's 'SQ223' flight operated by 9V-SRN msn 32318 arriving at 14.33hrs and departed at 17.45hrs as flight 'SQ214'.

The lunchtime arrival of Singapore Airline's flight 'SQ213' operated by B777-212 (ER) 9V-SQM msn 33372 arrived at 13.02hrs, and departed at 15.38hrs returning as flight 'SQ226'.

We would also like to acknowledge the contribution by BenLes for his valued contribution to this topic.


  1. 9V-SQN SQ225/224 suffered a failure in the actuator solenoid on the right elevator. The replacement part I believe missed the 1300L arrival and came in on the scheduled SQ223 arrival