Nov 17, 2012

An-124:100 Ruslan RA-82047 VDA2294/2295

Volga Dnepr Antonov An-124:100 'Ruslan' RA-82047 msn 9773053259121 arrived 09.41hrs landing RWY03 ex: Kansai Airport (RJBB) Osaka Japan, as flight 'VDA2294' after a flight time of 10hrs.57 mins.

Sunday 18/11: Departed 04.38hrs to Karratha (YPKA) as flight 'VDA2294' and arrived at 06.40hrs after a flight time of 2hrs.00mins. 

Photos: Richard Siudak
(copyright 2012)

Departed Karratha (YPKA) at 10.47hrs for Perth as flight 'VDA2295' arriving at 12.43hrs (see photos above)  landing RWY21 after a flight time of 1hrs.56mins.

Monday 19/11: Volga Dnepr An-124:100 RA-82047 was originally scheduled to depart at 03.10hrs departure, but this was re-timed for a 04.40hrs to for the 10hrs.30mins flight to Xian Xianyang Intl Airport (ZLXY) Shaanxi Province, North West China as flight 'VDA2295'.

The 'Ruslan' eventually departed for China departing off Perth Airport's RWY21 at 05.33hrs (WST+8).

Hexcode: 15407F

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