Jun 27, 2011

Our Airline 737-3YO VH-INU

Seen above landing RWY 03 at 13.38hrs today was Our Airline B737-3YO VH-INU msn 23684, returning to Perth from Singapore where the aircraft was chartered for the Australian 'Boombers' basketball team. This return flight 'RON901' after clearing customs & a refuel then departed at 15.17hrs as flight 'RON920' to Brisbane.

The 'Boombers' played 2 games against China in the inaugural Youyi Games the first of which was played in Perth on 24/06; the Boombers winning 67 points to 65; Game #2 in played in Singapore on 27/06 went the Aussies way again winning 62 points to 57. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Yoi, Yoi, Yoi......

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