Jun 15, 2011

Chile's Mt.Cordon Caulle causes Perth Airport Chaos Wednesday 15th June 2011

Fine volcanic ash particles from Chile's Mount Cordon Caulle volcano swirling around in the upper atmoshere jetstreams between FL150 & FL350 over the Southern & Indian Oceans caused major disruptions to International & domestic flights operating into & out of Perth International Airport Wednesday 15th June 2011.
International Flights: (Arrivals)
SAA 280 XXLD ex: Johannesburg
QFA072 XXLD ex: Singapore (VH-QPB)
QZ8622 Arrived 12.49hrs ex: Denpasar, Bali (PK-AXG)
SQ223 Arrived 14.14hrs ex: Singapore (9V-STL)
MH124 Arrived 14.55hrs ex: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (9M-MRK)
GA724 Arrived 17.46hrs ex: Denpasar, Bali & Jakarta (PK-GMR)
GA726 Arrived 18.08hrs ex: Denpasar, Bali (PK-GMK)
TG481 Arrived 16.08hrs ex: Bangkok, Thailand (HS-TET)
QZ8626 Arrived 19.07hrs ex: Denpasar, Bali (PK-AXK)
EK420 Arrived 17.37hrs ex: Dubai, United Arab Emirates (A6-ECT)
NZ175 Arrived 19.21hrs ex: Auckland, New Zealand (ZK-NCK)
TGW2716 XXLD ex: Singapore
CX170 Arrived 22.57hrs ex: Hong Kong, China (B-LAI)
SQ215 Arrived 23.18hrs ex: Singapore (9V-STA)

OTT: Perth (Flying en-route)

MK943 YMML to FIMP (Noted over flying Perth tracking Nth/ Easterly at FL280 between 14.10hrs to 14.35hrs.
aircraft A340-313X (3B-NAY)

International Flights: (Departures)
QF77 Departed 12.05hrs to Singapore (VH-QPA)
DJ4149 Departed 12.10hrs to Phuket, Thailand (VH-VUM)
QZ8623 Departed 13.48hrs to Denpasar, Bali (PK-AXG)
SQ224 Departed 16.05hrs to Singapore (9V-STL)
MH125 Departed 16.32hrs to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (9M-MRK)
GA725 Departed 19.17hrs to Denpasar,Bali & Jakarta (PK-GMR)
GA729 Departed 19.39hrs to Denpasar, Bali (PK-GMK)
TG482 Departed 18.38hrs to Bangkok, Thailand (HS-TET)
DJ4160 XXLD to Denpasar, Bali
QZ8627 Departed 20.12hrs to Denpasar, Bali (PK-AXK)
EK421 Departed 22.39hrs to Dubai, United Arab Emirates (A6-ECT)
NZ176 Departed 21.01hrs to Auckland, New Zealand (ZK-NCK)
TGW2717 XXLD to: Singapore
CX171 Departed 00.15hrs 16/06 to Hong Hong, China (B-LAI)
SQ216 Departed 01.17hrs 16/06 to Singapore (9V-STA)

All flight details (Arr & Dep times + Aircraft registrations correct)

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