Mar 1, 2023

Perth Airport, 1st March 2023

Singapore Airlines:

SQ215/216 - B787-10 9V-SCE

SQ225/224 - B787-10 9V-SCN

SQ223/214 - A359 9V-SHY

Air Asia Indonesia:

QZ534/535 - A320 PK-AZQ

QZ544/545 - A320 PK-AXD

QZ536/537 - A320 PK-AZQ

Batik Air Indonesia:

ID6007/6008 - A320 PK-LUV

Air New Zealand (Wamos Air):

NZ173/174 - A332 EC-NCK

TR16/17 - B787-9 9V-OJE

Malaysia Airlines:

MH127/126 - A333 9M-MTF

Batik Air Malaysia:

MXD155/156 - B38M 9M-LRH

JQ110/109 - A320 VH-VFP

JQ106/107 - A320 VH-YXW

JQ117 - A320 VH-YXW

JQ116 - A320 VH-VFP

Qantas Airways:

QF66 - A332 VH-EBO

QF71/72 - A332 VH-EBA

QF9 - B787-9 VH-ZNF

QF10 - B787-9 VH-ZNF

Air Mauritius:

MK440/441 - A339 3B-NBV


EK420/421 - A388 A6-EEO

Qatar Airways:

QR900/901 - A388 A7-APH


Airlec Air Espace Falcon 900EX F-HREG c/n 073 (Arr) 15.59hrs ex: YBBN & (Dep) 17.09hrs to VCBI (1st visit to Perth)

Delivery Flight: A321-251NX VH-OFS c/n 11229 (Arr) 22.38hrs ex: Bengaluru Airport (VOBL) India after a flight time of 8hrs.01mins & (Dep) 00.08hrs+1 to Melbourne 'Tullamarine' Airport (YMML) as flight 'JQ8996'

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