Oct 9, 2014

ex: Trans Nusantra Airways Burmah Oil Company DC-3 PK-GDC (1st photos)

Photos: Mark Lynam
copyright 2014

Former Trans Nusantra Airways, and last operated by Burmah Oil Company DC-3 PK-GDC msn 20041 w/off: 21.04.1974 is seen here today on the property of The Lily Dutch Windmill located Stirling Range National Park, Borden, Western Australia, where owners Hennie & Pleun Hitzert are progressively restoring the aircraft for accommodation purposes. 

When completed you will be able to book the aircraft for your next overnight's accommodation. Pleun is hopeful the aircraft will be ready in time for next year's centenary Anzac Day celebrations in Albany, Western Australia.

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