Jul 26, 2014

Air New Zealand's B 787-900 Dreamliner flights to Perth (Latest Flight info)

Air New Zealand has brought forward its date for operating there new Boeing 787-900 'Dreamliner' services from Auckland to Perth operating on its NZ175/176 services.

The first flight into Perth now is expected to arrive / depart on Friday 12th September 2014, although still is very much subject to change.

Schedule of daily NZ175/176 flight details as listed below:

NZ175/176 12th to 19th SEP14 operated by B789 all days. Note: Longer ground time on Saturday. ETD set at 2115hrs.

NZ175/176 20th to 27th SEP14 ops by B789 all days inclusive.

NZ175/176 28th to 14th OCT14 ops by B789 all days inclusive.
ETA: 1700hrs, ETD 1900hrs.

NZ175/176 15OCT14 - Scheduled to be first 'real' NZ175/176 service.

NZ 175 / 176 28th SEP to 25OCT 1234567  AKLAKL1700 1900 AKLAKL
NZ 175 / 176 12th SEP to 19SEP 1234507  AKLAKL1810 2015 AKLAKL
NZ 175 / 176 20th SEP to 27SEP 1234567 AKLAKL1810 2015 AKLAKL
NZ 175 /176 13th SEP to 13SEP 0000060  AKLAKL1810 2115 AKLAKL

Disclaimer: Information was correct at time of posting, but is always subject to change.

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