Aug 11, 2012

Today's SA280/281 JNB-PER-JNB flights delayed

Today's SAA service from Johannesburg (FAJS) to Perth has been delayed. This flight would have departed at 10.20hrs (SAST) Friday 10/08 and arrived into (YPPH) at 13.15hrs+1 (WST) a flight time of approx 8hrs.55mins.

Updated: 12.08.12

The service departed Johannesburg (FAJS) at 08.23hrs (SAST) and arrived into Perth at 23.11hrs (LT) as 'SA280' after a flight time of 8hrs.48mins, then departed back to South Africa at 01.18hrs Sunday 12th August as flight 'SA281' , and operated by A340-313E ZS-ZXE msn 646  Hexcode: 001BF3

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