Aug 20, 2012

Australia Day 2013 'Qantas Antarctica Flight'

Croyden Travel announced today a one off Qantas Airways B747-400 sight seeing day flight to Antarctica. The flight scheduled to depart Perth at 08.00hrs (WST) on "Australia Day"  26th January 2013, returning at 20.30hrs to Perth Airport.

The Boeing 747-400 aircraft to be used for this flight will reposition into Perth the day prior.

Prices start from: Economy Class (Centre)  $1199; Economy Class (Standard) $1,899; Economy Class (Superior) $2,699; Premium Economy $2,999; Business Centre $3,599; Business Deluxe $6,599; Ice Class $6,999.

Adelaide will also get an opportunity to go to the ice, with their chartered Qantas B747-438 departing on 20th January 2013, departing at 06.30hrs (LT) and returns at 19.00hrs (LT).

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