Apr 30, 2012

SIA B772/773 April 2012 summary of visits

Singapore Airlines B777 summary of aircraft visits to Perth for the month of April 2012
'SQ225/224' and 'SQ223/226' services

B772:   9V-SQD x1; 9V-SQI x 3; 9V-SQJ x8; 9V-SQK x2; 9V-SQL x8; 9V-SQM x4; 9V-SQN x3
            9V-SRM x 4; 9V-SRN x 4; 9V-SRO x6; 9V-SRP x 3; 9V-SRQ x7
            9V-SVI x1

B773: 9V-SYE-Star Alliance c/s

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