Apr 26, 2012

Mack McCormack's Grumman Albatross N42MY

Mack McCormack's 50 year old Grumman Albatross registered as N42MY ex: Bu148329 msn G-464 arrived into Perth Airport on Thursday 26th April as part of its delivery flight to Darwin for the commemorations of the attacks on Darwin & Roebuck Bay Broome 70 years ago. The routing was ex: Lake Alexandrina (100Km south of Adelaide), then via Ceduna, Kalgoorlie to Perth arriving after dark. It is understood the 22 seat Albatross is to be based and operated by Mr McCormack from Broome offering scenic flights.

Updated: 27/04:

The Albatross N42MY departed Perth Airport mid afternoon (approx 14.50hrs) before doing a 'Touch N Go' on the Swan River, City of Perth at 15.00hrs whilst en-route to Rottnest Island where the aircraft flew several low level orbits at FL150 before landing into Thompson Bay, Bathust Point then taxied acrossthe bay to Kingston Barracks and departed off to the North to Perth and into RAAF Pearce (YPEA) arriving at 15.33hrs to use the 'Bird Bath' washdown bay. Hexcode: A4FA70

I must say what a beautiful aircraft, and the unique sound of those engines!

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  1. Beautiful plane, I was lucky enough to get a ride in it when they took a GWN7 crew over Geraldton a few days ago.

    PS - FL150 = 15,000'