Jan 1, 2012

2012 AEGWA Exclusive - Geraldton ADS-B Feed

The AEGWA (Aircraft Enthusiasts Group of W.A.) in conjunction with the MWARG
(Mid West Amateur Radio Group) are pleased to announce an exclusive partnership
to provide an ADS-B feed from Geraldton (GET / YGEL), W.A.

The ADS-B feed commenced today, 1st January 2012, and provides coverage to abeam Denham (Shark Bay) some 800kms north of Perth, filling the current void along the West Coast - see attached screen shot.

It is hoped that both Planeplotter and Planefinder users find it useful for
tracking aircraft movements along this stretch of W.A. coastline.

Feedback is welcomed and can be provided via email - see the 'Contact' page on
our Webpage (www.aegwa.org.au)

Kind Regards,

Duncan, Site Administrator, AEGWA