Jul 14, 2022

Perth Airport Wednesday, 13th July 2022

Singapore Airlines:

SQ215/216 - 9V-SCD (Arr) 23.31hrs (Dep) 01.24hrs+1

SQ225/224 - 9V-SCF (Arr) 04.47hrs (Dep) 06.42hrs

SQ223/214 - 9V-SHL (Arr) 14.14hrs (Dep) 17.19hrs

Malaysia Airlines:

MH127/126 - 9M-MTD (Arr) 23.50hrs (Dep) 01.43hrs+1

Malindo Air:

MXD155/156 - 9M-LNV (Arr) 23.59hrs (Dep) 01.16hrs+1

Air New Zealand:

NZ175/176 - ZK-NZH (Arr) 16.38hrs (Dep) 20.13hrs


TR8/9 - 9V-OJF (Arr) 17.09hrs (Dep) 19.01hrs

TR16/17 - A320-271NX 9V-NCI c/n 10492 named 'One Lai' (1st visit to Perth) arrived 20.53hrs flight time of 4hrs.42mins & departed at 22.55hrs.

TR7002 - 9V-OJA (Dep) 20.17hrs re-positioning flight to Singapore.


EK420/421 - A6-ECV (Arr) 17.01hrs (Dep) 22.36hrs

Qatar Airways:

QR900/901 - A7-BET (Arr) 18.15hrs (Dep) 23.14hrs

Qantas Airways:

QF71 - VH-EBJ (Dep) 17.00hrs (delayed) note: the return QF72 service was operated by  VH-EBR arrived 04.14hrs 14/07 after a flight time of 4hrs.28mins.

QF9 - VH-ZNC (Arr) 17.21hrs (Dep) 19.32hrs

QF10 - VH-ZNB (Arr) 11.42hrs (Dep) 13.30hrs

QF5 - VH-ZNF (Arr) 20.45hrs (Dep) 23.02hrs


JQ110/109- VH-VFY (Dep) 06.49hrs (Arr) 14.52hrs

JQ116/107 - VH-VFJ (Dep) 16.24hrs (Arr) 00.18hrs+1

JQ117/106 - VH-YXQ (Arr) 17.13hrs (Dep) 19.11hrs


Bank of Utah GL5T N2QE c/n 9629 (Arr) 13.22hrs 11/07 ex: YSSY & (Dep) 15.42hrs to YMLT       (2nd visit to Perth) last previous visit was on 19.08.2016


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