Jul 13, 2022

Perth Airport Tuesday, 12th July 2022

Hi everyone, I have placed all of today's aircraft movements into a condensed digest, due to my daily work commitments increasing & thus giving me less time to report movements as they happen. I'm hopeful to return to the previous format with more detailed information soon. Thankyou for your continued support & understanding. 

Singapore Airlines:

SQ215/216 - 9V-SCJ c/n 60282 (Arr) 23.24hrs (Dep) 01.16hrs+1

SQ225/224 - 9V-SCH c/n 60256 (Arr) 05.06hrs (Dep) 06.52hrs

S2223/214 - 9V-SHP c/n 436 (Arr) 14.29hrs (Dep) 17.25hrs

Qantas Airways:

QF9 - VH-ZNJ c/n 66074 (Arr) 17.24hrs (Dep) 19.19hrs

QF10 VH-ZNH c/n 36241 (Arr) 12.08hrs (Dep) 14.09hrs


JQ110/109 -VH-VFY c/n 6362 (Dep) 07.00hrs (Arr) 14.48hrs

JQ117/106 - VH-XNI c/n 4914 (Arr) 17.32hrs (Dep) 19.06hrs

JQ116/107- VH-VFJ c/n 5311 (Dep) 16.17hrs (Arr) 00.16hrs+1


EK420/421- A6-ECC c/n 33865 (Arr) 17.10hrs (Dep) 22.29hrs

Qatar Airways:

QR900/901 - A7-BEH c/n 60334 (Arr) 19.20hrs (Dep) 23.14hrs

Air New Zealand:

NZ175/176 - ZK-NZL c/n 43218 (Arr) 17.41hrs (Dep) 20.10hrs


TR8/9 - 9V-OJE c/n 37116 (Arr) 16.48hrs (Dep) 18.57hrs

TR5001/9D - 9V-OFG c/n 37123 (Arr) 19.27hrs (Dep) 23.26hrs

Air Asia Indonesia: 

QZ536/537 - PK-AZF c/n 5706 (Arr) 19.44hrs (Dep) 20.45hrs

Thai Airways:

TG481/482 - HS-TQF c/n 38759 (Arr) 14.55hrs (Dep) 17.04hrs

Malaysia Airlines:

MH125/124 - 9M-MXO c/n 40142 (Arr) 13.53hrs (Dep) 15.49hrs

MH127/126 - 9M-MTF c/n 1281 (Arr) 23.46hrs (Dep) 01.48hrs+1

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