Jan 17, 2018

Tropical Cyclone Burguitta effected Air Mauritius Perth flights (17th-20th January)

The Indian Ocean resort Island of Mauritius was lashed by winds of up to 120km/h (75mph) as Tropical Cyclone Burguitta from (17th -18th January) passed over the island which closed the Island's Port Louis Sir Seewoogsaur Ramgoolam Intl Airport (FIMP) from 3am GMT /  11.00hrs (WST+8) today.

Effected Perth Flights:

17/01    Air Mauritius A330-202 3B-NBM c/n 883 flight MK440 ex: Mauritius arrived 10.53hrs 19/01 & departed delayed at 02.06hrs 19/01 returning to Mauritius as flight MK3441 arrived 05.37hrs (LT) flight time 7hrs.31mins.
19/01    Air Mauritius A340-313X 3B-NBI c/n 703 flight MK3440 ex: Mauritius arrived 23.54hrs & departed at 02.16hrs+1 returning to Mauritius as flight MK4441 arrived 05.42hrs (LT) flight time 7hrs.27mins.

20/01    Air Mauritius A330-202 3B-NBM c/n 883 flight MK4440 ex: Mauritius arrived 12.48hrs & departed at 14.54 returning to Mauritius as flight MK5441 arrived 05.42hrs (LT) flight time 7hrs.27mins.

Note: Supplementary MK440/441 services that operated from Mauritius to Perth v.v from December 14th 2017, concluded on January 18th 2018.

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