Mar 8, 2015

In memory of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370

In Memory of Malaysia Airlines 
flight MH370
March 8th 2014

Photo: Tsen Tsan 
copyright 2015

One year ago today, one of the world's greatest aviation mysteries occurred on March 8th 2014, when Malaysia Airlines flight 'MH370' from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing went missing.

As a mark of respect to those 239 passengers & crew aboard flight MH370 and there extended families, we extend our deepest condolences & our thoughts are with all those who lost loved ones today.

We all hope that search & recovery vessels operating on the seventh arc search area in the Southern Indian Ocean can soon find some wreckage or imagery to help to try & solve this unsolved disappearance.

Members of the Aircraft Enthusiasts Group (WA) & Perth Airport Spotters Blog.

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