Nov 16, 2013

Qantas A380-842 VH-OQB QF1 SYD-DXB diverts to Perth due Medical Emergency (1st visit)


Photos: Laura Collier
West Australian Airport Spotters
copyright 2013

Photo: Bob Coppinger
copyright 2013

Qantas Airways Airbus A380-842 VH-OQB msn 15 named 'Hudson Fysh' operating as flight QF1 Sydney to Dubai diverted into Perth tonight landing RWY21 at 19.00hrs (WST) due on board medical emergency. Hexcode: 7C4921 (1st visit to Perth)

The aircraft's flight path saw the A380 fly West over Two Rocks and then fly south over the Indian Ocean presumably dumping fuel to reduce her landing weight, before then turning East over Joondalup area for re-positioning onto RWY 21 for landing.

These spectacular two images above taken by Laura Collier flying overhead with wheels down on finals for RWY21. This is only the second Qantas A380 to have visited Perth, Nancy Bird Walton VH-OQA msn 14 being the previous aircraft to do so.

After off loading the sick passenger and accompanying luggage, the aircraft was then towed to ITB bay 56 for re-fueling.  The aircraft departed Perth at 21.35hrs (WST) off RWY 03 for Dubai continuing the journey as flight QF1

Sources allegedly report the passenger onboard had an allergic reaction to peanuts served in the dinner salad served on board the aircraft, this we can now confirm thanks to correspondence received by a family relative responding to this report on 18th Nov (see comments below)

In any case we wish the passenger a speedy recovery what ever their condition.

 Update: QF1 VH-OQB landed in Dubai (OMDB) at 03.43hrs (LT) Sunday 17th November, after a flight time of 10hrs.17mins ex: Perth.
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Update 2:


  1. was watching the event on Flight Radar 24 so sorry it took off to the north as we live south ah well only the second visit by a Qantas A380 to a Qantas port ??

  2. Thanks Peter for your comments. Glad you enjoy reading our Blog! cheers Greg & team.

  3. I just happened to have Flightradar24 up on my third monitor last night and noticed the unusual flight path of OQB. We ate our dinner, quickly, grabbed the old people (my folks live over the road) and headed out to the airport. We got there in time to enjoy the big girl being taken to the gate for refueling.
    By coincidence, this was the aircraft my wife and I flew Sydney-Singapore_Heathrow on three years ago and we were sitting at the port forward emergency exit in business class. My 15 year old has seen all three A380's that have landed at Perth. Isn't he a lucky boy!.

  4. Great story Jayson, thank you for sharing with us, we hope you enjoy reading our Perth Airport Spotters Blog, where interesting flight information is continually posted. Cheers Greg & team

  5. So you have seen that big, very big plane flying over Perth and finally landing at Perth Airport. If you have witnessed that unusual event, it is thanks to my dear beloved daughter who was on board the Qantas A380, flying back to Dubai, Heathrow and Brussels, her final destination, after spending a whole year visiting Australia. She was supposed to arrive at Brussels airport yesterday. She is about to take another flight to Europe in a couple of hours. Still in Perth at this very moment of the day. I was on Flight Radar 24, just following my daughter's plane and when I noticed that the aircraft had landed in Western Australia, I said to myself: there must be something wrong. She didn't tell me there was a stop at Perth Airport. Later on I received a phone call from Australia, it was my daughter and well she is in Perth, I know that the plane is there but why? She is going to explain the situation to me. Probably a technical problem or something like that. Then she told me that the plane had been diverted and that the reason was that she had a medical problem. I don't want to tell my daughter's whole life but what I can say is that she fell asleep just after take-off and when she woke up she asked for her dinner. She was proposed beef or chicken salad, just beef or chicken salad, no more explanation. My daughter doesn't eat beef at all so she took the salad. There was no information with the food and she started eating and almost immediately realised that there were nuts in it. TOO LATE. She knows that she is allergic of course. The doctor who loked after her on the plane told her that there was nothing indicated in the menu. No sign of nuts. I could tell you much more but what I'd like to say is that she is at Perth Airport now, right now while I'm typing here in Belgium. She is going to fly with Emirates and she was asked: HAVE YOU BROUGHT YOUR OWN FOOD WITH YOU? Come on, it's not human. And you know what. I had never imagined that this would happen with Qantas. There are so many people allergic to nuts in Britain, Canada or so and people, most of the people, all people are aware of the problem. WHY serve nuts on a plane? It's ridiculous. IF THEY COULD STOP DOING THIS!!!

  6. Dear Nady Teise,

    Iam so very glad that your daughter is now feeling better & is able to continue her journey home. This issue as serious as it was, must now be urgently addressed by all airlines around the world with their catering partners who provide meals on flights to ensure that this type of event never occurs again.

    Whilst it was very nice to see a Qantas A380 in Perth, by no means we don't like seeing them under these circumstances.

    Please feel free to reply again Nady if you wish or when you have had an opportunity to speak with your daughter.

    Kind Regards & Best wishes to you & your daughter.

    Greg Wood & crew at Perth Airport Spotters Blog (WA)

  7. Happy to know that Nady's daughter is safe now. Indeed information regarding presence of nuts should have been given knowing that a lot of people are allergic to Nuts.

  8. Etienne, rest assured that this incident has been brought to the attention of Qantas & their flight catering services departments.

    With labeling of a issue, the airline has now began to implementing new procedures as to ensure that the risks of this happening again is reduced.

    Thank you for your comment & reading our Blog.

    Greg & crew at Perth Airport Spotters Blog (West Australia)

  9. Has anyone bothered to check the veracity of Nady Teise's story?
    All very convenient her being on here, and then going to the trouble of posting a reply when she would be worried about her daughters health.

  10. Probably the only time we will see a A380 in Perth for another 12 months!!!