Nov 19, 2013

Emirates B77W A6-EGZ EK420 'Go-Around' today at Perth Airport

Attempt 1
About to land RWY 03 Perth Airport
Singapore Airlines B772 9V-SRP encroached onto the runway resulting in the Emirates B77W A6-EGZ  flight EK420 doing a go-around

Power On & Rotate 
Now let's try it again...
Photography: Mark Lynam
copyright 2013
Emirates B777-31H (ER) A6-EGZ msn 41081 arrived into Perth at 17.49hrs after earlier doing a go-around as a Singapore Airlines B777-212 (ER) 9V-SRP msn 33369 had encroached onto the runway & as a consequence the Emirates B77W decided to perform a go-around, the aircraft landing safely on her second attempt. Hexcode: 89621B 

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  1. Did the Air Traffic Controller give permission fo Singapore Airways to enter Runway 03, & even if he did, did the Captain & or Co-Pilot not look at the approach of EK-420 about to land or hear the Radio Conversationon> Both aircraft would have been on the same Radio CHANNELL, & IT IS GOOD AIRMANSHIP, FOR A PILOT BEFORE ENTERING OR CROSSING AN active RUNWAY, TO LOOK BEFORE ENTERING?
    The landing aircraft has priority to land over the Singapore Airlines, & the ability of the Captain & Co- Pilot of Singapore Airlines is questionable. This would surely result in an Incident report by the EK-420 Captain, & if so, what action will be taken by the Perth Airport authorities or Department of Transport WA? Well done Captain of EK-420 for avoiding a possible disaster, with so many lives at stake.