Jul 31, 2012

SQ, SAA, QR July flights summary

This information provided is for those overseas and interstaters in Australia, who asked for this detailed airline and aircraft summary. It is not put here for the benefit of local spotters in Perth who are fully aware of all the details below.


Singapore Airlines 'SQ225/225' and 'SQ223/226' services to Perth July 2012

B777-212 (ER): 9V-SQI x 3, SQJ x1, SQK x 5, SQL x5, SQM x6, SQN x4
B777-212 (ER): 9V-SRK x2, SRL x2, SRM x3, SRN x 6, SRO x4, SRP x1, SRQ x 3
B777-212 (ER): 9V-SVI x1
B777-312 (ER): 9V-SWA x1 (1st visit to Perth)
B777-312: 9V-SYF x2, SYG  x3, SYH x 1, SYI x 1, SYJ x1, SYK x1, SYL x4

South African Airways 'SAA280/281' and 'SAA282/283' July 2012 in summary

A340-212:  ZS-SLF x1; A340-313E: ZS-SXA x2, SXB x 2, SXC x3, SXE x 3, SXF x1
A340-313X: ZS-SXG x1, SXH x1

A340-642: ZS-SNA x3, SNB x3, SNC (Star Alliance c/s) x4, SND x1, SNI x1

Qatar Airways commenced services to Perth on July 3rd 2012, of the 13 services operated for the month of July 2012, a summary of those aircraft visits are as follows:

B777-2DZ (LR) A7-BBA x4, BBE x2, BBF x 1, BBG x 1, BBH x2, BBI x3

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