Jul 15, 2011

AN-12BP UR-CGV (1st visit to Perth)

Ukrainian Meridian Airline's An-12BP UR-CGV msn 6344610 c/n 46-10 ex:EW-266TI arrived 18.38hrs ex: Jakarta (WIII) as flight 'MEM4093' to ITB 61A & departed at 21.07hrs to Port Hedland (YPPD) as same, with an expected arrival time of 23.50hrs (WST). Update: An-12 UR-CGV departed Port Hedland (YPPD) at 10.20hrs Saturday 16th July off RWY 44 returning to Jakarta (WIII) as same. This is the 14th Antonov An-12 visit to Perth (Western Australia), the last being in 2005 & the 10th different aircraft frame to have visited.

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