May 20, 2024

Perth Airport Monday 20th May 2024

Singapore Airlines:

SQ215/216 - B78X 9V-SCV

SQ225/224 - B78X 9V-SCF

SQ213/226 - A359 9V-SHY

SQ223/214 - A359 9V-SHA

South African Airways:

SA280/281 - A343 ZS-SXF

Philippine Airlines:

PR223/224 - A20N RP-C9930

Thai Airways:

TG481/482 - B788 HS-TQC


EK420/421 - A388 A6-EUF

Qatar Airways:

QR900/901 - A388 A7-APJ

Qantas Airways:

QF9 - B789 VH-ZNE

QF10 - B789 VH-ZNL

QF71/72 - A332 VH-EBJ

JQ110/109 - A320 VH-YXU

JQ117 - A320 VH-VQM

JQ106 - A320 VH-VQM

JQ107 - A320 VH-YXU

JQ116 - A320 VH-YXU

Air Asia Indonesia:

QZ534/535 - A320 PK-AZX

QZ544/545 - A320 PK-AZE

QZ536/537 - A320 PK-AZX

QZ546/547 - A320 PK-AZK

Batik Air Indonesia:

ID6007/6008 - A320 PK-LUY

ID6080/6081 - A320 PK-LAJ

Citilink Airlines:

QG554/555 - A320 PK-GQO

Vietjet Air:

VJ91/92 - A20N VN-A523

Air New Zealand:

NZ175/176 - B789 ZK-NZL

Vietnam Airlines:

VN791/790 - B789 VN-A871

Air Asia Malaysia:

AK604/605 - A20M 9M-AGJ (1st visit to Perth)

TR8/9 - B788 9V-OFK

Malaysia Airlines:

MH127/126 - B738 9M-MXL

Batik Air Malaysia:

MXD195 - B38M 9M-LRJ

MXD196 - B38M 9M-LRG

MXD191/192 - B738 9M-LCU


MasKargo A330-223F 9M-MUA c/n 1139 'MH6203' (Arr) 10.14hrs ex: WMKK & (Dep) 12.00hrs to YSSY.


RAAF P-8A A47-008 c/n 63191 'BLKT11' (Arr) 10.37hrs to Perth Canyon Marine Park exercise area located off WA coast & (Dep) 14.10hrs from the area returning to RAAF Base Edinburgh.


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