Nov 18, 2021

Air Vanuatu B737-8SH (W) YJ-AV8 'AVN900/901' (NVVV-YBCS-YPPH-NVVV)

Photo: Duncan Watkinson
copyright 2021

Air Vanuatu B737-8SH (W) YJ-AV8 c/n 42052 operating as flight 'AVN900/NF901' arrived into Perth Airport (YPPH) at 12.36hrs landing RWY21 (as seen here above) with 75 fruit pickers on board to ITB 151 ex: Cairns Intl Airport (YBCS) Queensland & Bauerfield Intl Airport (NVVV) Port Vila, Vanuatu after a flight time of 5hrs.02mins & departed at 13.37hrs RWY21 returning to Vanuatu as flight 'AVN901/NF901'. Hexcode: C90002 

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