Nov 28, 2019

JMSDF Icebreaker Shirase (AGB-5003) Port of Fremantle 28 Nov to 3rd Dec

Photo: Port of Fremantle via webcam #1

JMSDF Ice breaker Shirase AGB-5003 arrived into Port of Fremantle at 07.00hrs on 28th November ex: Harumi Port Japan to support the 60th Antarctic research expedition

The vessel sailed from Port of Fremantle on Tuesday 3rd December, at 07.00hrs sailing for Syowa base, Antarctica. She was spotted on the weekend whilst in port to be carrying on board two CH-101 Merlin helicopters 8191 c/n KH103 & 8192 c/n KH104.

Many thanks to Richard for making the drive & for identifying the two aircraft onboard.

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