Dec 14, 2018

News reports Batik Air Indonesia will end services to Perth, effective 1st February 2019

Photos: Mike Barlow
copyright 2018

Batik Air Indonesia which commenced services on the Bali to Perth route commencing on 22nd June 2017, was reported today will end services to Australia on 1st February 2019.

The airline operated double daily services to the Indonesian holiday island ID6005/6006 & ID6007/6008.

Up until 6th November 18, the airline had operated double daily flights however flights were reduced without reason prior todays news. 

Twice daily services will return operating until 8th January 18, before then dropping back to a daily flight until its withdrawal from the Bali- Perth route. 

The airline initially operated A320-214 on the route, before switching types to the B737-9GP (ER) aircraft thereafter.

With thanks to Geoffrey Thomas, Luke Chittock, Mike Barlow.

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