Jun 16, 2018

USAF C-17A 05-5147 'UX302/Trek 302' (PGUA-YPEA-YPPH-PGUA)

United States Air Force C-17A Globemaster III 05-5147 c/n P-147 coded 'HH' Hickam AFB, Hawaii USA, arrived 23.00hrs as flight 'UX302' c/sign: 'Trek 302' into RAAF Base Pearce (YPEA) landing RWY18L ex: Andersen Air Force Base (PGUA) Guam, USA after a flight time of 9hrs.34mins. Hexcode: AE1451

Sunday, 17th June:  
United States Air Force C-17A Globemaster III 05-5147 c/n P-147 coded 'HH' Hickam AFB, Hawaii USA, departed RAAF Base Pearce (YPEA) at 17.20hrs & arrived into Perth Airport (YPPH) at 17.30hrs landing RWY03 to ITB 56 for refuelling & departed at 19.25hrs returning to Andersen AFB (PGUA) Guam USA as same.

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