Jul 22, 2017

Air Asia X Flight 'XAX236' diverts to Port Hedland due to fog at Perth

Air Asia X A330-343E 9M-XXG c/n 1131 named 'Southern Xross' operating flight 'XAX236' from Kuala lumpur to Perth Airport (YPPH) diverted en-route into Port Hedland Intl Airport (YPPD) landing at 05.35hrs, The flight number was re-designated to 'XAX236D' departed at 08.03hrs for Perth Airport, landed 09.53hrs landing RWY06 after a flight time of 1hrs.50mins. The reason for the diversion was most likely due to fog at Perth. The return flight 'XAX237' from Perth to Kuala Lumpur departed at 11.13hrs.Hexcode: 7501FA 


  1. Was it fog or were they running low on fuel? Was supposed to land in Perth around 5:30. Maybe strong headwinds caused fuel issues.

  2. Was any other flight diverted that morning?

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