May 23, 2017

Israeli Air Force B707-3L6C 272 / JY-JYV (YPPH-YPEA-YPPH) as flight 'IAF401'

B707-3L6C '272' JY-JYV
IAF401 / ZZ401

Photos: Mark Lynam (1-9)  Duncan Watkinson (10)
All images copyright 2017

Israeli Air Force B707-3L6C 'Re'em 272 / JY-JYV c/n 21096 (seen here above) departing off Perth Airport's RWY03 at 08.17hrs in horrible conditions to RAAF Base Pearce (YPEA) as flight 'IAF401' arrived 08.23hrs after a flight time of 6mins, landing RWY36. 

Photo: Duncan Watkinson (1) Caleb Holtz (2)
copyright 2017

The return flight from RAAF Base Pearce (YPEA) back to Perth Airport (YPPH) departed at 12.57hrs off RWY36R & cruised down the coast at 4,700 ft, flying at 262knots before making a left hand turn & onto finals for RWY03 landing at 13.17hrs (as seen here above) to ITB bay 156 after arriving with a flight time of 20mins. Hexcode: 738A01


  1. When will it depart next , will it fly over Kewdale again. Missed it twice now. Annoying.

  2. Screams over our workshop, couldnt get outside quick enough

  3. when is it scheduled to depart Perth? will it take the same route? PER-BOM-TLV? I missed it at BOM and would like to know! this is one plane I wanna see since 2012!

  4. The next flight to be operated is on Wednesday 24th May 2017, departing Perth Airport (YPPH) Western Australia at 07.00hrs +8 (WST) & is planned to return same day, operating as flight IAF401.

  5. Missed it again taking off north of us, hope it comes in from the south again , just need correct times of arrival??

  6. The flight never eventuated. So you didn't miss anything!

  7. Any plans this week for another flyover?/