Jan 2, 2017

Indonesia Air Asia (All three Bali-Perth-Bali flights delayed today)

For reasons unclear all three of Indonesia Air Asia's Bali to Perth & return flights were all severely delayed today, with flight details below:

Indonesia Air Asia A320-216 PK-AZF c/n 5706 (Arr): 19.28hrs as flight QZ536 & (Dep): 20.25hrs as flight QZ545.

Indonesia Air Asia A320-216 PK-AXD c/n 3182 (Arr): 17.52hrs as flight QZ544 & (Dep): 18.47hrs as flight QZ535.

Indonesia Air Asia A320-216 (SL) PK-AZD c/n 5627 (Arr): 23.26hrs as flight QZ534 & (Dep): 03.13hrs +1 as flight QZ537.

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