Nov 23, 2016

Volga Dnepr An-124-100 RA-82079 'VDA2816 / 2817'


Photo: Richard Siudak
copyright 2016

Volga Dnepr Airlines An-124-100 RA-82079 c/n 9773052062157 (seen here above) landing RWY24 ex: Port Moresby Intl Airport (AYPY) Papua New Guinea as flight 'VDA2816' via stops en-route: Honolulu Intl Airport (PHNL) Hawaii USA, George Bush Intl Airport (KIAH) Houston, Texas USA,  Acadiana Intl Airport (KARA) Louisana  USA. Hexcode: 15409F

The Cargo:

Photos: Caleb Hotz
copyright 2016
The Antonov 'Ruslan' was noted to have transported & off load two Bristow Sikorsky S-92A helicopters, the first being off-loaded was N392BG c/n 920105 & VH-ZUJ. 


Photos: Mark Lynam
copyright 2016

Volga Dnepr Airlines An-124-100 RA-82079 c/n 9773052062157 (seen here above) departing off RWY21 at 12.11hrs 26/11 as flight 'VDA2817' to Johor Baru Intl Airport (WMKJ) Johor Baru Malaysia. Hexcode: 15409F

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