Sep 9, 2016

Qatar Airways first A350-941 A6-ALD visits Perth due medical diversion

Qatar Airways first A350-941 A6-ALD c/n 010 to visit Perth Airport (YPPH) did so in the early hours of this morning due to on board medical emergency aboard flight QR915 from Adelaide Intl Airport (YPAD) to Hamad Intl Airport (OTHH) Qatar, arrived 01.17hrs landing RWY21 & departed at 04.01hrs continuing as flight QR915. Hexcode: 06A0F8

Note: Flight QR915 arrived into Hamad Intl Airport (OTT) Qatar landing at 09.42hrs (LT) after a flight time of 10hrs.41mins.

The aircraft was north of  Karratha in the state's north west when the aircraft turned south for Perth. As the aircraft would have been over max landing weight for landing at Perth, instead of dumping fuel they just flew at a lower (more inefficient) altitude FL190 to burn it off.

Photos of the aircraft's visit to Perth can be seen by visiting Facebook page: West Australian Airport Spotters.

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